Study Tips From Our Visitors - 2012 Archive

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Prepare short notes during class time. Read these notes before you read the textbook and again as you prepare to go to bed.

      Mujeeb , Student, 7 - India  08/30/2012

Reading your notes and extracting questions that you think your teacher may ask you is an excellent way to study because 9 times out of 10 those questions are on the exam !

      Leyla, Student, 2nd year, University - Canada  11/17/2012

I have found that I do much better when I talk myself through an assignment. To do this makes me concentrate hard on what I am doing.

      Pedro, Student, College 2nd Year - Montana  12/22/2012

You remember notes better when you study them in the first 15 minutes you wake up and the last 15 minutes before you go to bed! You are refreshing your memory waking up and going to bed thinking about it.

      Nicola, Student, 9th grade - Australia  11/04/2012

The most important thing is to focus on what you are studying.

      Channel Chevon, Student, 10th - South Africa  10/11/2012

The most important thing is to understand every single thing that you have to study. Understanding helps you connect with your studies. It also helps you to remember what you study for a much longer period. So, question anything you don't understand until you gain understanding.

      Shruti, Student, 10th grade - India  03/14/2012

"I buy index cards at the dollar store. I write things on them in class that I think might be on a test. When I get home I read them through 3 or 4 times. Then I ask someone in my family to quiz me. If noone can help me, I go back to my room and read them out loud to myself some more."

      Caitie, Student, 7th  - Michigan  05/14/2012

Whenever I go and study, I clear my mind of all distractions and focus on what I want to achieve. It could be getting a better math result or passing my next history test. Works every time.

      Eimear, Student, 3rd Year - Ireland  08/27/2012

Concentration is the first thing in studying. Work hard and revise any parts of your notes you need to.

      Nikhil , Student, Plus 2 - India  12/28/2012

The optimum time to study is when you understand what are you reading. If you feel fatigued during studying, then do some other work to rest your mind and your body. Try to enjoy studying.

      Arif Hussain Abro, University Student BS Honors - Pakistan  12/13/2012

Always make sure that you have a open mind about what you are studying. Put your head in what you are reading by only thinking of how you can go about a problem in a particular way. Take math for example. In math you need full concentration on what you are solving. I like studying at night. I always keep water near me. You should not study near the bed for you may be tempted to go to sleep.

      Dereck, Student, 12th grade - Zambia  10/15/2012

I like to think of the ways in which I can revise the information I need to know so that I can visualize the information in my mind. I try to do this in the context in which it applies to the subject that I am studying.

      Joseph, Other, 2nd Grade - Australia  05/21/2012

When taking a test you have to believe in yourself. Your outlook affects the test results.

      Sara, Student, 3rd grade - Minnesota  04/16/2012

Always write a summary after each reading of what you learned. Think about when and where to apply it!

      Sarvada nand, Student, 12th - India  12/15/2012

Make your own vocabulary flashcards. This will help you to remember the words and what they mean. Don't be lazy and use your friend's cards. This will prevent him from learning and the terms may not be correct. Do not print your flashcards online. You will remember better if you do the writing out.

      Craig, Student, 7th Grade - Pennsylvania  04/28/2012

Be interested in your studies. Always make colorful 3D images in your mind when you study something. Refresh your mind with new thoughts and goals. Update details about what you are studying to make them current. Always try to recollect the information. Set high goals for yourself and strive to achieve them.

      Anil, 12th - India  03/01/2012

You must take notes day to day as you are taught. Take your notes in the language you are most comfortable in. This will help you to study a lot of information in a few hours as your exam time comes up.

      Rohit , Student, 9th grade - India  05/27/2012

I read while writing short notes in a seperate book. Then before I go to bed I read the notes.

      Gladys, Student, 4th grade - Kenya  09/06/2012

Stay informed. Read all the current news and then recap what you want to learn.

      Mayet, College Grad - Philippines  02/29/2012

Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. So when you're studying, that's what you have to focus on. You can't watch TV and do your reading at the same time.

      Angel, Student, Grade 7 - Colorado  02/11/2012

I try to study at the same time each day. This helps me set a routine I can stay with. When that time comes, I know it is time to study. I try not to schedule any other things at that time.

      Yesica, Student, 6 - New Zealand  11/06/2012

Don't be afraid to ask for help. You need to make sure you understand the material that you are taught. Getting clarification not only makes sure that you understand the material, but you also are getting told the information another time, which will help you remember the information for tests and quizzes.

      Jake, Student, 9th grade - California  06/18/2012

Don't try to postpone your studies. There are many factors around us that can get in the way of doing our exercises. It is essential to not give in to them. Make your studies part of your daily routine. Don't make any excuses to not do them. Follow the instructions as per your respected teachers and resolve your doubts.

