Below are the study tips that were submitted by our visitors in the year you selected. We encourage you to submit your own study tip.

I like to look at my books and read them all. I study for 4 hours a day, 1 hour for each of my 4 classes. I use diagrams and mind maps to help me. They are very good for helping me study. I also create songs to remember information.

Shelby Bauch, Student, 12th - Canada 01/04/2016

You should study harder every day. Every 15 minutes I take a little break.

Lorence Daniel Anadon, Student, 6th grade - Philippines 01/07/2016

It helps a lot to walk around or change your positions while studying, and especially while trying to memorize something.

Anusha Kat, Student, 7th grade - Virginia 01/11/2016

Go to a good place to study. Make it your priority.

Devan Davis, Student, 6th - Tennessee 01/12/2016

It is important do all your work. Don’t give up even when it’s hard. Get help from your teachers and parents if you need too. Other students can help you too.

Harlan Williams, Student, 8th - New York 01/15/2016

If you keep forgetting an answer you study often, try writing down the answer multiple times on a paper. Also don’t overstudy or wait until the day before the test to study.

Frodo Bagins, Student - Kyrgyzstan 01/19/2016

Study when you are stress free. Then you can remember a lot of information and for a long time.

Anza Sneha, Student, 12 - Pakistan 01/21/2016

I use flashcards to remember all kinds of thing like new words and facts.

Nur Farzana, Student, 5 - Malaysia 01/22/2016

It helps to give yourself rewards as motivation. Also, reading out loud helps both your eyes and your ears process the information. Lastly, writing on mirrors or spreading shaving cream around a mirror and using your finger to make words helps if you like to learn visually.

Anonymous , Student - 01/23/2016

I like to write down all of my notes on a white board and pretend to teach a class.

Anton R, Student, 10th grade - California 01/24/2016

I write what I need to know on flashcards and go over them. The ones I miss I put on the side and try them again and again until I am efficient at knowing them all.

Janese Wright, Student, 12th grade - California 01/27/2016

Color-coordinate your notes as you take them. Each time a part changes, change the color so it is easier to see the parts when you study them.

Megan Stockenberg, Student, 8th grade - Florida 02/01/2016

Study when you are stress free. Work at your own pace but don’t overwork yourself. Also keep yourself motivated.

Jacky Morales, Student, 8th - Florida 02/03/2016

“Make sure to have no distractions while studying. Whenever I study I like to put on some (calm) music because it makes me more focused and less stressed.”

Gisselle S, Student, 8th - Florida 02/03/2016

My tip is to study a few days before a test or quiz. You don’t want to mash everything in your head in one day. Study about 30 minutes, take a break, then 20 minutes, then take a break, then study 15 minutes. You also want to stay calm and focused. Don’t watch T.V and study because you will get unfocused and lose your train of thought. Put music on if it will make you feel calm.

Chris Lee, Student, 8th Grade - Ohio 02/04/2016

The most important thing when you study something is to make sure that you really understand what you are studying.

DeAndre Marshall, Student, 8th Grade - Florida 02/05/2016

Study while you are stress free. Don’t worry about anyone else and don’t let school bother you. Lay down for a little while before you study but don’t push your mind too hard when you start. Music can help you relax bu fast-paced music will get you off track. Try to have fun while studying. Don’t worry if your parents are upset about your grades – use that as inspiration to do better and show them what you can do.

Cameron Hickman, Student, 9th grade - Georgia 02/11/2016

I always make sure that I’m energized when I study.

Nik Schwartzman, Student, 8th grade - Florida 02/16/2016

I always eat a big breakfast before a test that will be given in the morning. If it’s in the afternoon I eat a big lunch. This gives me a lot of energy for the test.

Elaum Purifoy, Student, 7th Grade - Arkansas 02/18/2016

I recommend to not study late at night. When I try to study at night, the information seems to drain from my brain. When I study at different times throughout the day, I can remember the information a lot easier. Studying at different times throughout the day helps me retain information, as long as I take small breaks between each study session.

Rae Pez, Student, 8th Grade - Ohio 02/24/2016

It’s imperative to stay positive. You won’t ace that test or quiz with a negative attitude! No matter how hard things get, be sure to stay in a positive and encouraging state of mind.

Loren Young, Student, 8th - Ohio 02/24/2016

I found that studying requires different methods for different subjects. I had trouble with College Algebra and found the best study method for me was to study the material early in the morning right before class. I often forgot formulas over the week so refreshing my memory right before class was great.

