Below are the study tips that were submitted by our visitors in the year you selected. We encourage you to submit your own study tip.

If you are good at memorising, especially songs, try to make a rhythm or lyrics for a song from information about some subjects which you need help with. That way you can sing your song or rhythm and know your information about many subjects or just 1. Glad to help.

Maryam Fiza, Student, Year 7 - United Kingdom 01/05/2008

Being an amazing academic decathlete, I’ve noticed that the greatest way to remember a TON of information is to outline it over and over again. I outlined a 186 page packet 6 times before I competed in Regionals, and by the 6th time, I already knew everything in the entire packet.

Amazing Decathlete, Student, 10th Grade - Pennsylvania 01/05/2008

When you have words or abbreviations to study write them on flash cards and write the answer on another one and match them up.

Charlie Blackburn, Student, 10th Grade - South Carolina 01/07/2008

Try to apply things you are studying in a practical way.

Arshdeep Singh Banga, Student, Certificate First Year - India 01/08/2008

Read what you have to learn out loud. Pretend you are a teacher and read it to the wall or the bed. Also, pretend you are also a pupil and answer any question that you ask.

Laura Martin, Student, 4th Year - United Kingdom 01/08/2008

Read your notes whenever you have extra time like between class or during lunch. Review your notes just before class so you remember what your teacher said the last class. That will help you for sure.

Breana Cole, Student, 6 - California 01/08/2008

When I study I talk to myself. This seems pretty weird but it actually works. I talk really loud and ask myself questions such as “Do you know what year military leader Wolfe died?” I know the answer and I say this in a game show host’s voice. You will quite enjoy doing this. If you are studying for vocabulary words, go on the Internet and make your own crossword puzzle using the word or ask a friend to make one for you.

Diane M., Student, 7 - Ontario, Canada 01/09/2008

The best way that I study is to get the general idea of what is covered on the test and then go through my notes and highlight the things that look like they’ll help me the most on the test. I focus on that. It works for me and it is the best way to study without taking your whole night.

Amea Sprague, Student, 9 - New Mexico 01/10/2008

I advise you to drink a lot of water while studying. If you write with your right hand then close the left one and you will realize something magical. Another thing is to have a good night’s sleep. Don’t study after eating directly. After studying, watch TV for about 30 minutes and then say the information without looking at your notes.

Hassan Mehanna, Student, Second Year Secondary - Lebanon 01/12/2008

Wake up early in the morning and try to study…Before exams do not study more than three hours or you will go blank.

Barkha Prasad, Student, 8 - Fiji 01/16/2008

If you are taking a foreign language class, play bingo with a parent. Put words in English on a paper, and give your parent the foreign words. As your parent says the foreign words, you try to get bingo with the English words. It’s a fun matching game. Try to involve some treats.

Osaze O., Student, 11th Grade - Ohio 01/17/2008

1. Have a pen. 2. Find a good place where you can study. 3. Take all the books you need to study with. 4. Take notes that will help. 5. Do your best!!!!!!!

Dominique Bishop, Student, 5th Grade - Maryland 01/17/2008

When you are study from a book or even from notes read them out loud when you study them. When you do this you comprehend the information better.

Shea D., Student, 7th Grade - Florida 01/17/2008

When you study make sure you are in an uncluttered environment.

Shea D., Student, 7th Grade - Florida 01/17/2008

Try, and if you can’t figure it out then ask a teacher. They love when you ask for help.

Jordan Dyer, Student, 6th Grade - Wisconsin 01/18/2008

Don’t stop trying.

Jordan Dyer, Student, 6th Grade - Wisconsin 01/20/2008

Prepare yourself for your exams. Plan a timetable to review your notes and technique. Do not spend most of your time earning money on a part-time job.

Elizabeth Simpson, Student, S5 - United Kingdom 01/21/2008

If the majority of the notes in your class are presented as PowerPoints, print them out before class and review them. Then when you go over them in class, take side notes. When it comes time to study for an exam, the material will come much more easily.