      Suhail, Student, 10 - Aruba  04/15/2012

A tip for remembering is to use a "domino game" for relating things. For example, remembering vocabulary words where the word is written on one side of a domino card and its meaning on a side of another domino card. I tried it with my students and it worked.

      Hanan, Teacher, Intermediate level - Lebanon  09/14/2012

It is easier to study only two or three topics a day on your own rather than try to study the entire syllabus close to exam days.

      Pradeep, Student, (mechanical 5th sem - India  10/02/2012

I enjoy reading during the night after 12am when it is quiet and concentration is at hand. The best way to improve your reading is by reading; you have to start somewhere to get somewhere. Never let failure break you down. Be patient with your studies.

      Jack, Student, UNISA  - South Africa  11/09/2012

When I read a textbook I pay special attention to any information that is in bold or italics. It tells me that the writer thouhgt that that information was very important. My teacher will probably think it is too and it could end up on a test.

      Mark, Student, 2nd year university - Florida  09/24/2012

Whenever my professor repeats something, I write it in my notes. Also, if my instructor pauses to look at her lecture notes, I write the next thing she says in my notes. I've found that these things often come up in tests.

      Julia, Student, College sophomore - Massachusetts  05/01/2012

Rewrite the information that you are studying into your own words. This will help you to understand the information better.

      Rebecca, Student, 1st year - Ireland  05/20/2012

My criterion is that the best way to study is reviewing. Actually, the more reviewing the better the learning. Someone once said that "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT." This is especially important for math. He who does the most practice wins the race.

      Akshat, Student, 10th - India  05/24/2012

When I'm studying for a test, I first read the notes and then summarize by writing them in a seperate notebook which will serve as a "reviewer notebook." So when I feel like studying again, I don't have to get all my notebooks needed for me to review. Instead, I just bring out my reviewer notebook and review them without hassle.

      Jennifer, Student, 7th Grade - Philippines  08/02/2012

Most of you will feel that studying a major task. But the truth is that it is a small task in front of you if you have confidence in yourself.

      Sai, Student, 12th grade - India  12/11/2012

Studies are a major factor in your life. Keep in mind that you study for your life. Have a goal. Try hard to achieve your goal. During 5th-10th grade is an important time in your life. Don't waste that time and feel bad later for missing such a golden opportunity. Use it wisely and carefully. Study hard, have confidence and will power. You will surely achieve your goal.

      Lucky, Student, 9th grade - India  04/21/2012

Always try to study using a table lamp. It helps to build a lot of concentration because your field of view is reduced to a table on which your book is placed.

      Sunil, Student, 12 - India  12/30/2012

My advice is to think positively. There's little point in setting goals if you don't think you have the ability to reach them.

      Elizabeth, Student, 8th grade - Wisconsin  01/23/2012

Not sure if it is still practiced, but in my time the school library used to keep copies of old tests and exams. Looking at these provided insight as to what might be covered on the exam, and especially if samples of previous tests/exams by the teacher preparing this year's exam were available, the type of questions to expect and their scoring. If the library does not store these, you or others may have older siblings who have taken the exam you will be taking and have kept their tests.

      Erik, Parent, 10th grader - Ohio  07/01/2012

Sometimes after I read a difficult chapter in a text, I take a nice, long walk. I think about what I read while I'm walking and things seem to clear up. Then I scan the chapter when I get back. Doing all this seems to help clarify information and I remember it better for tests.

      Jim, Student, 10th grade - Pennsylvania  12/05/2012

My brain can only hold so much knowledge, so I try to maximize information by shortening what I'm studying. Try remembering key words that will trigger the rest of your thoughts later on. Also, comedy is hard to forget, so I like to twist words or facts so I can remember them like a joke and connect the words to real life. For example, to remember 'took a trip', I'll think of it as someone falling, because it's funnier and easier to remember than someone traveling.

      Kelsey, Student, 12th grade - Canada  12/30/2012

Rather than focusing on adding detail to your thesis, be more supportive toward the topic in the paragraphs that are the body of your paper. By detail, I mean avoid verbal rambling and falling off the topic.

      Dewell, Student, 12th Grade - American Samoa  09/25/2012

I set deadlines for what I have to do. I need this structure. Without it, I find it difficult to constrain myself from doing things other than what I have to do for school.

      Megan, Student, high school - 10 - Kentucky  04/25/2012

My principle when studying is to be efficient! Choose the best time to study, which is different for every person. Take some rest if your brain is too tired to concentrate.

