Study Tips From Our Visitors - 2007 Archive

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Find a good place to study free from distractions.

      Anthony Gutierrez, Student, 12th Grade  Bernalilo, New Mexico, USA  09/10/2007

Study at least two weeks before the exam. Buy exercise books for all the subjects you are preparing for and for each topic. Create mindmaps -- they really help! I also suggest getting plenty of rest before the big day. If it's a high school maths exam, I suggest doing as many past papers and textbook work as possible. The more questions you do, the better you get.

      R. T., Student, 9th Grade  Sydney, Australia  10/10/2007

Have some fragrance around you, say room freshener or a fragrance stick - it really helps!

      Shriya Joshi, Student, High School  Pune, India  09/03/2007

Always come into your class with a smile on your face and be ready for all the information that your teacher has to offer to you. Yeah it can get hard sometimes but keep going and you will make it through the class!

      Amber Swanson, Teacher, 4th Grade Math Teacher  Longmont, Colorado, USA  05/29/2007

This may sound weird but pretend you are teaching someone what you are studying. Say the words out loud! If you are able to explain it you know your stuff.

      Laura A., Student, 11th Grade  Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada  11/05/2007

You should never watch TV when you are studying or you won't be able to concentrate on your academic work.

      Sabrina Gonzalez, Student, 7th Grade  El Monte, California, USA  10/03/2007

Use picture clues.

      Alex F., Student, 2007  Weston, Florida, USA  10/22/2007

I really like to work with my family because they really help me. I make sure I do not spend too much time revising my notes or doing my homework. My school ends each day at 12:30. Eight hours is always enough time for me to do everything and get to bed by 8:30.

      Hattie Beumont, Student, 8th Grade  London, Great Britain  04/25/2007

Believe in yourself and that you can do what you are trying to do. Don't let anyone or anything distract you. Explain to family members that you are trying to study and want them to respect that! Don't stress! Stressing is the worst thing possible and will distract you from what you are doing. By the end of your study session you will have forgotten everything. Remember to take short breaks.

      Emma H., Student, 11th Grade  Codsall, England, United Kingdom  05/31/2007

Read your notes through at least twice to get the full understanding. Then from what you have read try putting it in your own words. That way you can easily remember the information you have read.

      Chrissonia Clarke, Student, 11th Grade  Portland, Jamaica  04/12/2007

You're smart, you're well-educated, but there's ALWAYS ways to improve. A good breakfast is one of the answers. Don't just snatch a chocolate bar or a drink can. Those who do that perform equivalent as average 70-year-olds. Plus, have a good sleep. You need some time to process - memories. Sure, you need to race time (to study), but stop once in a while. And I mean, ONCE IN A WHILE.

      Amalina Anas, Student, Form 2  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  06/28/2007

Study English.

      Le Quocduy, Student  Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam  04/12/2007

I am a student from Taiwan and I go to an American school. We have lots of tests there and I always study by going over my homework and doing it again. Or maybe I just look over my notes for a period of time.

      Jerry L., Student, 6th Grade  Shanghai, China  04/11/2007

In studying your lesson you must be in full concentration so that it is easy for you to analyze and understand.

      Merla Lynne O., Student, First Year  Bacolod, Philippines  10/16/2007

You have to solve as many questions as you can after studying your lesson to help you keep information in your mind as long as you can. I know it is so boring but it works.

      Fatma H., Student, 11 Grade  Cairo, Egypt  08/06/2007

Try listening to music, it really helped me.

      Katheryn Schmuck, Student, 9th Grade  Pensaocla, Florida, Bahamas  08/28/2007

Read through your syllabus the day you get it and begin working on a major assignment. Procrastination is like a disease. Once you get it it is with you for a while! Don't catch the disease! Good luck!

      Margalyn P., Student, 14th Year  Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA  05/01/2007

Have fun and pretend it is not an assignment. Pretend it is something you love to do.

      Monique Baker-Randolph, Student, 5th Grade  Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA  04/23/2007

If you want to study for a long time, make yourself feel relaxed. Not too relaxed. Like wear slippers and have a comfy chair!

      Katy Groom, Student, 6th Grade  Auckland, New Zealand  10/07/2007

I find that I remember things well if I draw them down (diagrams) and use a dry erase marker and write down the notes once I have studied them to revise or remember them. It then seems to stick in my head. Most importantly, review your notes, otherwise you will tend to forget what you memorized fairly quickly. Hope this helps.

      Pamela A., Student, 12th Grade  Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada  07/23/2007

Don't bother your children when they are studying.

      Kayla K., Parent  Granite Bay, California, USA  05/10/2007

If you are taking big tests like the MSA or HSA, it's important to stay calm and not freak out. Make no stray marks on your test. Do not cheat or lie about cheating.

      Terra J., Student, 5th Grade  Accokeek, Maryland, USA  03/21/2007

To do well in every exam, the most important thing is to study regularly. It's not hard to do well if you study regularly, but you must remember to (1) not do anything entertaining within 30 minutes from starting to study; (2) read problems intensively; (3) note down any problems you have while reading; and (4) fill sheets of paper with things you often forget and read these before the exam.

      Justinian I, Student, O level  Christchurch, New Zealand  03/31/2007

If there are too many distractions at home, go to your city library. When you are in the library, use ear plugs to block out sound when studying by yourself. This will increase your concentration and you will not be frustrated when people are talking aloud.

      K. M., NULL  Toronto, Ontario, USA  05/04/2007

If anyone offers to help you study, always consider it. Don't put off studying to a later and closer time to the test!

      Jada Edwards, Student, 6th Grade  Forest City, North Carolina, USA  09/10/2007

Firstly, keep away from all distractions such as cell phone, iPod, and TV. Then use a technique in which you visualize what you are studying, then imagine what it actually is, then try to make an answer in your own words. Then use your textbook to improve your vocabulary. Note: This technique only in theory subjects.

      Zaheer Baig, Graduate Student, Ramaiah Institute of Technology  Bangalore, India  04/25/2007

When you have a written essay and everything needs to be spelled correctly, read the essay/story BACKWARD. It will help you to not skip over words. Trust me, it has helped me.

      Peytin J., Student, 8th Grade  Lexington, North Carolina, USA  05/21/2007

If you are studying for a test, study a little bit of information every night.

      Lexy A., Student, 8th Grade  Darien, Connecticut, USA  11/20/2007

1. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. 2. Your brain can't work for more than 4 hours a day, so don't exceed this or you will tire too much and you won't be able to study much the next day. 3. Put aside a time for yourself to practice your exam papers. 4. If you aren't used to studying for a long time without getting up after 10 minutes, don't push yourself to sit for an hour all of a sudden. Gradually work your way up, adding a few minutes every day. This way your body will get used to this easily.

      Hilary Mohimani, Student, 8th Grade  Birmingham, Alabama, USA  10/18/2007

If you have younger brothers or sisters you can't get away from, go to the library. Or, play you MP3 or iPod or stereo. BUT keep the volume low so you can concentrate. Highlight the information you really need.

