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" Maintain a place in your notebook in which you can jot down what topics or chapters you would like to study on a particular day. After studying, keep track of how much have you been able to stick to and complete of your daily target. This helps you keep track of your daily progress. Try to have fun studying! "
  G. P.  
  Student, 9th class  
  Kolkata, India  
  7/21/2014 1:21:00 AM  
"Use all your five senses while studying."
  Muhammad Arief bin Hassan  
  Student, o level  
  Kkuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
  7/17/2014 3:36:00 PM  
"Sit straight and keep your back straight while studying. This will help you to stay focused. Try to hear the words in your mind while studying your textbook. Concentrating like this will help you to understand the topic clearly."
  sree devi  
  Student, 11th grade  
  Trivandrum, India  
"If you are not interested in a subject, try to learn more and more about it. Then you will find it very interesting and will do better in the subject."
  Tahmid Ul Islma  
  Student, 10th grade  
  Barisal, Bangladesh  
"You have to decide what you have to study and then you must remember what you study. You have to study at home each night. Doing this will improve your thinking skills. "
  Bablu  Chauhan  
  Student, 12th  
  Bokaro, India  
"Make short notes of daily study. Most students may misunderstand the meaning of short notes. Short notes are notes you make after your study. It is a form of shortened knowledge of the things you have learned."
  Ben Ten  
  Teacher, 12  
  London, United Kingdom  
"Maintain notes and flash cards at the ready. Review the topics which you find difficult every morning. Eat good food and drink plenty of water during studying. Make sure whatever distracts you while you are studying is out of your sight (mobile phone, computer games, etc.) ."
  Princy Isabella  
  Student, 12  
  Hyderabad, India  
"The night before a test, think about the whole topic in your bed just before you go to sleep. This makes your memory very sharp. "
  Muhsina F.  
  Student, +2  
  Tym, India  
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