Study Tips From Our Visitors

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When you get home and finish your homework and go to sit down and relax remember there is always something that you could do whether it is studying or even reading.

      Nick Angeli, Student, 5    New Jersey, New Jersey

I make a study schedule and I stick to it. This way studying becomes a regular part of my life.

      Liz Hurley, Student, 8th grade    Nashville, Tennessee

I write the questions I have about what I read. I read again and then I quiz myself to see if I know the answers. The ones I still don't know I take longer to study.

      Hannah Mercer, Student, 6th    Johnson City, Tennessee

Wear some earbuds or headphones to block out all the noise so you're not distracted and can only hear yourself think. You can even wear headphones over the wireless earbuds for extra silence.

      Brody  Goforth, Student, 6th Grade    Bradenton, Florida

The sages say, "If you want to learn something well, teach it." Teaching one's peers helps a lot.

      Bright  Asare Ankomah, Teacher, supervisor    Accra, Ghana

Ask friends to help you out whenever you are stuck. Join a study group in which everyone stays on task.

      JJ Walters , Student, 6th     Battle Creek, Michigan

You should try and get someone to study with. You also need to try and get good at the things that you think are on the test.

      Alex Hogue, Student, 6th grade    New Jersey

I listen to music and just sit in my room and study the notes I wrote down in class. I also use an IPad in class to record the lesson. I listen to it over and over.

      Javier Briggs, Student, 6th grade    Fraser, Michigan

Have someone quiz you on your study guide so you know that you remember the information correctly.

      Jack Sedlak, Student, 6th    New Jersey

I use flashcards to remember the definitions of new vocabulary words.

      Ford Davidson, Student, 6th    Covington, Louisiana

Go over homework and notes with a friend. Then quiz each other until you get everything right.

      Connor  Payne, Student, 12    saline, Michigan

I would make sure you have some snacks and some extra clothing layers in case you get cold. It's hard to study well if you are hungry or cold.

      Makhiya Smith, Student, 6th grade    Battle Creek, Michigan

One study tip is to take recordings of your classes. Ask your teacher if you can take recordings on your phone or another device. After you take recordings of all important classes that day, take them home and listen to them in bed or during dinner or someplace where you can listen to it without being distracted.

      Michael  Olson, Student, 6th Grade    Bradenton, Florida

I find flashcards very helpful for learning new vocabulary. I draw illustrations on them when I can. This makes it more interesting and gives me a deeper understanding of the meanings of the words.

      Kathy McConnell, Student, 1st year college    Billings, Montana

Do not use study snacks if you have a lot to do in a little amount of time. They would be a distraction.

      Sophia Nan, Student, 6th grade    Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey

When I sit to study and some answers are very difficult to learn, then I sing a song in tune. I put the answer into a familiar song such as the Happy Birthday song, or a song from a movie I like. Then I sing the song with the question and answer several times until I can sing it by heart. Then I can sing that song when the question comes up again.

      Yash Jaiswal, Student, 10th     Chandrapur, India

I make up practice tests when I study. I take these tests using the same time limit that I will have when I have to take the test in class.

      Melissa Williams, Student, 8th grade    Frankfort, Kentucky

When I get stuck on something I'm studying, I walk around and think about it. I'm not sure why this helps, but it does help me.

      Julio Alvarez, Student, 8th grade    Albany, New York

I whisper the words as I study my textbook. This way I both see the words and hear them. This helps my understanding. I've found that whispering works better for me than talking the words out loud.

      Richard Bolling, Student, 9th grader    Frankfort, Kentucky

If you are going to have a really big math test and you are very worried, stay very calm. Go over all of your notes and examples. Make sure you know how to do the problems.

      Mateo Figundio-Andrade, Student, 7th grade    Ho-Ho-Kus New Jersey, New Jersey

Get away from all the distractions. Find a place where there is no tv or a phone. Find a place that is right for you.

      Caroline Branham, Student, 6th grade    Battle Creek, Michigan

For biology I make a matching game for definitions. If I get one wrong, I have to write it's definition five times. This helps me learn biology terms.

      Joe S, Student, 9th grade    Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

if you are a visual learner (like to learn by looking at things or colors), then make flash cards and highlight key words or terms.

      Jameka  Afflick, Student, 7th grade    San Angelo, Texas

After you have completed a study guide, make a quiz with all of the information. After that there are different options to choose from when quizzing yourself. I find that it helps a lot with memorizing the material.

      Faith Wilkie, Student, 12th grade    Saline, Michigan

I'm a big fan of post-it notes. I use them with my textbook to write questions that I think might be on the next test. When I review for the test, I write out the answers to the questions in my notebook. Many times these questions are on the test so I am ready for them.

