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"It is important to value your own effort. If you do, you will apply yourself to your studies in spite of distractions from any source."
  Abu Thoufeeq  
  Student, PLUS TWO  
  Trivandrum, Kerala, India  
  3/2/2015 11:36:00 PM  
"I usually write notes in class without fully understanding what I wrote. Then I come home and reread my notes and sometimes even rewrite them. I try to do this in my own words. After this I will review them and carry them with me. Practice makes perfect so keeping rereading and rewriting your notes!"
  Adhvait Menon  
  Student, 9th grade  
  Kerala, India  
  3/2/2015 4:32:00 PM  
"If you need improvement in something, work hard and study. Don't be afraid if it's hard for you. Before I was scared of water. But I kept trying to learn to swim and now I am swimming happily. So don't give up."
  Vrinda Sehgal  
  Student, 2nd grade  
  3/2/2015 1:19:00 AM  
"Select your schedule of courses carefully. Don't take the hardest classes all in one semester. Space them out along with classes that are easier for you."
  Ricardo Amarista  
  Student, 2nd year college  
  Frankfort, Kentucky  
"I use my laptop to take notes in class. But - I don't use it to text, surf the net, or play games during class. Don't use a laptop if you lack the self-discipline to not do those things."
  Kelly Ramirez  
  Student, 2nd year college  
  Louisville, Kentucky  
"I play outdoor games before I start to study. This relaxes my mind and body so I can concentrate on my studies."
  Sridhar S  
  Student, 9TH  
  Mandya, Indiana  
"I had a very hard time with my first semester of calculus. Here's what I did. First, I went to every class session. Second, I sat right up front. Third, I made an appointment to see the professor of the class each day he had office hours. He would guide me through various problems, many of which turned up on the final. It all worked out great. "
  James Applewood  
  Student, college senior  
  Laramie, Wyoming  
"" I always make sure I have all the necessary items such as pens, pencils, dictionaries before I start studying. I read for understanding and make up my own questions and answer them. Then I verify my answers. I practice active reading a lot and make up my own study groups with my classmates and friends.""
  Paulina Hambata  
  Student, 9th grade  
  Ongwediva, Namibia  
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