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Each assessment takes about five minutes to complete. You will immediately see your score along with recommendations.


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Here are two study tips from over 1,500 tips submitted by students and teachers

Here's a simple fact. Students who sit at the front of the class do better than students who sit at the back. I always try to sit up front. I can focus on the teacher and see the writing on the chalkboard clearly. Plus I'm not distracted by a lot of students in front of me.
Edward Torgeson, Student, Private HS junior    Indiana

If there is something you always like to do (e.g., watching T.V.), do it. You will totally be more focused. Because if you don't you'll be telling yourself you're bored and that's not good. Plus an elementary teacher or principal told my mother to do that for me. It Works For Me. Try it!
Kayla Covington, Student, College    Hawaii


Here are two teachings tips from our collection of over 250 practical tips

Saving Students Work
Provide a file drawer in which you have a folder for each student in your class. Each student can file writing projects and important graded assignments in his or her folder. Encourage students to discard unneeded materials so that the folders do not become overly bulky.

Delayed Feedback
Here is something that happens to all teachers. You prepare and teach a wonderful lesson, but when the bell rings, the students leave without saying a word about how good it was. You cannot rely on instant gratification. Instead, keep in mind that some things you do in class will influence students for years to come.


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