      Rhonda B, Student, high school second year    Mesa, Arizona

What I like to do when studying is listen to music that has no singing. I work for 15 minutes on and 5 minutes off so I do not lose my focus.

      Casey  Fancher, Student, 6th    Battle Creek, Michigan

Take your time when studying because this is your time to shine.Think about something you like about what your are studying. Work out or take a snack break now or then. Never give up.

      Imani McCray, Student, 6th    Battle Creek, Michigan

Study in small amounts as it will allow your brain to understand what you are studying. If you study for 40 minutes and then take maybe a few minutes break, it will allow your brain to remember the topic or equation you were learning.

      Conor  McLoughlin, Student, 6th Grade    London, United Kingdom

I do a lot of studying during the week. My weekends are mostly for fun and relaxation. But on Sunday night I do a quick review of all my notes from the past week to be ready for Monday morning.

      Joshua Brantley, Student, seventh grade    Weehauken, New Jersey

I not only review the things I have learned. I also do research to learn more about them.

      Dajuan Mayse, Student, 12th Grade    Piedmont, Alabama

I've read that Times New Roman is the fastest font to read. That's what I use when I type notes from my textbooks onto my computer. This allows me to study my notes more quickly.

      Nolan Arroyo, Student, college junior    Rochester, New York

If you have a spelling test of some sort, index cards are the best! I have great success on my test by writing the words on cards and then looking at them as often as possible.

      Charlotte Riley, Student, 6th grade    Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey

For vocabulary index cards I highlight the word and definition. This helps me connect the definition and word together if they are the same color.

      Alexis Reed, Student, 9th grade    Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

One study tip that I like to use is when you are taking notes, make sure to highlight the important stuff that you think might be on the test.

      Abigail  Martinez, Student, 7th grade     Fayetteville , North Carolina

If you have a big test the next day, go to bed early and wake up earlier then you usually would. That way you would feel alert and and probably do good on the test.

      Ava Grace, Student, 5th grade    Las Vegas, Nevada

Sit in a comfortable spot where you can focus. Uncomfortable spots can make you distracted.

      John  Brand, 11th grade    Sacramento, California

I create a vocabulary word bank as I study. It helps me to quickly find the definitions I need for any test I take.

      Maria Joyce, Student, 12th grade    Saline, Michigan

I have a study group in school. During breaks we get into our groups and go over what the teachers have taught us . It really helps all of us.

      Shirlyn Dorice, Student, 8th grade    Kisumu, Kenya

The best way to read a textbook assignment is to create a concept map, studying the figures in the textbook and digging deep into important ideas.

      Michelle Xu, Student, 11th grade    San Diego, California

This might only be me. When I work on an assignment, I tense up and start to rush as I get close to completing it. Taking a short break to relax at this point has helped me. I can then finish the assignment carefully.

      Angel Rivera, Student, College-Bound Senior in HS    Billings, Montana

Try not to study on your bed. Color code your notes. During class take good notes while the teacher is talking. Study with a friend. Sometimes I wear headphones and listen to music while studying (not too loud).

      Katie  Alexh, Student, 8th grade    New York, New York

I have learned the importance of being organized. I keep all my study and reference materials neatly arranged where I study. I found that if I had to look for something too long, I kind of gave up rather than complete the assignment.

      Hannah Sullivan, Student, 1st year community college    Clearwater, Florida

It is important to write notes as you study a topic. It is just as important to read them after.

      Natasha Muzpy, Student, Form 3    Harare, Zimbabwe

I study in places like my barn or stables because they are very quiet and I get to be with my animals. If you have a dog, try to have him with when you study in a quiet place.

      Makia Hatcher, Student, 6th    Parrish, Florida

While studying a text, it makes information easier to process by highlighting the initial paragraphs of the subject matter. Also, by using the glossary you can identify key words that will lead you to the pages that will pretty much isolate the answer to your questions swiftly, minus the excessive information.

      Tyheem  Stewart, Student    Paterson, New Jersey

"Focus on studying one thing at a time, and not how much studying you have to do.

      Evan Fisher, Student, 6th grade    Bradenton, Florida

Your students will be more engaged in their work if they feel they can complete it successfully. Also, if they can measure their progress.

      Edward T., Teacher, middle school - English    Los Angeles, California

I read that we remember things that are meaningful to us. So what I do is to make whatever I have to remember important in my own life. For example, when I studied about electricity, I thought about all of the ways we use it at home.

      Reynaldo Acura, Student, 9th grader    Waco, Texas

My study tip is that you should study at night and then again in the morning. You will remember information better this way.

      Mason Bienvenue, Student, 6th grade    Bradenton, Florida