Below are the study tips that were submitted by our visitors in the year you selected. We encourage you to submit your own study tip.

We want to do more than just learn about a topic. We want to understand the topic and form our own opinions about it.

Prathmesh Dhamne, Student, 9th grade - India 01/02/2015

I don’t just read my notes once. I rewrite them and then I reread them. This makes the information stick.

Jahir Martinez, Student, University - Colombia 01/05/2015

The way I take notes in class is to listen selectively for main ideas and key points. A major part of my studying is to review my notes often and thoroughly.

Andre Grable, Student, 12th - Michigan 01/07/2015

Do a little of studying and then get up and take a break. But here’s the important thing. While you are taking your break, continue to think about what you just studied.

Vicky Pochat, Student, 6th - New York 01/07/2015

You can’t just get around to studying. You have to plan when you are going to study and what you are going to study. Then study in a quiet area.

Ricky Jiang, Student, 8th Grade - Texas 01/12/2015

Starting to study is the hardest thing to do. Once you do that it gets a lot easier. Make a schedule and stick to it because if you stop studying it will be hard to start again. If you have certain times that you study each subject, keep it that way. If you have more time than needed on a day, don’t make your study time shorter. Use the extra time to get ahead because you might have a a big assignment the next day.

Gabriella B., Student, 8th Grade - Pennsylvania 01/15/2015

When it comes to studying vocabulary, terms, or just any type of notes (besides math)], I like to make cue cards. I write the word or question on one side, then the answer or definition on the other. This way I can focus on one question at a time, and then I color coordinate them to separate the ones I know, I kind of know, and ones I have no clue about.

Holly Sullivan, Student, 11th grade - Canada 01/17/2015

I find that motivational quotes help me to start and keep studying. Here is one of my favorites. “You can’t win the race until you start running.”

Cedric Arnold, Student, 8th Grade - Ohio 01/20/2015

I read to get more understanding of what I have been taught. My studying is the review and revision of what I have covered previously. I study slowly and patiently. I also read a great deal.

Amuram Sacky, Student, 6th - Namibia 01/22/2015

I type notes when I review for a test. Then I create and use flashcards based on the notes.

Marlon Matthew Nolasco, Student, 7th Grade - Philippines 01/23/2015

Studying is not that hard. You just have to find out your strengths and what is the best way to do it. I personally like to hear myself talk and repeat what I need to learn. I use my phone to record myself saying what I need to study/learn and listen to it with my headphones.

Heylin Perez, Student, 8th grade - New Jersey 01/30/2015

” I always make sure I have all the necessary items such as pens, pencils, dictionaries before I start studying. I read for understanding and make up my own questions and answer them. Then I verify my answers. I practice active reading a lot and make up my own study groups with my classmates and friends.”

Paulina Hambata, Student, 9th grade - Namibia 02/02/2015

I had a very hard time with my first semester of calculus. Here's what I did. First, I went to every class session. Second, I sat right up front. Third, I made an appointment to see the professor of the class each day he had office hours. He would guide me through various problems, many of which turned up on the final. It all worked out great.

James Applewood, Student, college senior - Wyoming 02/06/2015

I play outdoor games before I start to study. This relaxes my mind and body so I can concentrate on my studies.

Sridhar S, Student, 9TH - Indiana 02/09/2015

I use my laptop to take notes in class. But – I don’t use it to text, surf the net, or play games during class. Don’t use a laptop if you lack the self-discipline to not do those things.

Kelly Ramirez, Student, 2nd year college - Kentucky 02/14/2015

Select your schedule of courses carefully. Don’t take the hardest classes all in one semester. Space them out along with classes that are easier for you.

Ricardo Amarista, Student, 2nd year college - Kentucky 02/24/2015

If you need improvement in something, work hard and study. Don’t be afraid if it’s hard for you. Before I was scared of water. But I kept trying to learn to swim and now I am swimming happily. So don’t give up.

Vrinda Sehgal, Student, 2nd grade - Malaysia 03/02/2015

I usually write notes in class without fully understanding what I wrote. Then I come home and reread my notes and sometimes even rewrite them. I try to do this in my own words. After this I will review them and carry them with me. Practice makes perfect so keeping rereading and rewriting your notes!