Stephanie D., Student, College Freshman - Pennsylvania 01/23/2008

My study tip is don’t write all of your information. Just write what is really important.

Ruth V., Student - California 01/23/2008

Use a tape recorder to help you remember things for the test.

Vincent Head, Student, 6th Grade - Alabama 01/24/2008

1. Study for at least 2-3 hours a day. 2. Jot down all assignments for the day in a notebook. 3. DO NOT procrastinate. 4. Listen attentively in class. 5. Take down notes while your teacher is discussing. 6. Manage your time wisely. 7. Get lots of sleep. You’ll just have to look at the results when you do all these!

Abbie Es Carilla, Student, First Year HS - Philippines 01/25/2008

Review notes from class before the next class.

Gregory Fitzpatrick, Student, 2008 - Illinois 01/26/2008

This may sould really dumb, but when you study it is good to make notes into a song. This will be just like memorizing your favorite song on the radio. You can sing it to yourself during a test or quiz. Trust me, it will help. It helps me! Thank you, and happy studying!

Heather H., Student, 7th Grade - Wisconsin 01/27/2008

Keep writing what you have learned.

Surender Grewal, Student - India 01/29/2008

I tell my students not to get what I like to call Highlighter Happy. Students are trying to highlight all of the important information and by the time they are through with their assignment, they have highlighted the entire assignment and missed all of the important items they really needed! Leave the highlighter in your bookbag and underline the information you need. If the info is important enough anyway, the teacher will gladly repeat the info.

Amanda Roberson, Teacher, 8th Grade Language Arts - Alabama 01/29/2008

I always get up in the morning and review lessons. At night I do homework. I have almost no free time because of studying at two universities at the same time, so there are many assignments.

Leakhena Sreng, Student, Year 1 - Cambodia 01/30/2008

Record quotes or formulas or what ever you are studying onto your ipod or mp3 player, and play them when you are going for a walk or going to sleep!

Evan Seoighe, Student, Junior Cert - Ireland 01/30/2008

Create a study timetable and study at least one hour each day. Take short breaks. Make flash cards and summarize your study notes on these. Make use of time spent at the bus stop by reviewing these cards. Finally, take a positive attitude about studying!

Linda Bannister, Teacher, Secondary - Jamaica 01/30/2008

Adopt a trigger activity. Something that you do specifically to get in the mood to study. Pull your hair back in a ponytail, listen once to a favorite song, put on your tennis shoes…something that once it is done you will be ready to study and discipline yourself to do it every time you sit down to study. Training your brain to react to a physical stimulus lets you call upon your study brain when you need it to be there.

Amanda L., Teacher, College - Kansas 02/01/2008

Get enough sleep and always make your own notes. I find that it’s much
easier for me to study them because they are mine.

Nthabiseng Ncube, Student, University Of South Africa - South Africa 02/04/2008

Jot down all your assignments in a pocket notebook. At the end of the day you will be left with a list of your overall study goals. This way you can quickly organize your materials and complete assignments in the most efficient order possible. It is the simplest and fastest way I know to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Dereck Stairs, Student, BAS Sophomore - Montana 02/05/2008

My study tip is to make up a funny phrase or sentence to help you remember definitions, essays, or even stories.

Jenessa Moore, Student, 9 - Michigan 02/05/2008

Pay attention in school to have good grades.

Jose Casro, Student, 7th Grade - California 02/06/2008

Always keep in mind that you are not studying for anyone else but for your own good in the future. Never study by force because unless you develop the right attitude before you start a study session, distractions will run through your mind. So remember to keep your mind empty of concerns and totally focused.

Perwyn Marques, Student, Standard XI - Bahrain 02/07/2008

Just be who you are and no one else. It’s cruel to be too hard on yourself.

Katie Harris, Student, 12 - Minnesota 02/08/2008

I like to study in a quiet place without many distractions. It helps me think. I get distracted really easily, and I never end up being able to study. Try my tip!