Cedric Freeman, Student, Masters Program - Alabama 02/25/2016

When studying for anything be sure that you plan your time. All the time I get bombarded with many distractions. Planning out your schedule will help you to be calm and relaxed without having to worry about other things on your mind.

Justin Jackson, Student, 8th - Ohio 02/26/2016

It helps me to say my info out loud rather than read it over and over again. Hope doing this helps you pass your test!

Olivia Hennis, Student, 4th grade - Mississippi 02/28/2016

Listen to music while your doing your homework. Doing this will put your brain in action.

Juan Maldonado, Student, 8th - Florida 03/02/2016

I suggest that you study in different locations for each subject and listen to classical music.

Aarushi Ranjan, Student, 7th grade - Illinois 03/08/2016

The more you practice what you learn, the more you gain something important.

Daniel Kelvin, Student, form one - Tanzania 03/16/2016

What helps me is to create my own story using facts I have to remember. I make the story interesting. I do it on my computer and print it out. I underline all the key facts and read the story whenever I can.

Randall Resnick, Student, 8th grade - Illinois 03/26/2016

Be in a goodnice environment to study. You won’t be able to keep working if you are not comfortable.

Natalia Maclennan, Student, 6th grade - Connecticut 03/27/2016

You can study better on your bed or in a comfy place. But don’t get too comfortable. You might fall asleep.

William Olmstead, Student, 6 grade - Connecticut 03/29/2016

Listening to classical music by people like Beethoven and Mozart can help you focus better. Do not listen to music with words as it will tempt you to sing along which will cause you to lose focus.

Mukudzeiishe Madzivire, Student, 7th grade - Zimbabwe 04/02/2016

Sit down comfortably, but don’t lean back or you will feel sleepy. Do not use your cellphone. It will disturb you.

Silas Haimbodi, Student, 1st year - Namibia 04/02/2016

Declutter your room. It will hep you find things easily and you won’t be wasting time looking for stuff. This does not only help for studying, but also helps you to manage your time.

Tasmia Puspita, Student, 7th grade - California 04/04/2016

Always try your best. Be quiet in class when you are supposed to and just do your work.

Dylan Huynh, Student, 6th grade - Pennsylvania 04/07/2016

Get to a quiet area and study as hard as you can until you think you’re ready for the test. Go over the information until you can answer questions about it off the top of your head.

Casey Stjohn, Student, 11th - Kansas 04/20/2016

When studying, stay in a quiet location away from peers so you have all the focus you need to be successful. Also, don’t cram in to much information at once beause you’ll forget half of it by the time you have to take the test. Stay relaxed and take short breaks when you study.

Dakota Whitesell, Student, 11 - Kansas 04/20/2016

Practicing is the best way of studying. After a class, make sure you review what you did in class. Don’t study to finish a book, but study to understand. Reading a lot contributes to your knowledge.

Mulike Sesilia, Student, 1st year - Namibia 04/22/2016

The best study tip is, if you can, to have room to yourself to study where it is quiet.

Belinda Blocker, Student, 12th - South Carolina 04/26/2016

I study all of the study guides my teacher gives out. Also, I am a good listener in class. That’s how I get straight A’s.

Aleyda Aguilar, Student, 5th - North Carolina 04/29/2016

Always be sure to review your notes frequently, especially before class. Try to study with your friends.

Nancy Barber, Student, 9th grade - Washington 05/04/2016

I tackle my hardest assignment first.
That's when I have the most energy and patience.

William Deverson, Student, 10th grader - Oklahoma 05/19/2016

I always chew my favorite flavor of gum and drink warm or room temperature water when I am studying.

Tanzim Zaman, Student, 7th grade - Bangladesh 05/20/2016

“Don’t study for your parent’s sake; study for the best of your future. Never procrastinate because that gets you nowhere”

Lavanya Charans, Student, 12th grade - France 05/21/2016

Every time you study you advance your mental advancement. An increase in knowledge is an increase in maturity. Every time you study you expand your mind in many ways.

Ernest Darlingson, Teacher, college - Nigeria 05/25/2016

First I organize all of my packets and what I plan to study. After that, I find a comfortable chair and dig in. I make flashcards, practice tests, and study games out of the information.

Shaniqua Holmes, Student, 12th - California 05/28/2016

Before studying think about your goals in life and how your grades will affect them.

