Accommodations for College Students with Learning Disabilities

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Colleges and universities provide a variety of accommodations for students with learning disabilities. However, a student must request accommodations.

The typical process is one in which a student with a learning disability registers with the office that provides support services for students with disabilities. The student should do this as soon as possible. The office requests documentation of the learning disability to establish the student's eligibility for accommodations. The intent of the accommodations is to ensure that the student with a learning disability has the same opportunity to learn as do students who do not have a learning disability.

Accommodations for students with a learning disability fall into the categories of classroom and assignment accommodations and exam accommodations.

Classroom and assignment accommodations can include the following.

Exam accommodations can include the following.

Be proactive if you have a learning disability. Don't wait until you are failing to request the reasonable accommodations to which you are entitled.

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