Janet Brittlaer, Student, 6th Grade - New York 02/10/2008

Record what the teacher says during class and when you get home write what you think is important.

Shanese T., Student, Sophmore - Texas 02/12/2008

I bring home all my books and look through them first. Then I start reading them. A few hours or minutes later my parents or my older brothers quiz me on them, and the ones I get right a lot of times means I know them and the ones I don’t get right I have to study again.

Frankie Endo-ondo, Student, 5th Grade 2007-2008 - Virginia 02/19/2008

I always do things such as reading that require the most concentration in the morning.

Ronit Kishore, Student, 9 - India 02/21/2008

One of the absolutely best ways I find to prepare for a test is to grab a set of flash cards and spend the first night brainstorming every possible question a teacher can ask you. Honestly, that is the most important step; think of everything. This should take you no longer than taking time to review all of these questions over and over until you know
them. I passed this on to many of my students, and they swear by it.

Jennifer Berry, Teacher, Grade 3 - Massachusetts 02/22/2008

Read your definitions over and over. Use index cards.

Holly V., Student, 7 - Louisiana 02/22/2008

My friends and I use a study technique that is a very effective and fun “quiz method.” One will question and the others (normally two people) will answer. Try it, and you will realize that having a competition is the way to go!

Amalina Anas, Student, Form 3 - Malaysia 02/24/2008

First I have to set a goal. I don’t think about other things. We have to think we are on our own and expand our thinking. Most important is concentration.

Rekha G., Student, 20 - Indonesia 02/27/2008

I study every day. I have my own timetable and I follow it, but unfortunately, somtimes I can’t do it because of other things. For example, I exercise and love reading interesting books. I like reading in the morning and doing homework or assignments in the afternoon and in the evening I surf the Internet to find something new. I have my own long term goals to achieve next year but I’m afraid that can’t achieve them. I’m not the best student in the class, so I try my best to study. I find a website to improve my weaknesses and correct them by adapting what I learn.

Daret Ork, Student, Year 1 - Cambodia 02/27/2008

During exam time, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated. So you must drink lots of water. Always be positive about your exams. Do not leave out any part of the chapter. This will give you roaring success in the yearly

Mohima Ghosh, Student, 10th Grade - India 02/28/2008

Use bright equipment!!! This works especially well for girls. If you use bright, colouful stationery, you will be more inclined to look at the highlighted section. Use your pens. I started decorating all of my study materials with ribbons and paint 3 years ago, and my grades have improved dramatically!

Larna B., Student, 11 - Australia 02/29/2008

Always take regular breaks if you have been working hard at studying. If you reward yourself for working hard, you can train yourself to want to study. Your brain will realize it can get what it wants by concentrating, so you should take in a lot more information.

Charli S., Student, 9 - Australia 02/29/2008

1) We should manage our time. 2) We should read books with great concentration.
3) We should understand before we memorize. 4) We should apply various memory tips (mnemonics). 5) We change what we are studying every hour. 6) We should be practical rather than theoretical. 7) We should apply everything we read in our life. 8) We should be creative.

Sailesh Wagle, Student - Nepal 03/10/2008

When you study, try to keep your study time on a schedule for each class so you don’t study too much on one class and it ends up too late to study for another class. This way you can change the schedule around, like the day before a test add more time for the class that you have the test in.

Kaleb Remy, Student, 8 - Indiana 03/12/2008

I think if you always have a book in your hand this will help you, because you can study whenever you want to. Besides this, always study the material that is studied in the classroom. Try to study at night because it is peaceful and you can concentrate. Use a pencil to mark important topics in books and when in a hurry, only look at those points. This is very helpful for remembering all the things you studied.

Samidha Shrivastava, Student, 21 - India 03/14/2008

My study tip is to use association and grouping. This will help you make better grades and reduce your study time. When you use grouping and association you will only study half the time and your grades will go up.

Meagan W., Student - Arkansas 03/18/2008

Study harder than you usually do.

