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Taking Notes in Class

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Study Skills Curriculum for
Upper Elementary and Middle School

- Grades 4-8
- Contains 121 activities
- Online assessment
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Taking good notes is a three-stage process in which you should get ready to take notes before class, take notes during class, and rewrite your notes after class. Read on to learn about these three stages and what you should do in each stage.    
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Financial Aid

Study Skills for high school students

Study Skills Curriculum
for High School

- Grades 9-12
- Contains 113 activities
- Online assessment
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Like everything else, the cost of college keeps going up. Fortunately, there are various forms of financial aid that can help you meet these costs. These fall into the following three basic categories: grants or scholarships, student loans, and work-study programs.  
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Study Motivation

Study skills curriculum for learning disabled

Study Skills Curriculum for
LD/Struggling Students

- Grades 6-12
- Contains 122 activities
- Online assessment
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Motivation is important for good studying. When you are motivated, you will find it easy to stay focused over a period of time. When you are not motivated, not only will you find it difficult to stay focused, but you will find it difficult to get started. Here are some ways to increase your motivation to study.  
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Free teaching tip Lying by students is a problem most teachers encounter, especially elementary school teachers. A student who lies occasionally is not a major problem. A student who lies often is a major problem. Students may lie for a number of reasons. They may wan ... Another free teaching tip Communicating with parents is a powerful tool for increasing student performance and improving student behavior. Parents will welcome your efforts to keep them informed and can be a valuable ...
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Free Study Tip I have a certain action that I do the moment I start studying. I place a sheet of paper and a pencil right in front of me. This signals my brain to increase concentration levels and pay attention. You can use your own action every time.
submitted by Nakul Pathak
Student, 8th grade
New Delhi, India
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Dr. Charles T. Mangrum and Dr. Stephen S. Strichart are two former university professors who formed Mangrum-Strichart Learning Resources in 1997. The study skills curriculums & instructional programs they have developed for students from elementary school through college are used in schools, tutoring centers, and homeschooling throughout the United States, Canada, and many other parts of the world.

Dr. Mangrum and Dr. Strichart have authored textbooks and curriculum materials for many major publishers. They have published numerous articles and research studies in professional journals, and have made major presentations at state, national, and international conferences.

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Another free Study Tip I never start to study if there is a movie on I really want to watch. Bad move unless you can record it!! Your mind wanders to the movie and you can't concentrate. Have all the things done you feel you HAVE to do. Meals, laundry, walking the dogs... Then settle down where you will be comfy with the least distractions. Have some bottled water and healthy snacks available and get going. Also, don't try to study with a bad headache. Try to get rid of it first.
  submitted by Linda Shelton
Student, RN program
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
A random study tip submitted by one of our visitors If you don't know what you have to study or have poor notes, like myself, ask your teacher to help you prepare you a study guide.
  submitted by Regis Masiringi
Student, 7
Edmonton, Alberta, USA
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