      Jessia, Student, Secondary 3 - Singapore  02/27/2012

I have found that it is not good to study late at night. We often forget what we study then. We should review what we study at least once within 24 hours.

      Pradumna, Student, 11 - India  03/12/2012

Making presentations is a great way to help you really understand and remember information.

      Sonika, Student, 8th grade - India  05/18/2012

Set your mind by visualizing yourself in the future. Think of a very successful and educated person. See yourself as that person. Lastly, compete with the best student in your class.

      Cembi, Teacher, 8th grade - South Africa  03/20/2012

When something is hard to learn I go over it again and again until I know it. Repetition also helps me remember what I learn for a longer time.

      Maria, Student, Secondary - Colombia  01/17/2012

I've found that the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. When I do this, it forces me to make sure I know it and motivates me when I help the other student.

      Anthony, Student, 10th high school - Wisconsin  01/26/2012

Make sure you understand what all the symbols mean whenever you take science and math classes. This helps you take notes quickly and not get confused when symbols show up in test questions.

      Jimmy, Student, 10th grade - New York  06/08/2012

1. Review notes from class that day- the same night before going to bed. Do this daily. 2. Find a way to make the notes meaningful to you- form an mental association, etc. 3. Chunk the information into like parts to make the notes easier to manage. 4. Before a test-study the last set of notes first! These are the "freshest" in your mind.

      Mardi, Teacher, College Instructor, Doctoral Candidate - Mississippi  05/24/2012

Don't procrastinate, thinking that you'll get it done later. You won't. Class will come before you know it.

      Monica, Student, 8th - Colorado  12/10/2012

When you are sitting and studying, every once in a while bounce your legs around. This helps to get the blood flowing and improve your concentration and remembering.

      Kaitlin, Student, Grade 10 - Texas  01/11/2012

I go to all my classes, and do many practice activities and some revisions at home. I have a separate time to study.

      Aswirnisandran, Student - Malaysia  05/12/2012

Read aloud when you study if thoughts get in the way of your studying.

      Ajith, Student, 12th - India  01/31/2012

We should study regularly. We should make our time table according to which subjects we will study. We should try to be creative in our studying rather than cramming from books.

      Shine, Student, 9th grade - India  09/12/2012

Always focus when you study. Have a snack and then sit down where there will be no distractions so you can concentrate on what you're doing.

      Brianna, Student, 6th grade - Alabama  05/04/2012

I have found that if I study late at night, then when I get up early in the morning, I then remember what I studied at night.

      Anuradha, Student, 12th - India  05/09/2012

I make a war game assumption between my studies and the things that take me out of concentrating on my studies (e.g., noise, tv, friends, phone, etc.). I like to win by setting time intervals between my studies for those other things.

      Venkat, Student - India  10/21/2012

I'm not sure why, but if I review some important information just before I go to sleep, I remember it in the morning. What I do is sit in bed for a few minutes before getting up and think about what I was trying to remember. I think it has something to do with the brain processing and storing the information.

      Henry, Student, 10th grader - Colorado  11/01/2012

Before going to study you should select the topic in which you have interest. Then go through different books about that topic. Summarize what you read in notes. Then read them carefully and highlight the most important information.

      Swarna, Student, 10th grade - Malaysia  08/11/2012

I learn and review my flashcards and study class notes the day that I write them. This helps because when there's a test, it's easy to remember everything as I already have covered the topic.

      Sanaia, Student, 6th grade - Qatar  11/07/2012

Read a chapter in your textbook first before studying it and trying to remember the information. Do this at least twice. Think of the information even when you are relaxing or walking. Think of your textbook as a magazine that you like and can read anytime. The best times to study are from 5am to 7am and 5pm to 6.30pm. Hope this will help you guys. This is my big sister's advice..she excellent at studying and is now in 10th grade!

      Muhammad, Student, 7th grade of Al-Azhar institute for boys - Egypt  12/25/2012

I always had a hard time concentrating, whether it would be because I found the topic to be boring or I found something more interesting to do. I realized that what really helped me study was to keep an open mind and try to find something about the topic that was interesting. Also, studying after a workout helped a lot!

      Pablo, High School graduate - California  11/15/2012

Try to go to a corner of your room and first check there is no one coming. Close your door and concentrate.

      Goku Gomez, Student, third grade - Zimbabwe  02/13/2012

How I manage to remain a topper at school is simple! Whether you are studying for an exam weeks before, or even if you are doing it one day before, just study with full concentration and be focused! Be sure you can remember any formulas!