      Sarah D., Student, 11th Grade  London, United Kingdom  06/27/2007

I have taken many tests and here is a trick with word problems. Do not just add all the numbers up. You have to really read the problem. If you do not understand it the first time, read it over and over until you understand it.

      Terra J., Student, 5th Grade  Accokeek, Maryland, USA  03/27/2007

Make your time manageable! My teachers are saying that if you are tired take a little rest so that you will not get too stressed.

      Melissa S., Student, 6th Grade  Davao, Philippines  06/11/2007

Have one of your parents make out a fake test on a computer and take it like you would the real one.

      Jeremy W., Student, 2007  West Point, Mississippi, USA  12/20/2007

Whenever you want to study, select the same place in your home and read aloud. This will help you avoid diversions while you are studying.

      Jack Selva, Teacher, High School  Chidambaram, India  07/03/2007

I read and make some cards to study. In some cases, I make a summary. For math, I go over most of the problems I saw in class.

      Jose Lopez, Student, Eastern Michigan University  Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA  04/11/2007

If there is something you always like to do (e.g., watching T.V.), do it. You will totally be more focused. Because if you don't you'll be telling yourself you're bored and that's not good. Plus an elementary teacher or principal told my mother to do that for me. It Works For Me. Try it!

      Kayla Covington, Student, College  Honoluu, Hawaii, USA  08/30/2007

I like to read, underline and then make sketches... I hate to memorize words, because I find it difficult, but I have a very good visual memory.

      Alex Gher, Student, 4th Grade  Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA  07/27/2007

I find that concentration in studying, or any academic activity, for that matter, is key. In order to get studying, writing an essay, etc. done, I make sure I do not get out of my chair. This gets rid of all distractions, like getting to up watch TV or get food, and almost always guarantees that I will focus on what I am supposed to do and get the job done.

      Chris F., Student, 11th Grade  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  04/15/2007

Just forget everything, all problems. Just keep aside everything that's happening in your life. If you are having stress issues, just drink a glass of water, take a nap with no one bothering and wake up and study with a positive mind.

      Asad Ali, Student  Stafford, Texas, USA  10/25/2007

Be focused. Don't be distracted by a boyfriend because he is only for a time now. Your education comes first. Making your parents proud is the best thing you will ever do in your life to show your appreciation for their being there for you and always guiding you and paying your school bills, etc. Remember, be focused and speak out for your rights.

      Cassita Prince, Student, 11th Grade  Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  04/18/2007

Read over and over again whatever you're trying to learn. If it's memory also try to remember over and over again what it is that needs to be remembered. Do not wait until the last minute. If you do, it's like trying to play chess without knowing what the pieces do. Remember the 4 Ps: Poor Planning leads to Poor Performance. Or, if you fail to plan then plan to fail. Read, study, play, and learn ahead of time.

      Sonny W., Student, 2nd Year  Cebu City, Philippines  06/13/2007

Plain and simple. A quiet environment with a comfortable chair and table, and a 24 ounce monster energy drink.

      Bayani Reyes, Student, Senior  Pomona, California, USA  06/05/2007

I always study in the same surroundings. Same place, same time, with or without music, etc. It helps me to remember what I learned.

      Kirsten R., Student, 9th Grade  Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA  04/19/2007

Whenever you think that you are not able to concentrate in your studies, never lose hope and have some time to relax. Study well.

      Dakshit Sampat, Student, 12th  Rajkot, India  09/04/2007

Make a little quiz for yourself of all of your notes and see how you do. Now get studying!

      Brade P., Student, 9th Grade  KW, Ontario, Canada  11/26/2007

One of the best study tips I have is to quiz yourself on the night before a quiz or test, right before you go to bed. Just cover up the answers so you can remember them easier. Not only do they stay in your mind when you go to bed, but you will remember them when you wake up, so chances are, you'll do better on your test.

      Ariella Bailey, Student, 9th Grade  Rochester, Minnesota, USA  05/31/2007

To study you have to concentrate on what you're doing and have soft music in the background. For me, to study I have to have medium type music because that's what I'm used to. Must people have different styles of studying! But really if you want to study you mostly have to get away from all the noise in the place/room you study and study in quiet.

      Ebony M., Student, 7th Grade  Toronto, Ontario, Canada  05/19/2007

Create your own workspace.

      Mike Pender, Teacher  La Canada, California, USA  04/20/2007

While you study,you need a quiet place to read and to answer all your questions from your reviews.

      Jasmine Ligacion, Student, 5th Grade  Brampton, Ontario, Canada  11/03/2007

Always look over your materials more than once! It definitely helps you get a better grade in every and any subject.

      Bree M., Student, 7th Grade  Lehi, Utah, USA  07/23/2007

I find it very helpful and useful to write information down on a bit of coloured card and cut to size and stick in on my wall. The reason why I find it helpful is because the colour attracts my attention and also helps remind me of the bit of information I need to remember. Try it girls and boys. It might be very helpful.

      Sarah D., Student, 11th Grade  LONDON, United Kingdom  06/12/2007

If you are organized, you have the key to success and you won't lose it!

      Julia B.W., Student, 7th Grade  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA  05/09/2007

Build a study base of your own references. Make your own reference and use a notebook you can share with your friends. It is easy to go through these before an exam starts.

      Rilwana Farveen, Student, Sec 1  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  08/13/2007

Always push yourself and explore your limits. See if you can study harder, understand things faster, write faster and calculate faster. Try not to use the calculator. Prepare notes so that you can look at them easily and fast before an exam. At exam, always think that you're here to show the teachers what you've got, not the other way around. Best of luck!

      Mohit Khan, Student, 2nd Year, Honours  Dhaka, Bangladesh  12/29/2007

The best way to study is that when you study something in class, make notes of it when you go home. This will help you in the exams. You will be able to learn directly from the notes but make sure that you make the notes from the main points.

      Rida Mehtab, Student, 8th Grade/O'Levels II  Rawalpindi, Pakistan  05/26/2007

Be sure to read the textbooks and handouts.

      Ian Capuyan, Student, LCCB 1st Yr  Talisay, Philippines  10/12/2007

I try to keep a control over my diet before a few days of the test. This helps in my thinking process. I drink a lot of water and try to do meditation. I also discuss my study chapters and the main idea of the chapter with my family members, which helps me in remembering important information.

      Vibhuti Vaishnav, Student, Graduate 2007  Boone, North Carolina, USA  05/28/2007

Study in several small sessions. Don't cram!

      Alisha K., Student, 7th Grade  Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada  09/11/2007

I listen to music while studying to block out any other distracting noises.

      Janine Smart, Student, 1st Year  Dublin, Ireland  05/10/2007

Read to your mom and let her time you. You should not stop studying because if you stop you will never learn more.

      Ashly Sims, Student, 5th Grade  Det, Michigan, USA  05/07/2007

Studying habits are like a virus. Once you get them you can't get rid of them.

