Below are the study tips that were submitted by our visitors in the year you selected. We encourage you to submit your own study tip.

My tip is to listen to teachers. Teachers let slip a lot of extra information, and sometimes listening to someone explain something is easier than reading a textbook. You’ll probably understand better and faster. If the teacher uses slides and lecture, then all the better. Listening to someone and seeing the information they are giving you at the same time is a great way to remember information better, especially if the slides are well-organized.

Nobody , Student, 7th grade - Taiwan 01/13/2021

If you feel unmotivated to study, you should try to tell yourself that you will only do that particular activity for 2 minutes (or 5-25mins) and then continue on as it is just starting that is difficult. Or if you are in a motivational runt to study, you should also try something that boosts your mind such as you are prepared. For example you could eat a light snack with glucose (it helps with brain function) or a math problem (as it helps with giving you momentum).

Aritro , Student, Year 8 - Australia - New South Wales 01/20/2021

I work in 30 to 45 minute increments and then take a 10 minute break – study for any longer and I no longer absorb information. It’s necessary to relax as otherwise I’m just wasting my time. I recommend finding a study length time that works for you and sticking to it. Don’t try to exceed the amount of time because you won’t get anything done!

Kylie , Student, 9th grade - Australia - New South Wales 01/22/2021

Don’t pressure yourself! Try to stay calm and take breaks often. Listen to some music, make a snack, go online… whatever relaxes you after an intense study session.

Olivia , Student, Year 9 - Australia - Victoria 01/22/2021

Have your own work space or place to study. Make sure its quiet and nothing around you is distracting you.

cristian , Student, 11th grade - Oklahoma 01/26/2021

Study while you’re in a good mood! I find that positive emotions will help a phrase or a part of my notes that I need to memorize stick much better in the long run.

Noah , Student, 10th Grade - Ohio 02/11/2021

My study tip is to have a clear mind and calm music on while studying.

Nell Williams-Mcfadden , Student, 6th grade - Maryland 03/26/2021

Find a place that allows you to ¨zone out¨ or disconnect from everyone around you so that you can concentrate on your school work.

Gustavo , Student, 9th - South Carolina 04/30/2021

Study while you are motivated to study. I find that studying while actually wanting to study is very helpful since you feel like you’re getting something done. It also doesn’t hurt to turn on some music and throw in some snacks. Just don’t get to distracted.

Asia , Student, 8th Grade - Texas 05/01/2021

I find taking notes during the lectures helps me to visualize and learn while looking at the words.

Denise , Student, - Arizona 05/03/2021

When you are in a test get a separate piece of paper and write down everything you remember from that unit. It's like your own “cheat sheet”!!

Maggie , Student, Gr 8 - Canada - British Columbia 05/05/2021

If i cant find the answer i ask the teacher for help or i look at other assignments I have already completed.

dennis , Student, 9th - Iowa 05/10/2021

The best way to make your mood for the study is to make your study interesting. Once you'll enjoy your study then you don't need to escape from it.

Saurabh , Other, Blogger - India 06/07/2021

When you are not in the mood for studying, don't force yourself. Listen to some piano, music or do something you enjoy. When you are distracted easily while studying, put on your headphones and listen to calm music which you completely don't know (or you will be distracted again by your favourite music) .

Alice , Student, Year 9 - Myanmar 06/20/2021