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Notetaking Articles

Taking Notes in Class

Taking good notes is a three-stage process in which you should get ready to take notes before class, take notes during class, and rewrite your notes after class. Read on to learn about these three stages and what you should do in each stage.    
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Language Arts Articles

Writing a Book Report

A book report should contain a factual summary of the book along with your reactions to the book. Your teacher may have specific requirements about what you must include in a book report. Your teacher may even provide you with a specific form to use. In any event, here is what a good book report should contain.  
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Other Articles

Multiple Intelligences

The theory of multiple intelligences holds that there are eight different intelligences that account for the potential to learn. Each of the intelligences can be useful to you as a learner. Here are the eight intelligences and some ways that you can activate each. The first is Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence. This intelligence is language-based and involves the ability to speak and write.  
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Test Anxiety
Free teaching tip A debate is a competition in which two opposing teams make speeches to support their arguments and disagree with those of the other team. A proposition is stated, with one team agreeing with ... Another free teaching tip It is easy to recognize an unmotivated student. This is the student who seems to put more effort into avoiding work than doing work. Most students will be motivated if they find school to be ...  
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Free Study Tip Make flash cards . . . they help with EVERY subject! If you have a large pile, split them up into groups and study each group at a time. Then once all groups have been studied, practice the cards all together. Then separate the cards you properly know/understand from the ones that you still need to learn, and just focus on those. This way you make sure you know every one.
submitted by Stephanie S.
Student, 11th Grade
Melbourne, Australia
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Dr. Charles T. Mangrum and Dr. Stephen S. Strichart are two former university professors who formed Mangrum-Strichart Learning Resources in 1997. The study skills curriculums & instructional programs they have developed for students from elementary school through college are used in schools, tutoring centers, and homeschooling throughout the United States, Canada, and many other parts of the world.

Dr. Mangrum and Dr. Strichart have authored textbooks and curriculum materials for many major publishers. They have published numerous articles and research studies in professional journals, and have made major presentations at state, national, and international conferences.

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Another free Study Tip Don't procrastinate and put off studying the hard stuff until the last minute, or you will regret it. Try and cover the hard sections first. For example, suppose you have to learn an irregular French verb and where to put the comma in English. If English is easier for you, don't spend an hour looking at it, especially if you already know it. Do an hour of French and then you can do English with whatever time you have left.
  submitted by Chloe McDonnell
Student, 1st Year
Monaghan, Ireland
A random study tip submitted by one of our visitors Do not relax too much while studying. When you study be sure that your focus is on studying and not on any other things.
  submitted by Ara P.
Student, 11th
Dapitan, Philippines
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