Adhvait Menon, Student, 9th grade - India 03/02/2015

It is important to value your own effort. If you do, you will apply yourself to your studies in spite of distractions from any source.

Abu Thoufeeq, Student, PLUS TWO - India 03/03/2015

Try to allocate time of study and time of rest on a timetable so that you are not constantly working. Your mind needs time to absorb the information you have been studying.

Thomas Fifield, Student, Year 13 - United Kingdom 03/04/2015

Take a break in between each assignment to refresh your mind. Then each assignment has some novelty and you won’t get bored.

Rachel Holyoak, Student, 6th grade - Georgia 03/05/2015

I have a special place in my notebook where I write any questions about what I read and hear. I leave space for answers. I look for answers and write them below the question when I find them.

Luis Gallardo, Student, high school 10 - Wisconsin 03/12/2015

You should read what you have to until you begin to lose your concentration. Then take a ten minute break. Then go back and read more. Then take another break. In this way you will have done all your reading in a concentrated way.

Jon David, Student, 9th grade - New Jersey 03/14/2015

You can have your parent, guardian, or siblings help you study by using flash cards.

Khloey Forst, Student, 8th - Missouri 03/16/2015

Study with your parents. Make them ask you questions about the subject you are studying and answer them with details so they understand what you are learning. It’s like you are teaching them!

Hannah Colliver, Student, 8th Grade - Missouri 03/16/2015

Sit in the front of the classroom to be less distracted and listen better. Another tip would be to have a prize for studying, like having your parents say “If you study hard we’ll rent that movie you’ve been asking to see.”

Mattie Nenycz, Student, 6th grade - Illinois 03/17/2015

After you read something, ask yourself if you really understand it. If not, try explaining it to yourself. If you can’t, then consult reference sources to increase your understanding. You’ll know if you have understanding if you can then explain it to someone else.

Safaa Sayeed, Student, Year 7 - Australia 03/18/2015

if you need help with a question, ask for help when your teacher is there. Otherwise, you’ll probably get the question wrong unless you make a lucky guess

McKenzie Miller, Student, 5th grade - Illinois 03/19/2015

Know what is the learning style that suits you first: seeing, listening, or doing hands-on activities. Then, you can research some study habits on your learning style.

Maxine Canuto, Student, 7th grade - Philippines 03/22/2015

Listen to calm and relaxing music while studying. This will stop your nerves from tightening up, and get you away from thoughts that stress you out.

Liyabona Vimbi, Student, 7th grade - South Africa 03/24/2015

You should focus on what you are doing. Be organized. Write notes on what your teacher says and writes. Be sure to write the explanations your teacher gives.

Diana Lim, Student, 6th grade - USA 03/28/2015

Whenever you feel bored after following a monotonous study routine, a change in study atmosphere helps. Go out of your room to somewhere quieter and greener, and build a new study atmosphere there.

Dhanamanjuri Moirangthem, Student, 10th standard - India 04/02/2015

Read your textbooks along with a parent, sibling, or guardian. This has helped me remember the facts I learned better.

Jeff Lardshnarter, Student, 6th Grade - Ohio 04/05/2015

Go outside. The outdoors helps you think by relieving you of the cramped area in your house. This relieves you of lots of stress. It is also nice to get fresh air when studying. This allows you to think easier.

Landon Bruh, Student, 8th Grade - New York 04/06/2015

As a 12 year old who has a heavy passion for music, I listen to it while I do my homework. But, if you choose to do so, you MUST find something calm such as mellow jazz or Brazilian jazz. Don’t listen to music that you know will distract you from your focused environment. This can be your time to explore music while you study.

Nhandi Craig, Student, 7th Grade - California 04/06/2015

Have a snack while you do your work. A tasty treat has always helped me think when studying. A couple of pretzels or a granola bar goes a long way when it comes to brain food!

David Caswell, Student, 6th Grade - Ohio 04/07/2015

It is important to read and study in advance so that class lessons will be easier for you to comprehend. Also, read other references to help you better understand your lessons. Make up and take practice tests.