      Smriti, Student, 8th grade - India  03/14/2012

It is best to do assignments and projects as soon as you can. There is no reason to put them off and it is good to complete them before they are due. Then you can concentrate on studying material from class that will be on exams. And do homework and extra problems so when it is time for the exam you can feel more confident.

      Laura, Student, 2nd year engineering student - Louisiana  03/31/2012

The more you teach others, the more you gain more information.

      Sandile , Student, 12 - South Africa  01/31/2012

I practice my math problems over and over. This is just like the way I practice playing my viola.

      Liz, Student, 7th grader - Florida  07/27/2012

Even if your professor posts class notes on the Internet, still go to class and take your own notes. Then compare your notes with those of your professor and make any needed changes and corrections. You have to focus and think to take good notes in class. This will make the information more meaningful to you and easier to remember then if you skip class and just read the professor's notes. Also, you will learn from the interactions between students and professors in class.

      Staphanie, Student, College Grad - Indiana  11/28/2012

My tip is based to grade 12 learners. If you want to pass advanced math, keep on practicing it. Don' let a night pass without working on math problems.

      Scelo, Student, grade 12 - South Africa  09/18/2012

I always carry a small notebook with me. That way I can write down ideas or questions that come to me about my classes. Otherwise I would forget them.

      Helen, Student, 10th grader - Idaho  02/06/2012

It is important to be thoroughly interested in learning new things.

      Abdurrahman, Student, 12 - Pakistan  05/09/2012

Whenever I take a math test, I always doublecheck my calculations. I do this on science tests too.

      Marissa, Student, 8th grader - California  08/14/2012

When you study, listen to your favorite music and try to ignore everyone around you.

      Mary, Student, 10th - Pennsylvania  03/13/2012

Study your notes the first thing in the morning as well as when you are about to go to sleep. Always study in a very silent place. Study your notes after each lecture and schedule your general reading on a weekly basis to read ahead of class lectures. Students have no time to waste. Leave some time for a little fun.

      Olaide Ibrahim, Student, National diploma - Nigeria  11/22/2012

I like to organize all of my stuff out. Then when going over notes and then doing homework,it helps me know what I'm doing and looking over!

      Skye, Student, 8th Grade - North Dakota  02/16/2012

Revision is a very important part of studying. Set time for both studying and revision each day. When an exam approaches you will not get worried because revision plus studying equals full confidence and good results.

      Sunil, Student, 12th Grade - India  12/31/2012

I listen to songs I like when I study. Then I can remember what I read by singing one of the songs.

      Alicea, Student, Going to 8th grade - New York  07/05/2012

I prepare a master notebook to account for each subject. In this notebook I add imortant examples to help me understand what I am studying. I use each notebook when I study at exam time.

      Shrikant, Student, 12th grade  - India  08/16/2012

Don't be afraid to ask your teachers questions. This is one of the best ways to learn. Don't stop asking questions until you get an answer that makes what you are studying clear.

      Jasmine, Teacher, 11 - Nicaragua  05/25/2012

You have to study in a silent place, but don't study among sleeping people. If you do, you will get sleepy too. Whenever you study a book, don't just concentrate on your book and think you are out of the world. Relate what you are reading to the real world.

      Irfan Khan, Student, 1st Year - Pakistan  09/29/2012

I use index cards when I read a textbook. When I find something very important, I write the page number, where the information is located on the page, and the information in as few words as possible. I can then find the information quickly when I need to.

      Samuel, Student, University - Ireland  07/15/2012

If you study your class notes after the school day, you will improve your memory of the information. You will also improve your self confidence.

      Lavanya, Student, 8th grade - India  09/25/2012

Whenever you are in a good mood is a good time to study. If you study when your mood is off, you will not be able to make heads and tails out of the information.

      Rashi, Student, 7th grade - India  08/25/2012

Our brain is much more powerful than we usually think. If anything can change you in your life that will be your brain. Have a book in hand instead of the TV remote after you come back to home from school. Only study can activate and drive your brain over a long journey.

      Jen, Student, B,E Computer (II/II) - Nepal  09/30/2012

Don't procrastinate and put off studying the hard stuff until the last minute, or you will regret it. Try and cover the hard sections first. For example, suppose you have to learn an irregular French verb and where to put the comma in English. If English is easier for you, don't spend an hour looking at it, especially if you already know it. Do an hour of French and then you can do English with whatever time you have left.

      Chloe, Student, 1st Year - Ireland  12/07/2012

If you are trying to learn English, you must try your best with everything in English. This means reading, writing, and speaking.

      Raj, Student, 10 - Fiji  04/04/2012

Write your goal and paste it in your room where you can see it everyday in the morning once you wake up. That gives you confidence to study early in the morning. You will concentrate better on your studies in the morning because you want your goal to be achieved.