Nik Adcock, NULL - Arkansas 03/18/2008

Pay attention in class to see what you are studying for. Take notes. Go to class and don’t skip. Do your own work and you will learn more about the lesson.

Kim Houghtlen, Parent - Arkansas 03/18/2008

When you are reading a novel, read a chapter or two at a time. Don’t read the whole book in one day. If you are reading a novel for a class you are taking, then space out your reading. Read a chapter today, and then another chapter tomorrow. Space your chapters out so you won’t read the book so fast that you forgot half the book because you read it so fast.

Meagan W., Student - Arkansas 03/18/2008

I think kids should take their time and pay attention to the teacher.

Kim Houghtlen, Parent - Arkansas 03/18/2008

Don’t rush study time…always pay attention.

Brett Caples, Student, 7 - Arkansas 03/18/2008

Study well, but not for too long, or you will not learn what you’re studying.

Brett Caples, Student, 7 - Arkansas 03/18/2008

When studying always make sure you have all the materials needed. Also, make sure you are in a comfortable study place so that you can concentrate.

Katelyn Alexander, Student, 7 - Arkansas 03/18/2008

Be attentive in class and make notes. Review them the same day and before your test.This will help a lot!

Ankita Gupta, Student, 8th Grade - India 03/20/2008

Use ‘Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally’ to remember the math variables: parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction.

Jonathan Vargas, Student, 6th Grade - Illinois 03/24/2008

You need to have control over yourself. Forget all your tensions and use your fresh mind at study time Go ahead and clear all your doubts in the examination hall. Just relax and take it easy.

Priya Priya, Student, 8th - India 03/27/2008

You should never try to be the best of all. Just try to give your best. It will gradually take you the top. Trust me, it will work like magic. Feed your brain with oxygen, soya beans, dark colored fruits and vegetables, dark chocolates, green tea, fish and nuts. These things will keep you healthy during your exams and they are said to improve your memory power too. All the

Nilavani J., Student, 9th Grade - India 03/27/2008

My study tip is read your notes, homework, and vocabulary for about thirty minutes to an hour every day until your test, exam, or quiz. The last thing is that you can always trust if you are stuck. NEVER PROCRASTINATE or you will not be successful in life.

Triet Tran, Student, Seventh Grade - Texas 03/31/2008

Get a good night’s sleep. Do not study on a empty stomach. Read class notes, then reading assignments. Be attentive and keep focused.

Theresa R., Student, College Junior - New York 04/07/2008

First you must stay focused in your studying. Then if you are bored, try to relax for 15 minutes and study again.

Bem Tan, Student, Grade Six - Philippines 04/11/2008

Homework comes before TV or play for my kids. I do let them watch tv or play outside for an hour when they get home from school, but then it’s schoolwork time. They are used to this and it works – they get good grades. Oh – they’re in fourth and sixth grade.

Patricia S., Parent - Delaware 04/11/2008

I have my students write a list of what they have to do in school every night. They cross out things when they do them. This helps them with planning and organization and just takes a few minutes.

Helena R., Teacher, Fifth Grade - South Carolina 04/11/2008

Fortitude is necessary. Do not give up. Keep working until you get it or ask for help. My education is my key to a good life as a professional. I stay well fed and get good sleep so I can be attentive in class and when I work
at home.

Shandu K., Student, 8th Year - India 04/11/2008

I unfortunately am a procrastinator, which I know does not help. I usually get a study guide or similar form of the test to study or possibly complete for extra credit. If your teacher issues these please complete them. When I do not receive a study guide, I create one of my own with my own notes. Also if you are studying for a science test, apply what you are learning to your own life. Especially biology. When studying for a memory test or memory verse, take it one verse or sentence at a time, repeating each verse several times before learning the next one. This helps me a lot with my memory verses. Take one or more days for each verse.

Claire Smathers, Student, 7th Grade - Pennsylvania 04/12/2008

Never be afraid to ask for help from teachers. When you’re in high school try to take courses that challenge you, and stick to those courses and try hard to get good grades in them. You can earn college credit and even gain a better understanding of materials for college students and be ahead of the game.