Jarred Ryle Punzalan, Student, 10th grade - Philippines 04/08/2015

In class if a teacher is teaching too fast, do not hesitate to ask them to slow down. Your teacher will appreciate knowing this.

William Hunt, Student, 9th - California 04/09/2015

My tip is that I always tell my friends do not call me while studying. If they do, I get way off of what I have to do.

Muhammad Rashid, Student, 9th grade - Pakistan 04/20/2015

I make sure to have what I need to study. I keep a dictionary, pen, and paper at my desk when I study.

Attaullah Pathan, Student, eight - Pakistan 04/25/2015

It is important to focus on your school work. It is also important to be kind to your classmates.

Kevin Smith, Student, 9th - Arizona 04/27/2015

When I sit down to study, the first thing I do is turn off the ringer on my phone. The second thing I do is put my phone where I can’t see it. I read a saying that said when something is out of sight it is out of mind. Then I can concentrate on my work.

Annalise Carr, Student, 6th grade - California 05/01/2015

I start to study as soon as I get home from school. Everything is still fresh in my mind.

Stephanie Cassidy, Student, 10 - Ohio 05/04/2015

Notes are useful for studying, but if notes don’t seem to work for you, don’t give up. Try using different colors when taking notes. This will make studying more fun for you. Also, don’t let music distract you when you study.

Alexcia Mercedes Vairy, Student, Year 9 - United Kingdom 05/08/2015

If you hate studying, give yourself rewards when you finish. For example, have a gummy bear if you finish reading a section, or play on your phone for five minutes when you finish an assignment.

Grace Leber, Student, 6th grade - Indiana 05/11/2015

”Concentration and time are the most important things in studying. First concentrate your mind and then divide your time across your subjects.
Try to spend the most time your on your difficult subjects,”

IfranKkhan Pathan, Student, 2nd year in college - Pakistan 05/16/2015

Before studying a particular subject, put yourself in the position of a teacher that has to answer the questions of your students. Then study deeply and concentrate on each and every line you as you read.

Jawed Aashkar, Student, BBA - Afghanistan 05/16/2015

”Most students worry that studying is sometimes boring. Then there is the unavoidable problem of feeling sleepy and having no interest in what they are doing. So to be attentive and active when you study.

Irfan Pathan, Student, 2nd year in collage - Pakistan 05/17/2015

For math, first work with the problem. Play around with it in your mind to find the best answer. Then review your work and answer.

Najm Afylfhu, Student, 6th - Minnesota 05/18/2015

Whenever take a math test I always double check my calculations. I do this in science too. I don’t want to lose points for careless errors.

Sanaullah Pathan, Student, tenth - Pakistan 05/22/2015

If you have any questions after you read, look for the answers and then go over them three times. If you can’t find an answer, get the explanation from someone.
Always concentrate and study alone. After you learn something, you can go over it with someone.

Hamza Zaidi, Student, 8th - Pakistan 05/23/2015

“If you study a topic many times you can understand the topic and remember the topic in your brain. I usually do this in the morning.”

Rashid Muhammad Pathan khan, Student, 11 grade - Pakistan 05/24/2015

“Use different study methods for different parts of each subject. For example, use flash cards to remember words and dates, draw a mind map linking important points, write practice essays and do practice questions, highlight your notes, rewrite your notes, and keep everything for review later. Listen to classical music. It has been suggested that one studies better while listening to quite relaxing classical music, especially Mozart.

Attaullah Khan Pathan, Student, Eight grade - Pakistan 05/25/2015

“Your brain is like a file cabinet. If you try to cram everything in at once, you won’t be able to retrieve anything later because everything is so disorganized. Organize your “file cabinet” by studying one section at a time and really let the information soak in before moving onto the next lesson.”

Attaullah Khan Pathan, Student, Eight grade - Pakistan 05/26/2015

Study alone always and later ask about what you don’t understand. This does cut interruptions. Be positive about what you read. Always take a break whenever you feel exhausted. Think out of the box to get an overview about a certain thing.