Hontra Klesmon, Student, 10th - Texas 05/29/2016

I wake up early in the morning when my mind is fresh and calm. That’s my best time to study.

Shura Welcome, Student, College - Nicaragua 06/02/2016

Avoid being absent. It will help you a lot as you reach the higher grades. You will have a lot to study and being absent for one time will lose 100 minutes of information you need to know.

Dhruva S Kashyap, Student, 9th grade - India 06/17/2016

Before studying my lessons, I try to forget all my other problems in my mind so that I can focus on my lesson.

Anelfa Badilla, Student, teacher - Philippines 06/19/2016

Always take the notes for a particular class in the same notebook. Spiral bound notebooks were invented because they solved the problem of keeping related information consolidated in one place. Take advantage of this.

Marjorie Bartiquil, Student, Grade 11 - Philippines 06/25/2016

When I get back an algebra test, I rework any problems I got wrong. I also make sure I don't make the same mistakes on tests later.

Ronald Esposito, Student, 10th grade - Illinois 07/05/2016

When you are studying, go into a quiet room with no distractions.

Ryan Sears, Student, 5th grade - Texas 07/09/2016

Find an accountable partner. This can be a friend in your class that will motivate you to do your very best!

Mason Golden, Student, 6th grade - Texas 07/07/2016

While you are studying avoid distractions in the place where you are studying. It is better for you if you study in the morning because in the morning your mind is fresh. Just concentrate on the topic which you are going to study.

Moon Shaheer, Student, 9th grade - Pakistan 07/08/2016

A study tip that worked perfectly well for me is that you need to PAY ATTENTION during class to what material the teacher is teaching. This will easily make it a breeze for when you study your notes at home or wherever. Find a comfortable but not to comfortable environment to study in. I would say at a desk without any distractions surrounding it. Not your bed because you can get tired and say “I’ll take a nap and continue my studying later!

Sarah Cerda, Student, 11 - California 07/09/2016

Always manage your study space. Get away from any distractions as in TV, phone, etc. You're more productive in studying when in a quiet space.

Katelyn Anderson, Student, 9th grade - South Carolina 07/11/2016

Review your material several days ahead. Study different ways as in flashcards, practice tests, etc. In other words don't cram.

Katelyn Anderson, Student, 9th grade - South Carolina 07/18/2016

When I don’t understand the concept I ask my teachers for books about it. Then I go home and work on pages that I need to review so that I don’t make the same mistakes.

Indira Fayson, Student, 8th Grade - Maryland 07/23/2016

You have to do all the exercises in the textbook for your weak subjects.

Kalpana Devi, Student, form 4 - Malaysia 07/27/2016

Open your book and stay with it as if it’s your best friend.

M.D. Tasin, Student, 11 - Bangladesh 08/03/2016

Review you materials from the day you get them. Don’t wait till the last minute to cram everything in. Also, you should create flashcards on the terms and definitions you have trouble on so you can practice them.

Stephanie Smith, Student, 6th grade - Georgia 08/07/2016

Whenever one of my professors covers a chapter from the textbook in class, I go back and reread it. I make flashcards of new vocabulary and facts.

Olivia Reynolds, Student, going into second year community college - Wisconsin 08/14/2016

Use index cards for your notes when reading. Go through them frequently.

Gavin Weinmeister, Student, 7th - Virginia 08/24/2016

Write your notes in a format that is easy for you to read. Then you won’t have stress over trying to read what you wrote.

Lawson Collins, Student, 8th grade - Arkansas 08/26/2016

When I plan my study time, I allow some time for short breaks. If I try to study too much at one time, I just fade out.

Louis Perdemo, Student, 10th grade - Louisiana 08/29/2016

When I'm having trouble understanding what a textbook chapter is about, I go to the end to see if there is a summary or conclusion. If there is, this gives me a sense of what the author is trying to convey.

Walter Aronson, Student, College junior - Kentucky 09/06/2016

No matter what stay focused on studying. When you get distracted it is hard to get back on track.

Ben Dover, Student, 9th grade - Ohio 09/08/2016

Never give up, always try as hard as you can. It is ok if you get distracted, as long as you try to get back on track.

Isaac Bennett, Student, 8th grade - Washington 09/11/2016

Never wait until the last minute to study for a test.

