Below are the study tips that were submitted by our visitors in the year you selected. We encourage you to submit your own study tip.

I remember things best by repeating them over and over in my head.

John Clover, Student, 12th grade - Illinois 01/01/2017

“I like to study while eating food. I put on a scent. Before the test, I put on the same scent, and it helps me remember the information I studied by association. “

Bob Llama, Student, 8th Grade - United Arab Emirates 01/09/2017

My tip to you guys is to plan what you’re going to do when you study.

Tyrone Williams, Student, 10 - Florida 01/13/2017

Try study sheets. They are basically like a test only you can look back at the answers. Check them to make sure you are correct. And listen to music while you study and then go over the song in you head while you take the test.

Emily Burchwell, Student, 6th - Pennsylvania 01/16/2017

I study for tests before going to sleep so that it stays in my head for the test the next day.

Faith Simmons, Student, First Year College - Washington 01/21/2017

I usually try “playing teacher” by teaching my siblings or parents. Not only does it help me retain my knowledge, but it also helps me by getting input from those I’m teaching so I can learn more about the subject or correct my mistakes.

Lillian Reichel, Student, 10th grade - Ohio 01/24/2017

Sometimes I will study in a room in which my parents or an adult are. Then I won’t have the urge to goof off and stop studying

Rachel Smith, Student, 9th grade - Ohio 01/24/2017

I Like to study in frequent short sessions rather than long sessions. If you study for too long a session it will be hard to remember everything.

Mia Jones, Student, year 10 - United Kingdom 01/31/2017

I make flash cards to help me remember important information. I use different color cards for each subject.

Kali Howard, Student, 8 - Louisiana 01/31/2017

Take frequent breaks and have a snack before working.

Jonas Pullen, Student, 6th grade - California 02/01/2017

Make sure no distractions are present where you study. What you are studying has to be the thing that gets your full attention.

Hannah Graves, Student, 8th grade - Tennessee 02/02/2017

Take a few minutes and relax before you start to study. Make a mental note to sit yourself down and think positively.

John Kintock, Other - New Jersey 02/03/2017

This is a trick I use when checking spelling in an essay I've written. I read it backward. I don't have to worry if it makes sense – all I'm doing is looking at the spelling of each word.

Andrew Thomas, Student, 10th grader - Massachusetts 02/16/2017

1.Buy an extra notebook for each subject at the beginning of the year so that as you finish a chapter in class, you can immediately write notes and summaries in that book.
2. Record your notes on a digital voice recorder or another device (you can also use your phone), listen to them in your spare time, listen to them as you would an audio book, concentrate on the words and try to memorize them as you hear them.

Koook S, Student, 8th - India 02/18/2017

Always concentrate in class! And take notes,read you textbook, do the study guide and TRY YOUR BEST!!!

Ella Parker, Student, 6th grade - Georgia 02/21/2017

Always listen in class. Don’t always try to write down everything your teacher says. Write down only what is really important.

Lydia Howland, Student, 9th - Nebraska 02/22/2017

Read your notes. The then sing a song to yourself. Then go back and see if you still know what’s in your notes. Go back over anything you don’t remember.

Charlie McGovern, Student, 9th grade - Indiana 03/01/2017

It is important to read, but the most important thing is to study hard.

Hawzhin Mustafa, Student, 2 - Iraq 03/03/2017

Always aim for the Top!!!
Make your family an utmost inspiration to achieve your goals.

Keith Ase, Student, 6th grade - Philippines 03/08/2017

When you study, maybe if you like mints, you can have one or before you take a test. Treats like mints can help you relax so you remember things.

Krystal Fisher, Student, 6th grade - Delaware 03/14/2017

Think of it this way. When you study, you are putting information in your brain.When you take the test, use that information from your brain to write it on the test.

Preston Thomas, Student, 8th grade - Michigan 03/15/2017

I like to use flashcards in order to study. I carry them everywhere and go over them until I know them all.

Mykell Davis, Student, 10 - Illinois 03/20/2017

Take good notes, do your research, and listen to music that relaxes you.

Ariyah Praham, Student, 11 - Illinois 03/23/2017

I find that writing out notes makes it easier for me to understand them then reading them aloud over and over.

Klairissa Gomora, Student, 12th Grade - Illinois 04/02/2017

First, find a peaceful place to study and while you are studying, make sure you have a glass of water as water is great for boosting memory power as well as a snack. If you sleep on the east side of your bed, you shall remember everything you have studied. Also, repeat whatever you have studied to yourself right before you go to sleep. Trust me, I have tried all these tips, and they work perfectly!

Sarah Korneil, College - California 04/09/2017

I like to go outside and listen to music and just study. Fresh air really seems to help.

Brittney Bowman, Student, 11th grade - North Carolina 04/10/2017

The right position is important while studying. The way you sit matters a lot. Sit upright, do not be too relaxed as this might make you sleepy, do not lie on your bed because you will be too comfortable making you yield to the temptation of sleeping. Let your reading table be slightly below your chest.