      Alexis Nachatilo, Student, 9th Grade  Spearfish, South Dakota, USA  05/07/2007

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

      Terance Smith, Student, 6th Grade  Indianapolis, Indiana, USA  04/16/2007

When you have brothers and sisters close your bedroom door and maybe turn on some music if music doesn't bother you. Then just focus on your work and study for at least an hour and then take a half hour break. Then go back and study for another hour and so on.

      Jessica Beckley, Student, 9th Grade  Whittemore, Michigan, USA  04/17/2007

If you're at home recite what you're trying to learn to a parent over and over again until you get it right.

      Lenny Pockay, Student, 8th Grade  Savanna, Georgia, USA  06/26/2007

Whenever I study I write down on a card what I have to study and let a friend hold it and ask me the questions. I answer them. If I'm wrong, I'll repeat it 10 times until I have it in my head.

      Jesenia Feliz, Student, 12 Grade  Charlotte, North Carolina, USA  07/12/2007

Study after you wake up in the morning. Your mind is relaxed and still fresh. Therefore you can easily recall what you have read or studied. Then review your notes before the test or exam.

      Eric Rodriguez, Student, 1st Year College  Bacolod City, Philippines  10/17/2007

My study tip is to not schedule anything the night before a test or quiz. It's much better to stay home and study than to fail a test or quiz that is probably a big part of your grade.

      Kayla Mendiola, Student, 9th Grade  Ft. Carson, Colorado, USA  09/12/2007

I review my notes quickly in every subject every night. This little review helps to remember facts easily, not by cramming.

      Faith R., Student, 2010  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA  05/29/2007

Self-trust is the most important thing.

      Meiling Li, Student, 10th Grade  Changsha, China  04/26/2007

Hey you kids out there! I think you should have an aim like I tell my kids to have!

      Simon Mann, Parent  New York City, New York, USA  04/25/2007

Study when you have free time. Just do it then instead of saying I have loads of time later. Something is sure to come up later and you will put studying off. Do it now and you will have extra time later!

      Sima K., Student  London, Great Britain  04/25/2007

When I want to study I say to myself, 'Mark, you don't want to be doing this ALL night.' I have ADD and it is hard to focus. Doing this reminds me of the reality of not focusing. You may want to try it. If you don't get it done, just be honest with your authority figure. They should or hopefully will understand and be human. We all have faults.

      Mark H., Student, 10th Grade  Oceanside, California, USA  04/05/2007

When trying to remember a long list of information, the best way is to visualize a scene and associate the things in the scene with the information. Do the association in the scene such that each object in the scene leads to another object/information.

      Siti Aisyah, Student, High School  Singapore, Singapore  07/30/2007

The problem of when to study is critical. A good rule of thumb is that studying should be carried out only when you are rested, alert, and have planned for it. Last minute studying just before a class is usually a waste of time.

      Alex Nachatilo, Student, 9th Grade  Spearfish, South Dakota, USA  04/30/2007

A great study habit is to get out and away from any distractions and do your work. One thing that helps me is to take my school work and go somewhere outside and work on it.

      Angela A., Student, 2007  EDH, California, USA  11/27/2007

I use different types of graphic organizers and revise them as needed to study for my exams. I have also use graphic organizers to help my students improve their understanding and remembering.

      Hema Rajesh, Teacher, Middle And High School  Hosur, India  06/02/2007

Students must study without distraction of mind. They must study a minimum of two hours to a maximum of four hours a day. They must make a habit of studying daily. They must have a definite place or a spot to study. Before studying they must meditate a minimum five minutes to maximum ten minutes. If they follow these suggestions, they will score very very good marks for sure. Try these and see the difference in you and your studies.

      Nityaa Anand, Student, A1 Grade In All Years  Chennai, India  10/19/2007

Never take studies as a burden. Study once a day whenever you feel like it but with full concentration. Make up your mind to study the long and tough lessons first, and the short and easy ones at the end.

      Afshan Naz, Student, 9th Grade  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates  09/16/2007

Effective study is most important. Pay attention to teachers. Don't be tense. Respect your parents. Have self-confidence. Do these things and success will be in your hands!

      Maitreyee Joshi, Student, 10th Std  Pune, India  07/02/2007

When writing a research paper, it is always best to have a large flat surface to work on so that you can spread out your sources. The kitchen table works well for this. Also, book stands (like cookbook stands) are great for holding up large textbooks while reading or studying. That will save your neck and back from a lot of pain.

      Rose G., Student, Graduate School UCLA  Los Angeles, California, USA  03/31/2007

The easiest way for me to remember spelling words is to say them exactly how they sound.

      Kenzie Maylins, Stud ent, 8th Grade  Hawii, California, USA  10/14/2007

If you want to do well in an exam, you must study hard and regularly. Before an exam, you must check the problems first. Then you must remember not to panic. You must try to bring out the best of yourself. Keep faith in your own worth. Try to answer the best. Just think that you can do it.

      Justinian I., Student, O level  Christchurch, New Zealand  04/11/2007

Study with the TV or the radio off.

      Sabrina Vasques, Student, 2007-2008  Corona, New York, USA  10/15/2007

Get something to eat and drink before you start to study. Then after you eat take a bathroom break. Once you're done with that get your books together and start studying.

      Stacey L., Student, 9th Grade  Whitney, Texas, USA  07/30/2007

When I study, I make sure I have all materials needed and peace and quiet. If you're studying vocabulary, try to find words or phrases similar to the term to help you remember its definition.

      Brittany Smart, Student, 10th Grade  Lumberton, North Carolina, USA  09/17/2007

I just want to study to get a better life!

      Victor Vergara, Student, 9th Grade  Waukegan, Illinois, USA  12/04/2007

Don't study for a test or quiz at the very last minute. You don't learn and you forget a lot of the info you tried to cram. If the teacher assigns a test or quiz, immediately start studying. It will help a lot! Did you know that 1 out of 4 students cram until the last minute? If you don't cram, you will find yourself knowing the information, and not just memorizing.

      Fred L., Teacher, 10th Grade Social Studies  Sydney, Australia  09/15/2007

While you are studying, concentrate on what you are studying. Don't think about T.V. or music and while you are studying, close your cell phone and organize your time to study.

      Marwa Alamry, Student, 6th Grade  Muscat, Oman  09/07/2007

Hi, my name is Jordyn and one important tip everyone should do is never give up and study until you know it by heart.

      Jordyn Zeiba-Peoples, Student, 5th Grade  Taunton, Massachusettes, USA  04/14/2007

Concentration is very important. If you are reading a book and your mind wanders someplace else, I think it is a waste of time. Try to clear your mind first before you start reading.

      Tommy Long, NULL  Johor Bharu, Malaysia  05/29/2007

Get lots of sleep.

      Janay Clark, Student, 6th Grade  Memphis, Tennessee, USA  08/20/2007

I study in a place that makes me feel at peace such as my sun porch or in a church. Sitting on the grass and putting a blanket on the nice warm grass, I get lots of reading done. Studying this way is peaceful and quiet, and nature has a way of making you feel good.

      Devon M., Student, College  Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, USA  03/26/2007

To read faster, read first with your eyes. If you want to enhance your vocabulary, read aloud clearly and slowly. Analyze what you read too.

