Thinking Styles

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A thinking style is a characteristic way of processing information. It involves how one acquires knowledge, organizes thoughts, forms views and opinions, applies personal values, solves problems, makes decisions, plans, and expresses oneself to others.

Researchers have identified five distinct styles of thinking. People typically show a marked preference for one of the styles. Here is a brief description of each of the five styles.

1) Synthesists: This may be your thinking style if you

2) Idealists: This may your thinking style if you

3) Pragmatists: This may be your thinking style if you

4) Analysts: This may be your thinking style if you

5) Realists: This may be your thinking style if you

Each of the five thinking styles has its own strengths and weaknesses. One is not better than another. The important thing is to understand and accept your thinking style. If you are a Synthesist, you are likely to be the person who solves problems others think of as unsolvable. If you are an Idealist, you are likely to be perceived as a nurturing person. If you are a Pragmatist, you are likely to be willing to take risks and come up with innovative solutions to problems. If you are an Analyst, you are likely seen as a person who can troubleshoot problems. If you are a Realist, you likely are the person who quickly provides practical solutions to problems.

Know your thinking style and use it to your best advantage.

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