      Dhivya, Student, Form 2 - Malaysia  12/26/2012

Read everyday more as much as you can. After reading everyday I write about what I read. If you want to remember for a long time, you must write. After you write, I go back to check what I wrote.

      Monirupa, Student, 1st year - India  12/02/2012

When I study I first go to a silent place and then open my books, read my notebook, and summarize the most important things. I then check my notebook again and then I read the notes that I summarized.

      Goetsimang, Student, 9 - South Africa  08/19/2012

When I study what helps me is my music. I put on my earphones so I can block out interruptions or distractions.

      Amanda, Student, 10th grade - North Carolina  09/18/2012

A student should study when he is feeling that he can learn and understand the topic without just wasting time. It is good to do the work on a regular basis to reduce the tension of a heavy workload in the last days of exams.

      Muhammad , Masters - Pakistan  01/14/2012

My friend has trouble with math, but I'm good at it. I teach him what we cover in class and this helps me to get a better understanding also. So help another student and you help yourself learn better too.

      Eduardo, Student, 7th grade - Texas  06/30/2012

Before I start my studying I usually prepare a list of subjects that I need to study. Then I make my mind totally relaxed. I usually take short time breaks while studying so I can concentrate better.

      Sarangi, Student, 9th grade - India  09/09/2012

Whenever you take a break during study, keep the lessons you have reviewed in your mind even if just a little. Then check if you are right and then continue on with it. Doing this at regular intervals whenever you rest can help you remember with ease rather than forget your notes and lessons.

      Angelo Aaron, Student, 7th grade - Philippines  09/17/2012

Push your study efforts to the limit. But don't try to cram everything in all at once.

      John , Student, 12 - Texas  03/06/2012

When learning about a subject, learn what you can about related subjects. The more neurons in your brain that connect to other neurons, the more you'll be able to use what you learn in new ways.

      Mark, Student, 10th grade - California  03/30/2012

I think you should read as much as you can about what you have been taught.

      Kelvin, Student, 6th grade - Ghana  04/11/2012

Make a weekly schedule and devote a certain amount of time per day to studying. Take 5-10 minute breaks minimum in between subjects. The most effective way to retain information is to "tie" it to existing information that's already lodged in your mind.

      Iqra, Student, 8th grade - Pakistan  12/07/2012

Don't get too comfortable when you study. I do best when I sit in a wooden kitchen chair. If you try to study in bed or scrunching up in a cushy chair, you'll only get sleepy. You have to stay alert to study well.

      Larry, Student, 11th grade - Ohio  06/02/2012

When I have long assignments I work on one for a while and then another. I switch back and forth. This way I don't get too bored and tired with one.

      Sandra, Student, Entering high school - Georgia  07/21/2012

The most important thing is to complete your work on a daily basis.

      Waqas, Student, 7th Grade - Pakistan  11/27/2012

If you study just to remember, you will forget. But if you study to understand, you will remember! So be wise when you study and always try to get a better understanding of everything before concluding any chapter.

      Asanda, Student, 11th grade - South Africa  02/23/2012

I am a very intelligent girl. I won a gold medal for a science quiz that was held in Dubai. Frankly, after getting such a good reward, I became a bit oversmart and didn't give much effort to prepare for my the next exam. I earned third position in my class instead of my usual first position. So, even if you are at the top, you must keep working to stay there.

      Nila, Student, 6th Grade - India  01/04/2012

I make cue cards for important information. This helps a lot for me to remember to review what's important to know for tests.

      Lahvanya, Student, 8th grade - Malaysia  05/08/2012

I used to find it hard to concentrate when I studied. My parents took me for an eye exam. The doctor told me that my vision was fine but that my eyes would become tired after a while. I got glasses to relax my eyes and they helped a lot.

      Hector, Student, 8th grade - Florida  06/15/2012

When I take lecture notes, at the top I write the name of the class, the date, and the name of the instructor. If the lecture is from the textbook, I write the name of the textbook and the parts covered. I focus on these parts when I study for a test.

      Lizzie, Student, first year community college - Florida  11/20/2012

I find that I can memorize things best when I wake up early in the morning. That is when I am most alert.

      Ali, Student, 1st year college - Philippines  09/19/2012

If you want to memorize a long piece of information, like in science materials, use keywords that you can easily understand. This will help you to memorize the information quickly and is very effective when you take exams.

      Biraaz, Student, 10 - Nepal  04/06/2012

I always drink a glass of cold water before studying. It keeps my mind calm and then I can study with full concentration.

      Meeral, Student, 8th grade - Pakistan  03/23/2012