      Lara Guevarra, Student, 5th Grade  Barcelona, Alberta, Spain  06/11/2007

The best way to answer multiple choice questions is to read the questions first. Then you can understand. I read the questions first so I can understand what I'm looking for.

      Tamika Walker, Student, Adult level  Richmond, California, USA  07/20/2007

Pay good attention to the teacher even if you don't get along with the teacher. Just be patient! Take notes for every little thing!

      Ana Villafana, Student, 7th Grade  Borrego Springs, California, USA  06/05/2007

When doing experiments, labs, or activities in a classroom, teachers will often ask for a report of some sort. These reports are almost always good study notes, especially if you put a lot of effort into them. Therefore, it is important to put as much detail into these (and other assignments) to make sure you understand the topic. It is very likely that some teachers will move on to other material once the reports have been handed in.

      Katherine L., Student, 9th Grade  Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada  08/16/2007

It is scientifically proven that chewing gum whilst working improves your concentration, so chew away!

      Ashleigh A., Student, 9th Grade  Sydney, Australia  10/19/2007

I study at home to make sure I have self-discipline.

      Edrian Deocampo, Student, Lcc Bacolod 1st Yr.  Talisay City, Philippines  10/30/2007

Stay focused and be determined. Listen to light music. Take breaks. Make flow charts to remember information.

      S. T. Abedin, Student, 11th Grade  Dhaka, Bangladesh  10/17/2007

When I am trying to take notes for a class that I don't like or can't seem to concentrate on, I get out different colored pens so that my notes end up color-coordinated. When I come to the end of a section, I change colors.

      Hilary Daniel, Student, Freshman in College  Indianapolis, Indiana, USA  10/02/2007

Not only study very hard, but study smart.

      Anjali Edwin, Student, Form 4  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  11/14/2007

I find it easier if you spread out your studying. You can never start studying too early!

      Nicola Barnes, Student, 9th Grade  Canterbury, Great Britain  03/26/2007

If you are lying on your bed and you are too lazy to work, then try to stand up, prepare your homework things, and start working because no one will be behind you to tell you do your homework ok get busy.

      Laura W., Student, 8th Grade  Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania  03/22/2007

Take down notes,study in advance,balance my time in studying, and know how to prioritize my studies.

      Tara Mae Bejemino, Student, First Year College  Bacolod City, Arizona, Philippines  10/22/2007

Notes are vital for studying. A great tip on writing notes is to write in colourful pens as it would attract your attention to read. But, keep to a few colours. Make sure you leave S P A C E S so it's not messy. It's also very helpful to draw diagrams in your notes so the page wouldn't look so dull. Lastly, and the MOST important, READ your notes regularly!

      Amalina Anas, Student, Form 2  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  09/26/2007

I listen to music, sit in my room, and do my studying.

      Samantha Barrett, Student, Grade 9  Vernon, British Columbia, Canada  09/17/2007

I am a very visual person and when I decided to go back to school, I wanted anything I knew I would go back to often to be easily accessible. I found colored adhesive tabs for all of my books, including my notes that I could label in my words and get to easily during class and during tests. It has helped me tremendously.

      Cheryl Werkmeister, Student, Freshman  Troy, Michigan, USA  04/14/2007

Either practice more or close your eyes and think about the last time you saw what you are trying to learn.

      Jaimee Bayley, Student, 4th Grade  S.A, Austria  08/07/2007

When it is time to study you need to turn off your cell phone or anything else. When you are studying, you need your own personal space and no one to interrupt you. For example, if one of your friends comes to your house asking if you can play, don't stop studying. Tell your friend 'No, I can't. I'm studying for a really important test. Talk to you later.' Tell your friends you are studying and need quiet time.

      Mercedes Young, Student, 7th Grade  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA  04/24/2007

Play lots of sports and go to lots of parties. Then the night before you have a test have an aroma therapy massage along with some therapeutic music. Have the masseuse read aloud some notes you made. Then when you are taking the test, think of the music and the information will come flooding back to you. Well, it works for me and all my friends and all their friends. We do it together as a fun night out!

      Jane Hoggins, Student, 8th Grade  London, Great Britain  04/25/2007

Do advance studying one week before an exam. Make time for studies.

      Mary Jane Sevelleno, Student, 1st Yr College  Bacolod City, Philippines  10/25/2007

You should listen to whatever your teacher says. Write it and then go back and highlight the important details.

      Kam Watts, Student, 2007  Los Angeles, California, USA  05/16/2007

If you study a topic many times you can understand the topic and even remember the topic in your brain. I usually do this in the morning.

      Rilwana Farveen, Student, SEC 1  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  09/16/2007

You should breathe deeply before you start to take the BIG test like the SAT or ISTEP. Take a lot of notes about the test. Ask your teacher if she can help you get a tutor to help you study for the test.

      A. R., Student, High School Senior  Muncie, Indiana, USA  04/07/2007

Take the time you need when you do a test.

      Rob T., Other, Info Needer  Genoa , Illinois, USA  10/25/2007

You must take your mind off the TV and more on the books so you can go to high school.

      Bridget Sweney, Student, 3rd Grade  Bayonne, New Jersey, USA  05/27/2007

As soon as you get home and situate yourself at your desk, dive right into your assignments. Sitting and thinking about them is a waste of time AND will allow you to look for excuses not to do them. Complete the most difficult and/or boring tasks first.

      Lauren W., Student, 10th Grade  New York City, New York, USA  07/30/2007

When I'm at school, I just think about my studying and forget about what happened in my home. It helps me to focus with my study. When I'm being lazy, I tell myself that what I am is what I am supposed to be.

      Kelly Livy, Student, Diploma In Science  Kl, Vermont, USA  08/27/2007

Go to a room where there are no distractions, like music or TV. Concentrate on what you are studying and try to not let your mind wander.

      Rachael Koteras, Student, 8th Grade  Spring , Texas, USA  05/20/2007

Don't think that studying is a load on you. Always study with joy.

      Karan Chawla, Student, 1st Year  Chittorgarh, West Virginia, India  05/16/2007

Studying well during your free time.

      Nathanael Talaban, Student, 2nd Year College  Bacolod City, Philippines  10/26/2007

Always keep a schedule for your homework and try doing everything step by step. Also, don't go to school before checking that you have everything in your bag including books!

      Natasha Shahwan, Student, 2007-2008  Newyork, New York, USA  08/21/2007

DO NOT LEAVE STUDYING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! I cannot stress that enough. I often leave studying until the the night before and I always get a lower then when I start studying a week before. My best study tip is to get on computer and type up all your notes, then print them and study from them. By doing all this you get a lot more information in your head.

      Sophie B., Student, 9th Grade  Mackay, Australia  06/20/2007

I think before I start to study. Please get ready by mind and body. Relax when you start to study. Get enough sleep. In the morning, start to study 1 hour in each subject otherwise you will get bored. It works for me.

      Rilwana Farveen, Student, Sec 1  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  08/16/2007

Don't highlight things in your textbook, because it makes you think you already know that.