Lane Dunbar, Student, 12th - Arizona 04/15/2008

Relax and go to a quiet place where you will be alone. You can read things aloud to yourself, or if you have to memorize something, write it down over and over until you have it ‘written’ in your brain.

Billy B, Student, 9 - Tennessee 04/21/2008

Get enough sleep at night. It’s harder to concentrate when you get less than six hours of sleep the night before a test.

Anu Rithi, Student, 8 - India 04/23/2008

Get plenty of sleep, eat eggs and toast in the morning, and repeat in your head – “I will do awesome!” Over and over. Its all in your head. Confidence is the key to succeeding in life.

Liz Blue, Student, 9th Grade - Oregon 04/29/2008

Our brain operates with five different waves 1.Gamma 2.Beta 3.Alpha 4.Theta 5.Delta It is best to bring ourselves down to the Alpha level
before studying by relaxation. The Alpha level is just above our subconscious. At that time there will be no limits to how much we are able to absorb.

Lee Zhi Han, Student, Level 4 - Singapore 04/30/2008

Go to a quiet place and read your book or your papers out loud and try to concentrate on what you are reading. Picture the words in your mind as you say them and try to sit in a place alone with no one in the room. Write little notes to help you and pick up your dictionary and keep it with you to help you with any word.

Memo Manmony, Student, 6 - Kuwait 05/03/2008

Don’t procrastinate. Don’t get too tense before exams. Be cool and calm. Cultivate the habit of good writing from the start. Develop good handwriting because it’ll fetch you higher marks. Study the subject with involvement.

Sudha J., Student, 12 - India 05/05/2008

If you don’t know what you have to study or have poor notes, like myself, ask your teacher to help you prepare you a study guide.

Regis Masiringi, Student, 7 - Alberta 05/08/2008

Teachers don’t give the grades. You earn them! You must understand this.

Fred Zulueta, Student, 8th Grade - California 05/12/2008

I monitor my fifth grade son’s schoolwork. But I’m not all over him. It’s his responsibility and his learning. I give support and reasonable help but, I don’t do his work for him. If he doesn’t do his assignments the right way, the consequences are on him.

Scott O., Parent - Michigan 05/14/2008

Keep your work and papers for each subject in its own folder. Every day throw away stuff no longer needed. This way each folder is up to date and ready to use.

Melinda W., Student, Tenth Grade - Montana 05/14/2008

Concentrate on 1 subject at a time and take a break after 45 minutes because your brain can only remember so much at one time. Also, study the material at least 3 days before the test.

Anna Doutt, Student, 6th Grade - Virginia 05/20/2008

I study only when I am in the mood to study. I don’t have fixed times.

Aditya Uluvare, Student, A 2002 - India 05/24/2008

Study at least three times per week so you don’t need to cram.

Jasmine Ligacion, Student, Grade 5 - Ontario, Canada 05/27/2008

I take some of my notebooks home and write the things down twice that I need to remember. Then I write questions down about the notes that I wrote. I go to one of the adults in my house to ask me the questions and make up some of their own so I don’t know the answer automatically. I do this every three school days.

Tiana-Jade Velez, Student, 6th Grade - New Jersey 06/02/2008

For girls, it has been proven that scents help you to remember things, so wear a specific scented lotion or perfume while you study, then wear it again during the test. I have tried it and it works. Believe me!

Samantha O., Student, 6 - New Jersey 06/05/2008

Whatever you read, review is the most important thing. If you read something, review it after 10 minutes and again after 24 hrs. It is best if you review without looking at the book or source. At first it may be difficult, but when it becomes a habit you can catch everything very fast.

Pawan Bhatta, Student, 12 - Nepal 06/05/2008

This advice is for students who go from high school to college. Be ready for this new step. Be clear with yourself about what you would like to be. Try to get rid of useless wasting time tools. Look to yourself only and never look back.