Klaudia Peneyambeko David, Student, tertiary - Namibia 05/26/2015

“The best way to learn is to help your fellow classmates, friends and siblings in their studies, especially if it is the same subject and/or topic. You will find new concepts you wouldn't have thought about before and that way you will do more research and will try to understand a topic more and in a better way.”

Pathan Rashid khan, Student, 8th grade - Pakistan 05/27/2015

Organization is very important. Time spent looking for materials is time taken away from your studying.

Erina Rayhan, Student, 11th grade - Australia 05/29/2015

I actually study under a tree so as to study near nature. Nature is your best friend if you want to spend some time alone or while studying.

Aadil Noushad, Student, 9th grade - India 05/31/2015

I feel sometimes that it is hard to study where I am at the time.
But now it is easy. I go and sit outside which gives me comfort. Nature is the best thing because it is so peaceful and I can relax and do my studying.

Fatima Asif, Student, 7th grade - Saudi Arabia 06/03/2015

I personally think if you stay positive then you would be more successful just by itself. Also, having a plan will help you stay on track and make sure you study for everything. Make sure the spot where you are choosing to study fits your personality. Make sure you have a goal so you know what you are striving for. If you do not know, you may talk yourself into not studying because you convinced yourself that it is not worth it.

S. T., Adult Learner - New York 06/09/2015

Have a time set for studying, and only study one subject at a time, or else you will get confused with lets say science and social studies. Take a break every 40 minutes so you don’t get too stressed. Have food and water nearby to avoid interruptions.

Zoey Gould, Student, 6th grade - New York 06/10/2015

I like to have music on when I am studying. Try this! Having maybe like techno, instrumental music, or pop might help you. Try them all. Pop doesn’t work for me very well. The other two are perfect to help me get things done!

Eleni Karipidis, Student, 6th Grade - New York 06/10/2015

Rewrite your class notes! I make little “study guides” that include vocabulary, people, events, and any sections necessary to study for my tests.

Mackenzie Brown, Student, 6th Grade - New York 06/15/2015

Don’t just read a subject. You also have to get involved with it emotionally so that you feel the subject.

Monika Jain, Student, 10 - Indiana 06/24/2015

Make studying fun and reward yourself! You won’t want to do it if it’s not enjoyable. For example, you can reward yourself with your favorite snack or candy when you’ve finished studying a specific subject.

Emmie Camp, Student, 10th Grade - Georgia 06/27/2015

When taking notes, write down all important information, including information that might not be on the test. That information might turn out to be a bonus question.

R K, Student, 8th - Texas 07/06/2015

I suggest that when you read your assignments, pretend you have to make a presentation after every covered topic. This will prepare you better and create more confidence.

Jatin Kumar, Student, 7th - Pakistan 07/13/2015

In my math classes, I write down everything the teacher says when he explains how to solve a problem. I try to number the steps.

Josh Upton, Student, 10th grade - Florida 07/23/2015

What helps me a lot is that when I’m writing down my notes, I color code them. That way I can find what I’m looking for faster. I also work in a quiet environment away from distractions to help me get more done.

Yogi Marquez, Student, 9th grade - Texas 07/24/2015

Study in comfortable area that has a low sound level. Draw pictures and sketches of whatyou study so it could even be fun. Always ask someone to test you on what you read.

Atti Mogotsi, Student, 8 - South Africa 07/27/2015

My study tip is to read about a particular concept in the evening. I jot down the keywords in my notebook/notepad. When I wake up, I then apply critical analysis on the concept.

Karen Fernandez, Student, 8th Grade - Philippines 08/03/2015

My study tip is if you do not understand a problem, ask someone for help or google how to solve the problem. Then give yourself a treat.

Savanah Kox, Student, 6th grade - Tennessee 08/06/2015

I recommend buying an hourly planner. Then you can mark when you want to study, for how long, when your breaks are, and much, much more. You can even use it to keep track of things like swim meets, soccer games, or events of your family and friends.

Noelle Faiza, Student, 7th grade - Rhode Island 08/19/2015

Eat healthy food as it increases your concentration. Take enough rest so that your mind can retain the information better. And one very important thing is exercise. Exercise refreshes your brain after a period of hefty studying.