Kam Augut, Student, 7 th grade - New York 09/12/2016

We’re not allowed to write in our textbooks. So what I do is write notes on yellow stickems that I put on the page. I can take these off at the end of the year.

Geraldo Herrera, Student, high school - Texas 09/15/2016

Each day make a study time table, and after completing it, never forget to give yourself a reward.

Eram Khan, Student, B.Sc final year - India 09/18/2016

This takes a lot of work but it really helps me. After I read a chapter in my textbook I create a PowerPoint presentation about it. This makes me decide which is the most important information and present it in a concise manner. Then I review it before an exam.

Elizabeth Wolkers, Student, College Junior - Kentucky 09/25/2016

When you are stuck on something, don’t give up. Keep doing it as well as you can.

Isaiah Daniels, Student, 6th - Virginia 09/29/2016

This is something that works for me. When I become bored studying one subject, I switch to another. I go back and forth, but I make sure to finish each,

Kristen McDougald, Student, 8th grade - Texas 10/06/2016

First you need to set up your goals and achieve them. If you are struggling to achieve your goals never give up. The secret of success is ‘hard work.’ Set up your study time table and manage your time effectively.

Aina Kalilo, Student, University of Namibia - Namibia 10/10/2016

Don’t ever think its hard, .. difficult .. always keep thinking its EASY, … when you find yourself lost … no worry .. take a deep breath and continue to study.
Keep saying to yourself..’this will be temporary … I will be fine after this.’

Amina al Haya, university student - Malaysia 10/14/2016

I try to make studying as much fun as I can. What I try to do is think of something funny about the facts I need to know for a test. This helps me recognize the information when I take the test and helps relax me as I think of what was funny.

Edward Garcia, Student, 10th Grade - Alabama 10/23/2016

I look for tv documentaries about topics we are studying in history. The documentaries make the topic come alive for me. I get better understanding and remember more about the topic.

Alex Padilla, Student, college freshman - Pennsylvania 10/28/2016

Just put your mind to it and study. There is no easy way. Don’t take shortcuts. Keep reviewing your notes until they are engraved in your mind.

Akira Tanaka, Student, 11th grade - Japan 10/29/2016

Studying is not hard if you put your mind to it. Whenever you are studying do what you like to do. For example , whenever I am studying I eat.

Princess Humphery, Student, 6th grade - South Carolina 10/31/2016

How to study? Once you have decided on what you must do, just focus on what you are doing.

Nick Valentine, Graduate student - Philippines 11/09/2016

You should study in a classroom- type environment to help remember the things you had just studied when you take a test. If you can’t then have something with you while you study that you can have later on so you can remember easily.

Kellie Lindsey, Student, 8th Grade - Illinois 11/11/2016

Study for 30 mins. Then take a 5 minute break and then continue so that it doesn’t become tiring and boring.

Aria Morgan, Student, 10th grade - Virginia 11/13/2016

Write what you remember after you finish reviewing a topic.
Give yourself a reward for your studying such as watching TV for an hour after you’ve done your notes and have reviewed how well you’ve done.

Shirly Kim, Student, Year 11 - United Kingdom 11/16/2016

Put all of your distractions/technology in another room and do not touch them until you know everything that you need to remember for your test. This way it motivates you to study so that you can get your items back.

Fiona Bruce, Student, year 11 - United Kingdom 11/18/2016

After I read a chapter in my textbook, I look for You Tube videos on the subject. This helps bring the information to life for me and I then understand and remember it better.

Warren Bickford, Student, upper level - United Kingdom 11/29/2016

Don't just read what you need to remember. Write it out! Research shows that this is a much better way to remember information.

Reynaldo Lopez, Student, 10th grader - Kentucky 12/10/2016

Use bright colors to help you memorize important parts of the chapter. Bright colors are more recognizable than gray or black.

Carly Johnson, Student, 7th grade - Nebraska 12/13/2016

When studying for anything remember to do this. Put aside all electronics except your computer. Turn your brain on. Don’t ever study on an empty stomach because you won’t be able to focus.

Madison Young, Student, 7th grade - Nebraska 12/14/2016

My study tip is to eat study foods before the night of the test and while you’re studying. Good study foods are blueberries, wild salmon, nuts or sunflower seeds, avocados, beets, broccoli, celery, dark chocolate, and coconut oil. These will keep your brain fueled while you’re studying and taking the test.

Dilynn Wood, Student, 7th Grade - Nebraska 12/14/2016