      Katheryn S., Student, 9th Grade  Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA  08/29/2007

I like teaching methods of studying. I imagine that I am teaching someone. Usually what I do is I look in the mirror and teach my own reflection. I teach not what is given in the book, but what I understood of it.

      Chippy Devasia, Student, Doing Graduation  Kotayam, India  05/21/2007

If you find it hard to start with a topic, just drink two glasses of water and then start reading aloud and keep reading until you think you can concentrate. Then you can stop reading aloud. This works even with practical subjects like mathematics where you can read the theory part. Since we generally ignore theory in math (at least here we do), the concepts we are trying to learn are clear. Try this out and you will see you have a stronger foundation.

      Don Matai Natraj, Student, Final Year College  Delhi, India  05/15/2007

The best thing I've done is write information onto coloured paper (different colours for different subjects) and sellotaped them to the outside of my glass shower wall so while I am having a shower I read the information. It's amazing how much you take in without realizing.

      Catherine Gerrie, Student, Year 13-7th Form  Feilding, New Zealand  08/27/2007

To remember something, firstly I form a sentence with the word(s). Then I draw a picture. For example, to remember the 4 gods Isis, Osiris, Horus, Bastet, I think of something disgusting. That makes me remember it better, and then I draw it. That's my way of studying.

      Lily M., Student, 6th Grade  Utrecht, Netherlands  05/16/2007

Study hard with no distractions.

      Mario Vazquel, Parent  San Juan, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico  11/20/2007

When I am tired of studying, I would look back at my goals. This way, I can motivate myself again to reach them.

      Angel Lavidos, Student, 10th Grade  Singapore, Singapore  08/26/2007

To study well: (1) Don't think about the outcome of studying, continue studying even if it is very hard to understand or practice; (2) Read this website carefully and do it now.

      Hasan Lanka, Student, 12th Grade  Bandaragama, Sri Lanka  08/21/2007

Start studying about half a year before the tests. But the week before the test, go on holiday and relax. After all, its only a test!

      Tess Coopeey, Student, 8th Grade  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  04/25/2007

Study in a quiet place.

      Gabrielle MacDonald, Student, 6th Grade  Kingston, Ontario, Canada  04/05/2007

We all have our own style of learning, try to find your way and then stick by that! A good Study Technique is usually based on the trial and error process. Always remember that study techniques are very subjective, what might work for your friend might not work for you and vice versa.

      Adam Abderisak, Administrator  Gothenburg, Sweden  04/25/2007

I study every half an hour for ten minutes. This gives my brain a good workout but does not let it become too tired.

      Abi Seddon, Student, 8th Grade  Dominican Republic  05/08/2007

Always remember to reward yourself healthily after studying. Go for a walk or eat some fruit.

      Nicola Scott, Student, 7th Grade  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada  05/27/2007

Turn on a bright light and sit in a comfortable chair. When you find yourself daydreaming, stand up and turn around. This will get you to realize when your mind wanders and get you back on track quickly.

      Lucinda S., Student, 9th Grade  Cleveland, Ohio, USA  07/25/2007

What I do to study is I use note cards. I find this a lot easier than any other way possible. If you are a visual learner this is for you. You can use different colors so that you remember things from the colors. I don't know if this will work for you but it works for me.

      Brittany Thornton, Student, 10th Grade  Dayton, Ohio, USA  04/10/2007

I try and make up my own test, and then take it. It really gets things into your mind.

      Katie C., Student, 6th Grade  Carmel, California, USA  04/16/2007

Be sure to highlight important concepts in your textbooks. Make flashcards to review them and take the flashcards with you everywhere.

      Keladry Anne Hansen, Student, College  Quebec City, Quebec, Canada  05/13/2007

Study smart and study hard, and pay attention when you are in class.

      Qifah Livy, Student, Diploma In Science  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  09/05/2007

Study in a quiet room. The room should not include distracting objects. Make sure you have good, complete notes. Now you are all ready to study! Good luck!

      Cathryn A., Student, 6th Grade  Scotch Plains, New Jersey, USA  12/07/2007

I prefer that every student should not memorize vocabulary words if they have a test the next day because when they have their test, all of the time they have done for memorizing, will be a drag because they will not memorize all of the meanings and the spellings. So they will have a failing grade.

      Maile V., Student, 7th Grade  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA  07/29/2007

Eat a lot before going to school and study through lunch break.

      Andrew H., Student, 2nd Grade  Jamestown, USA Military  07/08/2007

The best time to study is in the night, so make sure you have a nap when you come home from school. Then in the night, when the place is cool and quiet, you can then concentrate soley on your work. Always have writing material with you while you study so you can write down necessary questions and information.

      Travis S., Student, High School  Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago  08/29/2007

Always focus on your target by studying for about 4 hours a night. At least 4 hours of sleep is also suitable. Trust me it works.

      Mika Kelly, Student, University  Glen Waverley, Australia  08/12/2007

You should be physically, mentally, and emotionally focused. Try to stay alert to what you read. Be positive and tell yourself 'This is fun and I will learn something from it.' Learning never hurts.

      Jennivie Rulete Peter, College Student  Philippines  04/18/2007

Make sure you have plenty of pens and pencils as well as your notebooks. If you lose concentration easily, make sure you study in a quiet place where there is as little noise as possible.

      Kayleen H., Student, 10th Grade  Riverview, Michigan, USA  07/28/2007

When taking a test, if you get stuck, don't sit there and wait to think of the answer. Go on and see the other ones you can solve! If you don't, you may not finish the test.

      Brynna Tebbe, Student, 9th Grade  Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA  11/25/2007

Utilize the time you spend waiting for the bus for example to study or revise parts of a subject your studying.A smart way is to write important notes of a subject on small cards, where you can keep them with you, and whenever you are just have a look at them, this will lock the information in your head!

      Nora No., Student, Junior  Doha, Qatar  10/22/2007

Always pay good attention in class so you could take good notes so you could have them if you are going to take a test and you could study the notes too.

      Rickey Smith, Student, 4th Grade  Evanston, Illinois, USA  04/09/2007

Get a scrapbook and write whatever the teacher says pertaining to the topic.

      Shamika Foster, Student, Form 4  Bridgetown, Barbados  09/24/2007

If you are in need to study vocabulary, flashcards are the way to go. Also, if you are a visual learner, flashcards help too.

      Madison A., Student, 12th Grade  Charleston, South Carolina, USA  04/12/2007

Don't leave your studying to the last week. My friend did that and her grades weren't the ones she wanted.

      Rachel Bunrtin, Student, S4  Edinburgh, United Kingdom  08/15/2007

You should always try to study at home so you're smart at school.

      Alina Khalid, Student, 3rd Grade  Palatine, USA  07/10/2007

When I do not feel like studying, I just start thinking about great persons like Albert Einstein who are examples of genius. This gives me inspiration to study.

      Vishwash Batra, Student, S.A.I School  Patiala, India  06/03/2007

Have a clear mind and nothing else as important to do for the whole day if possible. When you need to take a break, do so. Don't force yourself to get everything done at once. Do what works for you when it comes to studying, a quiet room, low music, etc.

