Raising Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is your general attitude toward yourself. It is your overall sense of your competence and worth. It is important to have high self-esteem. With high self-esteem, you will have confidence in your ability to learn, and willingness to try new things. There is a history of research which shows that self-esteem and achievement are related. Students with high self-esteem tend to be high achievers.

Here are ten things you can do to raise your level of self-esteem.

  1. Be positive about yourself. It’s much better to give yourself compliments than to put yourself down.
  2. Think of all the things you are good at and all your successes. Write these down and keep adding to the list. Read the list every day.
  3. Self Esteem, Star GirlStop comparing yourself with other students. Your comparison should be with yourself. Are you better today than you were yesterday?
  4. Associate with students who like, respect, and support you. Try to avoid students who are always looking to find fault with you.
  5. Get involved in activities you enjoy. You will likely be successful in these activities.
  6. Make use of your special talents and abilities. These are your strengths.
  7. Take good care of yourself. You will feel better about yourself if you are healthy and well rested.
  8. Attack what you think are your weaknesses. Prove to yourself that “you can do it.”
  9. Help others. You will really feel good about yourself when you do.
  10. Keep looking for ways to improve yourself. As the old saying goes, “Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among stars.”

The higher your self-esteem, the higher will be your achievement.