Mohammed Abdelsattar, Student, 1st Grade - Egypt 06/09/2008

Study things you don’t already know. It sounds obvious, but too many people study material they already know rather than things they don’t.

Duncan P., Student, 10th Grade - Colorado 06/11/2008

Follow the KISS principle. Keep It Simple, Stupid! Don’t make studying more complicated than it has to be.

Kira H., Student, 11th Grade - Colorado 06/11/2008


Raj Karade, Student, 4 - Russia 06/22/2008

I love index card studying. You don’t need anyone and you can study on your own.

Yvonna McCray, Student, College Student - South Carolina 07/07/2008

I set a study routine. On an given day I know I will study and what I will study. In this way studying becomes a habit that I do without agonizing over it. It calms me to not worry about it. I just do it!

Cynthia L., Student, 10th Grade - Louisiana 07/10/2008

Math is tough for me. Always has been. Now I have to learn formulas. I know I have to remember them. I put them on cards I carry with me and keep going over them. But I also try to understand what each part means. This helps me remember them and use them the right way.

Kenneth S., Student, 9th Grade - Minnesota 07/11/2008

My best friend is not good at school. I help her every day by being a teacher for her after school. It helps her a lot and I learn things better also.

Sonia Y., Student, 9th Form - Nepal 07/13/2008

I give my students handouts that cover the information I talk about in class. I do this the day before class and assign it as a reading for that night. In this way my students have a mental set for the lesson. They don’t like it, but I use occasional snap quizzes to help be sure they do the reading.

Dorothy K., Private High School Science Teacher - California 07/14/2008

Do not relax too much while studying. When you study be sure that your focus is on studying and not on any other things.

Ara P., Student, 11th - Philippines 07/23/2008

Do an outline, study 24 hours before the test, and rewrite everything as a summary. Go to a quiet place to study.

Rosa Torres, Student - Arizona 07/26/2008

To remember notes we can rewrite them and then rememeber them.

Abiram K.abiram, Doctor - Sri Lanka 08/01/2008

Keep faith in yourself. Don’t give up. Hard work in school will give you a better life.

Shara W., Student, High School - Kenya 08/07/2008

Be Serious about school. Be sure to Try your hardest. Try to understand the information. Be determined to succeed. Be positive – say yes I can do this.

William Johnson, Student, High School Junior To Be - Ohio 08/07/2008

I struggle with how much help I should give my 4th and 7th graders with their assignments. I used to almost do it for them. They were great at leading me on. I finally decided that I would help them understand their assignments, but the the work was all their own.

Naomi R., Parent - New York 08/07/2008

I keep a dictionary handy when I read. Then I can look up the meaning of any word I don’t know.

Paula W., Student, College - Ontario, Canada 08/08/2008

My child has to use a calendar the school sold. It has no room for comments. I think communication is so important. What I do is write notes on post-its and stick them on in my daughter’s calendar. I also but a blank sticky so the teacher can answer. This has worked for me. My child is in fourth grade but this can work for any grade.

Silvia Cohen, Parent - New York 08/08/2008

Be sure you know what information will be covered on a test. You don’t want to study stuff you don’t need to. Stick to what you have to study.

Tommy A., Student, Fifth Grade - Florida 08/08/2008

I was struggling with studies when I was in primary 5 (in Singapore they call it primary for grade). My teacher told me to write notes but with different colours and pictures. And for math, practice makes perfect. Following this now I am 2nd in the entire class!

Trisha Priya, Student, 6 - Singapore 08/13/2008

When I study, I make sure I don’t get distracted by anything else. Other activities must be put on hold til after I finish with my homework.

Portia Dominguez, Parent - China 08/18/2008

It took me many years to figure out my study style. It really helped me over the years. If you are visual, use bright colours and concept maps. But if you are more verbal, I suggest not only reading out loud, but trying to recall the text after verbally reading it. Furthermore, if you are a hands-on person, try to study in a study group. It really helps but make sure you get reliable people. Lastly, avoid eating very heavy meals on an exam day, as it makes you lethargic and sleepy. Sleep early, drink lots of water, and don’t review notes 5 minutes before the test.