      Amanda Moffatt, Student, Bachelors Of Science In C.S.I  Pasco, Washington, USA  09/23/2007

I like to listen to peaceful or motivating music when I study. It helps me to stay focused, stay awake, and remember my goal.

      Charles Aman, Student, Junior In High School  Lincoln, Nebraska, USA  08/24/2007

If you are studying for your final exam, what you have to do is sit somewhere comfy, and organize your stuff. Then get to studying. What you have to do is read over what you have over and over aloud. It works. If you are stressed, study for an hour or two straight and then take a 15-20 minute break and get back.

      Nicole Penner, Student, 7th Grade  New York, USA  06/24/2007

1. Do homework right away so you don't worry about getting it done. 2. Do your best. 3. Don't slack off, it only gets harder. 4. Try to get your work done in class when you have the chance. 5. Always ask questions no matter what everyone might think, because they have the same questions.

      Kayla Stevenson, Student, 8th Grade  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA  08/14/2007

If you are studying for a test, please do not study the day before the test, because you will only know 5 percent of what you have studied... so study everyday at least half an hour a day. Good luck.

      Alice H., Student, 8th Grade  Melbourne, Australia  06/10/2007

If you are studying for finals this is what you have to do! Pick up a pencil or pen and look at your study guide or packet if you have one. Get excited about what you are about to learn, then it is interesting. When you have studied for an hour or more, take a 15-20 minute break. Then study again. Trust me, it works!

      Minnie Chareles, Student, 6th Grade  Denver, Colorado, USA  06/10/2007

Always focus. Never be distracted.

      Sam Dedes, Student, 7th Grade  California, USA  04/03/2007

I always try to copy all my notes more than once and underline something if my teachers say something more then once. It really helps!

      Jessica B., Student, 7th Grade  Austin, Texas, USA  08/01/2007

We should study in a good temperature and we should not not become a part of family conflicts.

      Ravi Malhotra, Student, 11th Grade  Chennai, India  07/22/2007

Using things like index sheets, diagrams,pictures and colors to help organize your notes, may actually make studying seem more fun. If your work looks interesting to you, there is a greater chance that you will want to make the effort to remember it.

      Cait C., Student, 11th Grade  Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada  07/28/2007

1. Before you study do meditation for 10 minutes. This increases your concentration. 2. Leave your books 2 hours before an examination. This makes your mind fresh and you can do well on the examination.

      Monika Insan, Other, Computer Professional  Sirsa, India  07/08/2007

I study EVERYDAY for about an hour and a half. This helps me a lot, it helps me retrace the steps I took when I wrote my notes. That is a big chunk of the reason why I'm an 'A' student. If you stay smart and take your time, you will have an 'A' grade within a semester.

      Nicole Pankelli, Student, 7th Grade  Mokena , Illinois, USA  03/21/2007

Research has shown that studying at 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit) will give you the best results... Try it... I tried it and it works!

      Jojo Chua, Student, Secondary 1 Of 2007  Singapore, Singapore  08/01/2007

For me the best way to study is to teach my stuffed toys. I pretend to be the teacher to them. This helps me remember all the important points. Try it out. It really helped my O levels. Good luck!

      Aishath Sara, Student, 11th Grade 2007  Male', Maldives  07/02/2007

Make sure the place you study is always quiet.

      Frank Catanzaro, Student, 9th Grade  Cranston, Rhode Island, USA  09/12/2007

Take you study guide and think that it is the real test or quiz.

      Ashley K., Student, 6th Grade  Glastobury, Connecticut, USA  12/05/2007

Rewrite everything you have to memorize (over and over and over and over and OVER again)!

      H. G., Student, 6th Grade  Chicago, Illinois, USA  11/07/2007

Read your notes!

      Hana Kaleb, Student  Dublin, Ireland  04/26/2007

When taking a test breathe in and out and relax. Also, be very confident.

      Menar Muflihi, Student, 2007  Dearborn, Michigan, USA  05/14/2007

Set a timer for a designated amount of time, say 15 minutes. While the timer is on, you can only study the one subject you have chosen. When the timer goes off, you can then get up and stretch, get a drink, eat a snack, take a nap, etc., but the only thing you can do while the timer is ticking is study! Then mark down how many segments you studied for each subject (how many times you set the timer). This helped get me through graduate school.

      Charles R. Barr, Psychologist  Pasadena, California, USA  09/12/2007

Never have personal electronic devices such as a cell phone or Mp3 with you while you study. Focus on your topic and repeat the questions or answers you are reading.

      Jasmine J.N.S.L, Student, 5th Grade  Brampton, Ontario, Canada  10/15/2007

I believe you should get a copy of your syllabus and then summarize according to the points needed to know. Why study what you do not need to know.

      Sherri I., Student, 11th Grade  Canberra, Australia  04/13/2007

Studying can be hard and I know that because I have to study a lot for my Ohio achievement tests. So if you need help do a little at a time. Study for about 1 hour to 1:30 mins. Take notes in class and pay more attention. I hope my tips are helpful to you and remember to study a little at a time.

      Breanne B., Student, 4th Grade  Cincinatti, Ohio, USA  04/25/2007

When I study, I play classical music to keep me focused on my work (it really helps). Another thing that promises success is putting the most needed information on flash cards. and reviewing it over and over until i fully remember every piece of the information. Also I would stay away from the TV for about 2 hours so you don't get brainwashed and forget everything.

      Helen Harper, Student, 7th Grade  Beverly Hills, California, USA  08/10/2007

When you need to remember something, draw a silly picture.The sillier it is, the better. Incorporate words if needed. A cartoon mouse with a sour lemon making a face will help you to remember the French word for mouse (souris). Write 'Souris' on his t-shirt too and have him saying 'This lemon IS SOUR!

      Nancy P., Teacher, Middle School  Montclair, New Jersey, USA  07/24/2007

It's hard to resist a phone call from a friend when you're studying something boring, but chances are, your friend should be studying at about the same time you are. Reminding them of this during free time may help to keep them on track and from interrupting you as well.

      Katherine L., Student, 9th Grade  Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada  08/16/2007

Study in a place that is quiet (or without distractions or TV).

      Daviauda Dl, Student, 5th Grade  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA  11/01/2007

Always focus and know what is ahead of you. In whatever you do you must always keep in mind that your career comes first and that to achieve your goal you have to study very hard.

      Samuel Wallace, Student, 12th Grade  Sydney, Australia  06/17/2007

Make index cards with notes that you take in class.

      Meghan R., Student, 8th Grade  Darien, Connecticut, USA  11/20/2007

Don't talk during class!

      Shelby M., Student, 6th Grade  Combine, Texas, USA  08/13/2007

With organization, balance and concentration everything can be done. And another important point is seclude yourself from distraction.

      Parnini Goswami, Student, 8th Year  Rourkela, India  05/09/2007

I find that if I write all of my weekly goals onto a whiteboard and cross them off as I complete them, it helps me to feel like I'm accomplishing something. I think of each task as a hurdle to jump over and think things like '5 more assignments till a bit of a break' to stay focused and work even harder on those 5 assignments. The idea of a break or another completed obstacle definitely helps me to stay focused and complete everything to the best of my ability.