Ananthan Balaji, Student, 10th grade - Kuwait 08/22/2015

Don’t sit and watch the clock when you study. Do what it does. Keep going.

Luca Fuertes, Student, 6th Grade - Thailand 08/23/2015

Ensure you have a good sleep or nap before studying.

Olugbenga Akinwuntan, Student, college - North Carolina 08/24/2015

Study in a comfortable room that is quiet, using concept maps. Have fruit wedges or another healthy snack next to you. They also say that taking a nap before studying is very good, and you have to take a short break from 5 to 7 minutes just in case you become tired.

Javier Eduardo Fuentes Poza, Student, 7th grade - Chile 08/26/2015

Don’t read aloud, move your lips, or point letters with your fingers while reading because it will slow down your reading speed.

Praise Echem, Student, grade 11 - Nigeria 08/27/2015

My study tip is to first get in a quiet space. Only then should you start to do what you need to do for school.

Adam Macdonald, Student, s2 - United Kingdom 08/28/2015

The best way to study is to “divide and conquer.” Divide your study material into smaller chunks to study and target the concepts one by one.

Tahir Mahmood Kamboh, Engineer - Pakistan 08/28/2015

Understand that you need breaks. You just can’t work, work, work. You can schedule breaks or just take them when you get tired of studying.

Alaina S, Student, 6th grade - North Carolina 08/31/2015

I study early in the morning after I have eaten a healthy breakfast and run from one to three kilometers. I take a short rest after I come back from my run. Sometimes I get started as early as four in the morning if I got to sleep not too late.

Tjingee K, Student, 10 - Namibia 09/01/2015

Study at the time you work best. Do not try to study while watching TV at the same time. Stay focused on the main topic when reading and make mind maps.

Smit Patel, Student, 5th grade - India 09/06/2015

Study in a nice cool place. When I am in a hot place I want to leave as fast as I can. Then I would do bad because I rushed through my work.

Colby Gadsden, Student, 8th grade - Florida 09/18/2015

Try to stay away from things that entertain you when you have to study (an example in my case is games on my computer). The temptation will distract you and also make you rush to finish.

Emilio Garibladi, Student, 8th Grade - Florida 09/19/2015

Plan out what you need to study the most and dedicate your time to that. Then study the things that are easier for you but still need a little more practice.

Melani Osorio, Student, 8th - Florida 09/19/2015

Don’t talk to your friends on facebook or on the phone while studying. This can be very distracting. Also, when studying don’t have your friends over as they can put you off task.

Kayley Noble, Student, Year 12 - United Kingdom 09/21/2015

Before I go to school in the morning I put little candies such as gummy bears in different spots in my study place Then I look forward to studying when I come home from school.

Payton Garner, Student, 7th - Kentucky 09/22/2015

Finish what you want to do first. If you want to watch a video, watch it and then do your schoolwork. Don’t let thinking about how the video ends distract you.

Henning Van Zyl, Student, 8th - South Africa 09/23/2015

Always make sure to use colors in your notes and write down key detaisl. Don’t worry afraid if you have more notes then everyone else. It just means you care a lot and want a good grade!

Madie G, Student, 9th - South Carolina 09/23/2015

When you study make sure that you have a quiet place to do it. Put a snack there in the morning so when you come home from school you have something to eat when you do your homework.

Cody Ogle, Student, 8th - Florida 09/27/2015

I wake up early in the morning and do meditation for just five minutes without any disturbance. Then I read my notes from yesterday and write down any questions I have. I eat something healthy and try to lose any tension. It is imprtant to be positive and have confidence.

Suraj M, Student, 4th grade - India 09/29/2015

Do the things you need to do now, whatever they might be. Sometimes, later can be never. Keep distractions far away from you because “If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.”

Sherlyn Qiu, Student, 9th grade - New York 09/29/2015

“I use three steps to study, First, I look over my notes. Second, I make study cards for the most important information. Third, I go through them often.