Rubini Krishnamoorthy, Student, Secondary 3 - Singapore 08/26/2008

Pay attention to your teachers and write good notes. On tests, teachers ask a lot of questions about what they talk about. My notes help me do well.

Hermann Bergmann, Student, 10th Year - Germany 08/27/2008

Spelling is tough for me. I write words I need to learn in my notebook. I try to use these words when I write. Everytime I do, I put a check next to the word on my list. When I get to 20, I cross the word off. I also use spell check a lot.

Trisha L., Student, 6 - Wisconsin 08/27/2008

Ever since junior high I’ve kept my notebooks from each year. I use them for a quick review and sometimes even to find information.

Kimberly Valle, Student, 11th Grade - California 08/28/2008

It’s never too early to teach students study skills. I focus on organization. I’m a stickler for having my students keep neat notebooks with all work dated.

Lois M., Teacher, Grades 3-4 - Alabama 08/31/2008

Review as much as possible – it helps you remember stuff for tests. I do the most reviewing for my toughest classes. Sometimes I review with my best friend. He asks me questions and I ask him. We both get helped this way.

Odalis Garcia, Student, 10th - Texas 08/31/2008

In year 12, the thing that got me through was I studied all night until my favourite show came on every day. When it was on, I would take a break and watch the show. But when it was over, I went back to studying. This was the one thing I did besides studying every night, and it provided just the right break.

Jodie H., Student, Bible College - Australia 09/01/2008

I have a great science teacher. He always writes comments on how we could have improved our score when he returns tests. Maybe you can ask your teacher to do this. It really helps me do better the next time.

Karen L., Student, 11th Grade - Pennsylvania 09/04/2008

In higher grades, things are different. You switch classes and meet new people. You might get confused about your schedule. It’s hard to stay awake and listen to the teacher the whole time. So if you have a question, ask it. If you’re stuck, ask for help. If you make a mistake, try again. If you’re confused, ask a classmate. That’s the only way to survive.

Angelica W., Student, 6th Grade - Florida 09/04/2008

Study. Study. Study. But ALWAYS take a break or you’ll have a headache!

Katherine Arana, Student, 9th Grade - California 09/09/2008

What is your priority – fun or education? The answer should be both. But don’t let fun get in the way of education. By the way – learning is fun.

Edward H., Student, High School - New York 09/09/2008

I lost points on my last essay test because my teacher said she could hardly read my writing. That made me mad because I knew the stuff on the test. Next time I’ll write more neatly, but you still have to know the stuff. So study hard and use good handwriting.

Silvia Washington, Student, 10th Grade - Washington 09/09/2008

When you study for a test make believe you are the teacher. Write questions you think your teacher will put on the test. Then write answers and keep studying the questions and answers. You’ll do great!

Anthony L., Student, 9th Grade - California 09/11/2008

Sometimes the stuff I have to study is boring. I try to make it fun. Sometimes I make up a song about it. Other times I think of something funny about it. Then I can study it harder and remember it better.

Naveen S., Student, 10th Grade - India 09/13/2008

My child is studying countries of the world this year. When her class studies a country I am going to look up traditional recipes on the Internet for that country. Then we’ll have a dinner like people of that country might eat. This will give my daughter a real feel for the culture of that country and will give our family a fun eating experience at the same time.

Sylvia K., Parent - Rhode Island 09/15/2008

I use flash cards to study vocabulary words. I write the word on one side and what it means on the other. I mix the cards up and look at the word. I say what it means and then look at the back to see if I was right. I have the cards with me and do this a lot of times.

Howard Robinson, Student, 5th Grade - Kentucky 09/17/2008

I keep all the papers my teachers give back to me. I keep them in a folder with the last one on the top. I use these when I study for a test.