Ponzing Josiah, Student - Nigeria 04/21/2017

When studying for an online class, have lecture and reading windows open to utilize audio and visual learning styles together.

Laura Waterman, Student, College - Georgia 04/23/2017

Avoid catastrophic thinking. Instead of thinking, “I’m a mess, I’ll never have enough time to study for this exam,â€_x009d_ look at it like, “I may be a little late to study as much as I’d like, but since I’m doing it now, I’ll get most of it done.â€_x009d_

Destiny Rogers, Student, 9th grade - Louisiana 04/26/2017

Use flash cards and index cards to learn your notes better. When you are in a rush to get to a test, stay calm and think about something positive like what you are going to do for the summer.

Alexis Rogers, Student, 9 - Barbados 04/27/2017

If you want your future to be bright, don’t just study hard. Also go to extra classes in subjects you have difficulty with.

Reneilwe Florah, Student, 1OTH GRADE - South Africa 04/30/2017

Use palm cards to review for a test. I usually write one fact and some extra information about the fact that I’ll probably need on each palm card. If I forget something, I write the same fact on a different card again, except with different extra information. It’s a lot like using flash cards, but I find it better because you’re writing as well – writing has actually been proven to help you retain information. So if you keep forgetting something, write it down!

Safaa Sayeed, Student, Grade 9 - Australia 05/03/2017

The best way for me to study is being in a quiet place and listening to music. It really helps when what you are studying is the only thing which is rolling in your head.. free up your mind for a while and only focus on your studies… it helps, try it.

Danny Phiri, Student, College - Zambia 05/11/2017

I meditate before I begin to study. Doing this reduces my stress and helps me to concentrate. I do best when my emotions are under control.

Jackson Whittier, Student, High School Senior - New Jersey 05/23/2017

As a dyslexic, I had to find my own ways to get to my goals. Never trying “just to study”, it helps to get out, exercise, go for a swim, and then back to schedule. I write notes, draw, listen to classical music. Internet resources and university retired professors are great sources of knowledge.

Adam M., Student, Grad. - Missouri 05/25/2017

Some of my friends cram the night before an exam. I do the very opposite. I do things to relax and then get a good night's sleep. I don't give any thought to the exam until the morning.

Freddie Rodriguez, Student, Going into 10th grade - Georgia 05/31/2017

Study before class, not during class, because class is for doing work, not studying. Studying is for before and after class. Also, don’t listen to metal or pop music, or anything with lyrics if you listen to music while you study. Listen to classical music, like piano pieces.

Lexie Estes, Student, 9th grade - Maine 06/04/2017

Plan your whole week out day by day, and study notes again and again even if the test is not until next week. Listen to classical music. Follow your study time and avoid procrastinating. Ask your friends for help if you don’t understand the lesson. Eat healthy food while studying to reward yourself and don’t study just before bedtime.

Kimberly Co, Student, High School - Philippines 06/06/2017

I study in my room away from noise. I can focus harder and think more clearly when I am alone. I take much better notes this way.

Tiyana Duncan, 12th grade - North Carolina 06/07/2017

The first thing I do when I take a math test is to write down all of the formulas. Then I can easily use them as I take the test. Nothing is worse than knowing how to solve a problem but forgetting the formula.

Lauren Pinder, Student, going into high school - Wisconsin 06/14/2017

Look new words over and then find a study partner. Have your partner say the words. You have to give the meanings and spell them right.

Kara Michaels, Student, 7th grade - Australia 06/26/2017

Sometimes I find that I have forgotten something I had learned before. When this happens I go back to relearn it. I not only understand it better then, but I don't forget it again.

Joshua Greenwald, Student, 10th grade - Kentucky 07/02/2017

Sit straight. This may sound a bit weird, but when you are sitting at the end of your chair and looming over a keyboard, you have less chance of being focused then if you were leaning against the back of your chair and sitting up straight.

Aliza Shah, Student, 7th grade - United Kingdom 07/13/2017

When studying, use the Pomodoro Technique. Study for 25 minutes and then relax for five minutes. You can take a short walk or watch tv. This technique allows you to maintain your concentration and be productive.

Melissa Diaz, Student, 11th - Texas 07/14/2017

I like to type my reading notes on my computer. I use the Times New Roman font because I read that it's the easiest and fasted font to read.

Lauren Bertolini, Student, Entering 11th grade - Louisiana 07/20/2017

If I just try to memorize things, I forget quickly. But if I make sure to understand them, I remember them for a long time.

Ricardo Avila, Student, college junior - Kentucky 07/26/2017

Here’s what I do if I start to nod off while studying. I chew gum. You can’t sleep while chewing gum.

