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Transition to College

Study skills book cover

Study Skills Curriculum for
Upper Elementary and Middle School

- Grades 4-8
- Contains 121 activities
- Online assessment
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There are many differences between high school and college. Here are some of the important differences between high school and college that can make a successful transition difficult. For each, you will find suggestions to help you successfully handle the difference.    
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Language Arts Articles

Writing Terms

Study Skills for high school students

Study Skills Curriculum
for High School

- Grades 9-12
- Contains 113 activities
- Online assessment
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In your language arts and English classes, you will encounter many specific terms that relate to writing. Knowing the meanings of these terms will make you a more effective reader and writer, and will help you in these classes. Here are 20 important writing terms whose meanings you should know.  
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Taking Tests Articles

True/False Tests

Study skills curriculum for learning disabled

Study Skills Curriculum for
LD/Struggling Students

- Grades 6-12
- Contains 122 activities
- Online assessment
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True/False tests require you to read a statement and then decide whether the statement is true or false. They test very specific knowledge. Read on to learn about six guidelines you should follow when taking true/false tests to make sure you demonstrate your knowledge.  
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Free teaching tip Reinforce the concept of sequencing by having your students apply the concept to a subject area. Here is an example for science. ... Another free teaching tip One or more of your students may have difficulty completing assignments. Always begin by making sure that an assignment is not too difficult or will not take too long to complete. Try to make each ...
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Free Study Tip I'm an auditory learner who can learn best when I listen to something. When I read textbooks, I have a small tape recorder and I record what I think is the most important information. Then I listen to it over and over. This helps me remember the information for when I have a test.
submitted by Rachel L
Student, Grade 10
East Lansing, Michigan, USA
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Dr. Charles T. Mangrum and Dr. Stephen S. Strichart are two former university professors who formed Mangrum-Strichart Learning Resources in 1997. The study skills curriculums & instructional programs they have developed for students from elementary school through college are used in schools, tutoring centers, and homeschooling throughout the United States, Canada, and many other parts of the world.

Dr. Mangrum and Dr. Strichart have authored textbooks and curriculum materials for many major publishers. They have published numerous articles and research studies in professional journals, and have made major presentations at state, national, and international conferences.

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Another free Study Tip Don't leave your studying to the last week. My friend did that and her grades weren't the ones she wanted.
  submitted by Rachel Bunrtin
Student, S4
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
A random study tip submitted by one of our visitors Never Never Never give up!!! However difficult the task try to complete it!!!
  submitted by Aparna Panguluri
Student, 12th Standard
Hyderabad, India
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