      Nicole S., Student, First Year University  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  08/10/2007

When I have to study for a science, spelling, math, or social studies test, I make a song out of my test. It really helps if you always sing the test song over and over while you study. I got an A on my last science test. GOOD LUCK.

      Jose Sanchez, Student, 2nd Grade  Hutchinson, Kansas, USA  06/21/2007

Studying at night is really good because at night the atmosphere is silent. Take some snacks with coffee and listen to music. Don't think that there are a lot of pages you have to complete. Just read and learn one by one.

      Shanu Kalra, Student, 12th Grade  Delhi, India  09/09/2007

Use different study methods for different parts of each subject. For example, use flash cards to remember words and dates, draw a mind map linking important points, write practice essays and do practice questions, highlight your notes, rewrite your notes, and keep everything for review later. Listen to classical music, it has been suggested that one studies better while listening to quite relaxing classical music, especially Mozart. His music has been suggested as raising your I.Q.

      Hannah P., Student, Year 11 (5th Form)  Wellington, New Zealand  09/14/2007

I have to study with nothing but my study material around me. So, I go somewhere with nothing on the walls.

      Kristen D., Student, 8th Grade  El Dorade, Arkansas, USA  05/09/2007

Sing study songs in the shower. For example, half the sum of the parallel sides, times the distance between them, is the way you calculate the area of a trapezium. Sing this to the tune of 'Pop Goes the Weasel.' Make up your own study songs. This way you are studying whilst having fun!

      Susan Lippit, Student, 8th Grade  London, Great Britain  04/25/2007

Make Flash Cards. They're an easy, simple way to study various things.

      Abby P., Student, 7th Grade  Fayetteville, USA  09/07/2007

Try to remember the key points in the book. This helps you to review more quickly and effectively. The most important thing is, you need to take notes in class. Some of the things that the teacher talks about in class are not in the book.

      Chan Christy, Student, 7th Grade  Hong Kong, Hong Kong  05/11/2007

If you have an abnormally hard time concentrating on your work, it can be worth it to consult a doctor. Sometimes undiagnosed medical conditions can create symptoms similar to an attention deficit disorder.

      Stephanie E., Student, 11th Grade  Longmont, Colorado, USA  05/22/2007

Study in a very quiet place. You may listen to music or put flowers in front of you while you are studying as this might help you to relax and concentrate more!

      Heba El Mohandes, Student, 12th Grade  Cairo, Egypt  08/23/2007

Flashcards are the MOST effective way to study for most people. The repetition of the information helps you to recall, and allows you to pinpoint what you know and what you don't. It's a good idea to keep your flashcards even after the test is over. Just store them away in a safe place. You never know when you'll need them again, especially for finals.

      Dea G., Student, 11th Grade  Miami, Florida, USA  09/09/2007

When taking a test, I believe that you should read the directions, relax, and take a deep breath. Go through every question thoroughly and completely. Skip a question if it doesn't come to you. Pace yourself. Don't think too hard. DO YOUR BEST!

      Maddy S., Student, 7th Grade  New Lenox, Illinois, USA  03/22/2007

Concentration is the key to success while preparing for an examination.

      Raja S., Student, Second MBA  Madurai, India  04/26/2007

KSQ3RO: Know what you are to study. Survey what you need to study. Form questions to answer from studying. Read. Recite to yourself. Sit on your book so you don't peek. Review several times. Overlearn - Continue learning even after you know the material so you will be learning for the long term.

      James Bell, Teacher, College  Columbia, Maryland, USA  12/10/2007

I review my notes every night.

      Ritzi Von Pajanconi, Student, 1st Year College  Bacolod City, Philippines  10/30/2007

When you are trying to study make sure you are calm. If you are studying or cramming things at the last minute make sure you are calm or else you will forget everything when you are doing your test.

      Andre Abraham, Student, 7th Grade  Houston, Texas, USA  10/03/2007

A good study time is when you have a lot of energy so you'll pay more attention.

      Kyle J., Student, 8th Grade  Lamont, Alberta, Canada  04/30/2007

Make Flashcards.

      K. S., Student, 6th Grade  Omaha, Nebraska, USA  05/10/2007

I find that if you are bored with studying, you should make flashcards and go out and ride a bike or something and have someone come with you to quiz you on the flash cards. It is a great way to study without getting bored out of your mind!

      Hayley P., Student, 8th Grade  Chesapeake, Virginia, USA  08/31/2007

Stop studying when you are no longer being productive. In an hour, study for 50 minutes then break for 10 minutes.

      Sheena Mann, Student, High School Year 1  Makati, Philippines  05/09/2007

Whenever you won't feel to study, just see the contents of this site and then you see the magic.

      Chandan Rateria, Student, 1990  Raigarh, India  07/18/2007

There are different abbreviations or symbols that you can use for taking notes: without -w/o, with - w/, number - #, government - gov. Use the first letter of the words to make your own abbreviation (Social Studies - SS, World History - WH).

      Taylor Kalister, Student, 11th Grade  Parkland, Georgia, USA  12/18/2007

Just studying is not enough. Practice by answering questions related to what you have learned. This will help you get good marks. Further, you should review what you have studied at least once a month.

      Safiyan Mofti, Teacher, Secondry school  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  06/02/2007

When you prepare to take a test or quiz, my study tip is to study about thirty minutes to one hour every single day. I usually read over my notes and study my vocabulary if needed. If you are stuck on how you can study, you can always count on Remember my tip: study at least thirty minutes to one hour each day and you will do swell and your mind won't be filled with anxiety and worry, but will be tranquil, placid, and serene.

      Triet Tran, Student, 7th Grade  Katy, Texas, USA  11/25/2007

Study in a nice and well lit place and make sure its clean and quiet.

      Kristin F., Student, Blake Academy 6th 2007  Lakeland, Florida, USA  11/04/2007

Patience and perseverance are the essentials for success in an examination.

      Raja S., Student, Second MBA  Madurai, India  04/01/2007

Pick up a pen in your hand and go word by word. This will increase your concentration. Read the topic 4 times. The 1st time you will only get an overview. The 2nd time you will be more familiar. The 3rd time you will be able to grasp the message of the topic. The 4th time you will be able to understand the topic as a whole. Now the topic is in your memory. This will work. JUST GO FOR IT.

      Dhiraj Agarwal, Teacher, Masters  Delhi, India  08/29/2007

Go to the library, pick up a book, and read.

      Stephen Polk, Student, 6th Grade  Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA  04/20/2007

I usually study late nights. At that time it's quiet.

      Massod Vosough, Student, 10th Grade  Los Angeles, California, USA  05/14/2007

Keep a notebook to write down all assignments and homework with their due dates. As you finish with an assignment mark it off your list. You should also keep a handy snack nearby when studying, such as an apple or plum.