Adrianna Taylor, Student, 7th - Arkansas 10/03/2015

Always ask your teacher for the specification for the lesson. Ensure that you have understood the aims and objectives by the end of the lesson. You can do this by checking them off on the specification as the lesson goes along!

Nasra Mohamed, Student, 12 - United Kingdom 10/12/2015

I take my class notes in pencil so I can erase something when I need to. I always keep an extra pencil so I don't miss anything if I break a pencil point.

Samuel Torre, Student, Grade 7 - Massachusetts 10/27/2015

Always be sure to write down the dates of tests. Otherwise you can be surprised and not ready if you walk into a class and find that a test will be given.

Lourdes Garcia, Student, 10th grade - Texas 11/02/2015

My son likes to listen to classical music through his headphones. This technique helps him focus and study.

Gerry Gerard, Parent, 8th grader - California 11/02/2015

I put sticky notes in my books with questions I have. They remind me to ask my teachers about them.

Sakeesan Balendranathan, Student, 9th grade - Canada 11/03/2015

I study hard now. I know this will help me in the future.

Chandrakalli Anandeo, Other, 11 - Guyana 11/04/2015

I take out what I need and I read over it, picking out the important things. Then I write down the important things and read over them until I’m satisfied I know them pretty well.

Jessie Belsky, Student, 8th grade - New Mexico 11/05/2015

Do a lot of reading. This will help you in school. It will also get you a long way when you look at careers later.

Shakiya Carter, Student, 6th - Georgia 11/05/2015

If you have a study guide, then use that to make notes on how to remember the questions and answers. When you are looking back on the questions and answers, you can see how to remember them by looking at your handwritten notes.

Emily Smith, Student, 6th - Missouri 11/08/2015

Read and study for at least 2 hours a day. Take down notes in class.

Thato Rammutla, Student, 8th grade - South Africa 11/10/2015

I write key points from my reading down on flashcards. Then I study them and make connections with my notes.

Dguy Ade, Student, 7th geade - Kansas 11/15/2015

Leave your comfort zone. LITERALLY. Restrict access to distractions by studying in an empty classroom, quiet coffee shop or in a park.

Gwendolyn M., Parent, 9th - Washington 11/17/2015

If you are allowed to chew gum in school here is a tip for you… Chew a weird flavor of gum while studying and while taking the test chew the same type of gum… It is weird but it works because it makes a connection to what you studied.

Ariana Grande, Student - California 11/23/2015

Writing note neatly really helps. I think I learn much better when the notes are really easy to read and the pictures are neat!

Ellie Green, Student, 9th grade - United Kingdom 11/30/2015

I first look at my planner and prioritize my homework. I put my work in the order it needs to be accomplished. I number the work in the order I should do it. Because my schedule is very busy, sometimes I label “when” I will do the work.

Like this:

1) Math problems (30 minutes, Saturday morning)
2) Read Chapter 6 Odyssey (40 minutes, Saturday night)
3) Study for Science quiz (40 minutes, Sunday afternoon)

Mia Michels, Teacher, MS student - Colorado 12/02/2015

I use a simple kitchen timer to keep me studying. I set it for how long I want to study something. I don't stop until it goes off. I keep working If I haven't finished what I set out to do.

Kolten Chan, Student, 9th grade - California 12/09/2015

I like to draw pictures to help me remember things. I remember them in my mind.
I’m good at art, but you don’t have to be.

Teresa Green, Student, 9th grade - United Kingdom 12/14/2015

Find a quiet place to study in everyday. Don’t have electronics in your room where you study except for your computer. Keep your brother or sister out of your study room so you can do your work.

Lily Pham, Student, 5th grade - Missouri 12/15/2015

I used to get really terrible grades in geometry and didn’t know why. I studied hard and practiced and thought I’d do well. The truth was I didn’t practice enough. When it came to the test I lost my confidence in the skills I practiced and forgot them. Practice your skills until you have completely mastered them. Then you will be confident when you take a test.

Aishah Uddin, Student, 9th grade - Texas 12/30/2015

Study as soon as possible. Don’t put if off. You never know how long you need to study.

Aaron Jones, Student, 5th grade - Texas 07/06/2015