Patton Carpenter, Student, college junior - New Jersey 08/02/2017

I found that I spent too much internet time at sites that were just for fun. This took away from the time I needed to study. So I did a simple thing – I blocked these sites.

Alyssa Rodriguez, Student, College junior - California 08/09/2017

Flash cards can help you remember important facts. But they are boring to use. So I draw illustrations on flashcards I create. This makes them more fun and gets them me to look at them more often.

Alyssa Camacho, Student, 8th grade - Wyoming 08/23/2017

I did my prerequisites at a community college. This saved me tons of money.

Carlos Moncada, Student, College Junior - Wisconsin 09/14/2017

Talk to to your teacher after school if you didn’t understand the lesson.

Rasheeda Cruickshank, Student, 7th grade - Jamaica 09/18/2017

I used to get to class early when we had an exam. Talking with the other students there got me nervous. What I do now is take a short walk to relax and then get to the class just as it starts.

Felipe Rivera, Student, College 2nd year - Colorado 09/26/2017

Avoid P and P: Procrastination and Panic.

April Kinsler, Student, 10th grader - Michigan 09/27/2017

I record my professors' lectures in addition to writing careful notes. This gives me two ways to study for a test. Make sure first your professor is ok with you recording the lecture.

Anthony Williams, Student, 3rd year college - New Jersey 10/03/2017

Draw a scene about the information in a textbook chapter you are reading. It will help you to understand what you are reading perfectly.

Abiaz Rhythm, Student, 7 - Bangladesh 10/11/2017

Make yourself mini-tests or have someone quiz you before you study so you know what you have to study extra hard.

Kayla DeJong, Student, 7th grade - Washington 10/18/2017

I take written notes in my classes. Then I make mind maps from my notes. This gives me two different ways to study for tests.

Elizabeth Alvarez, Student, 8th grade - California 10/20/2017

Have someone quiz you on your study guide so you know that you remember the information correctly.

Jack Sedlak, Student, 6th - New Jersey 10/30/2017

When you get home and finish your homework and go to sit down and relax remember there is always something that you could do whether it is studying or even reading.

Nick Angeli, Student, 5 - New Jersey 10/30/2017

It is important to write notes as you study a topic. It is just as important to read them after.

Natasha Muzpy, Student, Form 3 - Zimbabwe 11/02/2017

I not only review the things I have learned. I also do research to learn more about them.

Dajuan Mayse, Student, 12th Grade - Alabama 11/06/2017

I write the questions I have about what I read. I read again and then I quiz myself to see if I know the answers. The ones I still don’t know I take longer to study.

Hannah Mercer, Student, 6th - Tennessee 11/07/2017

I've read that Times New Roman is the fastest font to read. That's what I use when I type notes from my textbooks onto my computer. This allows me to study my notes more quickly.

Nolan Arroyo, Student, college junior - New York 11/21/2017

I listen to music and just sit in my room and study the notes I wrote down in class. I also use an IPad in class to record the lesson. I listen to it over and over.

Javier Briggs, Student, 6th grade - Michigan 11/29/2017

I make up practice tests when I study. I take these tests using the same time limit that I will have when I have to take the test in class.

Melissa Williams, Student, 8th grade - Kentucky 12/01/2017

Get away from all the distractions. Find a place where there is no tv or a phone. Find a place that is right for you.

Caroline Branham, Student, 6th grade - Michigan 12/04/2017

I would make sure you have some snacks and some extra clothing layers in case you get cold. It’s hard to study well if you are hungry or cold.

Makhiya Smith, Student, 6th grade - Michigan 12/04/2017

Take your time when studying because this is your time to shine.Think about something you like about what your are studying. Work out or take a snack break now or then. Never give up.

Imani McCray, Student, 6th - Michigan 12/07/2017

“Focus on studying one thing at a time, and not how much studying you have to do.

Evan Fisher, Student, 6th grade - Florida 12/07/2017

Wear some earbuds or headphones to block out all the noise so you’re not distracted and can only hear yourself think. You can even wear headphones over the wireless earbuds for extra silence.

Brody Goforth, Student, 6th Grade - Florida 12/08/2017

Ask friends to help you out whenever you are stuck. Join a study group in which everyone stays on task.

JJ Walters, Student, 6th - Michigan 12/09/2017

Sit in a comfortable spot where you can focus. Uncomfortable spots can make you distracted.

John Brand, 11th grade - California 12/09/2017

What I like to do when studying is listen to music that has no singing. I work for 15 minutes on and 5 minutes off so I do not lose my focus.

Casey Fancher, Student, 6th - Michigan 12/11/2017

if you are a visual learner (like to learn by looking at things or colors), then make flash cards and highlight key words or terms.

Jameka Afflick, Student, 7th grade - Texas 12/14/2017

The sages say, “If you want to learn something well, teach it.” Teaching one’s peers helps a lot.

Bright Asare Ankomah, Teacher, supervisor - Ghana 12/26/2017