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When you are not in the mood for studying, don't force yourself. Listen to some piano, music or do something you enjoy. When you are distracted easily while studying, put on your headphones and listen to calm music which you completely don't know (or you will be distracted again by your favourite music) .

      Alice, Student, Year 9  -  Myanmar

If i cant find the answer i ask the teacher for help or i look at other assignments I have already completed.

      dennis , Student, 9th  -  Iowa

When you are in a test get a separate piece of paper and write down everything you remember from that unit. It's like your own "cheat sheet"!!

      Maggie, Student, Gr 8  -  Canada - British Columbia

Study while you are motivated to study. I find that studying while actually wanting to study is very helpful since you feel like you're getting something done. It also doesn't hurt to turn on some music and throw in some snacks. Just don't get to distracted.

      Asia, Student, 8th Grade  -  Texas

I find taking notes during the lectures helps me to visualize and learn while looking at the words.

      Denise, Student,   -  Arizona

The best way to make your mood for the study is to make your study interesting. Once you'll enjoy your study then you don't need to escape from it.

      Saurabh, Other, Blogger  -  India

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