      Tyronda Jackson, Student, College Freshman  Durant, Mississippi, USA  08/30/2007

Around the beginning of your school year choose any classmate. Tell them that you would like to be their study buddy. Explain that this means that if you are absent or vice versa they can call you so that you know what was for homework. That way you don't get in trouble with your teacher. Especially when you are in Junior or Senior High! Now you can get your homework on time and not get in trouble.

      Nathanial Blais, Student, Grade 8  Edmonton, Canada  09/02/2007

Write down or underline all the points. Don't be lazy!

      Yong Sen, Student, Year 15  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  08/17/2007

Be a good listener in class and pay attention.

      Taylor S., Student, 8th Grade  Baltimore, Maryland, USA  10/03/2007

I read a whole paragraph and once I understand it, I write small points about it and review them frequently. I solve as many problems as possible and review questions from past tests to make sure I will be able to answer questions on a test of a similar level. I try to cover all the topics. In case there is no time, I just read a few chapters one or two times.

      Lakshmi V., Student, Professional  Hyderabad, India  04/08/2007

If your teacher gives you a study packet to fill in the answers, take a blank one the day before the test to fill in the answers as a pretest. This will help calm your nerves and it really works!

      Brianna C., Student, 5th Grade  Farmingvile, New York, USA  06/04/2007

When you are studying, review your notes and then close your eyes to remember and also understand them. Make sure that on a test or quiz that you try your best. If you don't get the grade that you expected, then study the test your didn't do so well on and you will do better the next time you try.

      Camille M., Student, 6th Grade  Orlando, Florida, USA  09/05/2007

When I study, I go on AIM and review things with my friends. It's a really fun way to study. It also can be a lot more fun than studying by yourself.

      Holly E., Student, 8th Grade  St. Louis, Missouri, USA  04/12/2007

When you study make it into a game. I learn better if it is fun. So try having fun but studying at the same time.

      Mekayla Stockbridge, Student, 7th Grade  Bradley, Arkansas, USA  05/23/2007

When taking notes, underline and highlight important words or dates. Double underline very important information.

      Taylor Kalister, Student, 11th  Parkland, Florida, USA  12/18/2007

I chew gum while I study. I know it sounds weird, but I did a science project on it and chewing gum helps more oxygen to flow to your brain, allowing it to increase memorization.

      Laura' E., Student, 11th Grade  San Antonio, Texas, USA  08/24/2007

Make flash cards . . . they help with EVERY subject! If you have a large pile, split them up into groups and study each group at a time. Then once all groups have been studied, practice the cards all together. Then separate the cards you properly know/understand from the ones that you still need to learn, and just focus on those. This way you make sure you know every one.

      Stephanie S., Student, 11th Grade  Melbourne, Australia  07/01/2007

Make sure you are somewhere that no one will disturb you and unplug the phone so no one will call you when you are studying.

      Shana Heighton, Student, 2007  Newport News, Virginia, USA  05/15/2007

Study must come first!

      Chen C., Student, 12th Grade  Anqing, China  04/08/2007

Use colour! Different colours for different points and stuff like that. Colour makes things stand out so they're easier 2 remember! Also draw pictures. Use certain pictures for certain points etc. Be creative, make it as fun as you can.

      Anna H., Student, Year 12  Dargaville, New Zealand  11/21/2007

Study smart and study hard! Pay attention when you are in class.

      Qifah Livy, Student, Diploma In Science  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  09/05/2007

When you have a big test such as an exam, have someone make up some questions for you that might be on the test. I had my grandma ask me questions about my history and i do struggle in History and I got an A- on my test.

      Jessica B, Student, 9th Grade  Whittemore, Michigan, USA  04/06/2007

If you are like me and get distracted easily, turn some music on quietly and study. Also, turning off your cell phone helps. But again, if you are like me and can't bear to turn it off, put it somewhere like under your pillow.

      Katherine F., Student, Year 12  Auckland, New Zealand  06/25/2007

If you sit next to somebody who is distracting you, then ask the teacher if you can move.

      Kendra Walsh, Student, 2006-2007  Lawton, Oklahoma, USA  05/24/2007

I think you should make some flash cards and study the night you are assigned the work all the way until you take the quiz/test. You should also find a friend in your class and study with them. Eating also helps. Study groups help a lot.

      Othello Johnson, Student, 10th Grade  Cranston, Rhode Island, USA  09/21/2007

Concentrate on important points and always enjoy studying.

      Alok Kumar Mishra, Student, 2nd Year  Chennai, India  07/31/2007

If you take good notes, then you can study your notes instead of the whole chapter in a book. Most likely everything you need to know for the test or quiz will be in the notes you take. You don't need to memorize the whole chapter.

      Kate C., Student, 7th Grade  Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, USA  10/22/2007

Try using pictures and diagrams in your notes to help put ideas together. If you do this in class, it is also a good idea to redraw these later to make sure they are accurate, neat and understandable.

      Katherine L., Student, 9th Grade  Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada  08/16/2007

Sticky Notes are a really good way to organize notes in a binder. You can rearrange them, use them as tab dividers or flag important information.

      Katherine L., Student, 9th Grade  Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada  08/16/2007

Don't get to stressed out. If you find that you are very stressed out then take a small break and then start again.

      Kelly S., Student, 10th Grade  London, Ontario, Canada  06/24/2007

Before you study, eat so you will concentrate more. For example, if you're studying biology, read a passage and write questions and answers related to the passage and read them over and over again. Then do a small test to see if you got them into your head.

      Julia T., Student, 11th Grade  Malta, Malta  08/19/2007

If you find it hard to get down to study clear your desk so that you have an empty space. When you sit down to work clear your mind and you will be able to start afresh each time without studying whilst being stressed and you are more likely to work harder and see the results of your efforts!

      Andrea Bowen, Other, Mature Student  Doncaster, United Kingdom  09/04/2007

Throughout the academic year I make short notes on portions studied. As exams near, these notes will help and lighten the process of review. To memorize figures I always try to connect them with personal events so that they automatically become part of my memory.

      Parameswaran Krishna, Teacher, Post Graduate  Coimbatore, India  05/20/2007

Music triggers memory. Listen to your favorite tunes while studying. Just keep the music low!

      LJ Jackson, Student, 7th Grade  Berlin, Ohio, USA  05/31/2007

Believe in yourself! Take action! Never give up! Do your best!

      Bob Tang, Student, Year 4  Singapore  05/07/2007

Write things you need to know.

      Sara Mann, Student, 9th Grade  Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA  09/25/2007

When you take notes in class and the teacher says something interesting put it in quotation marks so you may remember it easier.

      Lauren Lewis, Student, 8th Grade  Sparrows Point, Maryland, USA  10/03/2007

When reading a text, start with the table of contents. Frame the text's contents by first reviewing the outline of the work. Then read the preface, chapter introductions, and appendices. Understand the conclusions the author draws from his or her research and evaluation. Lastly, read the chapters you have been assigned. The text's details will make more sense and are likely to be better remembered if they are understood in context.

      David Murphy, Teacher, College / University  Columbia, Maryland, USA  12/15/2007