Sasha G., Student, Ninth Year Student - Belgium 09/20/2008

We have to use an agenda book our school gives us. I put a paper clip at the corner of the current week. Then I can get to it quickly.

Jonathan Bennett, Student, 7th Grade - Illinois 09/20/2008

I’m lazy and like to sleep a lot. So every night before school I set out my clothes for the next day and get my school stuff together. I can sleep a little later and still get to school on time.

Vanessa Wilson, Student, 5th Grade - Texas 09/24/2008

I assign students to other students as peer helpers. They are available to help with difficult homework assignments. They feel good doing this so it is a win-win experience for them and the students they help.

Janet G., Teacher, Private High School - Ohio 09/24/2008

When you study something don’t lean your body, Scientifically, this will put you in a sleepy mood. Sit straight and study.

Jeba Joselin, Preparing For Competitive Exam - India 09/25/2008

I set priorities. I do the most important things first and then go on to the others. Once I’m done it’s fun time for me.

Johanna S., Student, 10th - Michigan 09/25/2008

You can make flash cards and then ask an adult to help you study for your test.

Jamie Barreca, Student, 8th Grade - Louisiana 09/25/2008

Write down questions and answers when studying for a test. Then cover the question, and think of different ways the question could be asked to get the answer.

Lamont Edmond, Student - South Carolina 09/26/2008

I try not to sit too much. You have to move around sometimes so your brain keeps working. I move around for a couple of minutes about every half hour. It keeps me alert.

Rosa Perez, Student, 8th Grade - California 09/29/2008

What I do before I study is eat fruit or have a quick heathly snack to get my brain working. Then I can study my notes.

Cherry B., Student, 7th Grade - Illinois 09/30/2008

Review your notes as soon after class as you can. That’s when everything is freshest in your mind. Add to them if you left something out.

Sharon Weiss, Student, High School - Washington 10/03/2008

Make your assignments interesting. With TV and the Internet there is a lot of competition for kid’s attention. Catch their attention.

Mrs. Delores Johnson, Teacher, Middle School - Minnesota 10/04/2008

Ask your teacher or professor about when your next test is, and as soon as you find out, start studying. Study 40 minutes a day about 2 hours after getting home If you don’t go straight home from school, wait 1 hour. Read the notes you studied twice right before you go to bed. After reading the notes put on some nice classical music to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Brittany Conner, Student, 9th - North Carolina 10/05/2008

Study real hard and you can do anything you want in school Do extra work so you can understand what you are doing in class and always do your best on tests too.

Bill Kellogg, Student, 11 Grade 2008 - Rhode Island 10/06/2008

Every year I have more schoolwork to do after school. So I schedule more time in my day to do it. I even do some work on the weekend. Doing well in school is very important to me and I am willing to give up some other things when I have to.

Angela Green, Student, 10th Grade - Kentucky 10/08/2008

Make flashcards and you will suceed!!!

John M., Student, 6th Grade - New York 10/08/2008

Try finding the purpose of the test. What is the test about and what are the main things? Then think about what you learned and then what you think will be on the test. After you know all the major things, move on to the less important or unlikely things to be on the test.

John H., Student, 8th Grade - Ontario, Canada 10/09/2008

The most important thing to remember is, if you are lagging behind in your course…DON’T ignore the current topics being taught in order to complete the previous ones. This won’t help..and you will eventually keep lagging on….complete the current topics…then you can sacrifice some of your extra time to go back and complete the previous things.

Kavish D., Student, 12 - India 10/13/2008

Feel confident about yourself and study everything in detail. Don’t delay.

Bilal Alsalihi, Student, Senior High School - Yemen 10/13/2008

I find it best to study sitting in a supportive chair with a high backrest. It keeps the blood flowing properly, I also recommend studying at a desk rather than in bed.

Daniel Munday, Student, Grade 6, Standard 4 - South Africa 10/14/2008

If you sit down and really put your head to it without any noise or distractions, what you are studying will go into your head more easily.

Laura Dermody, Student, 2nd Yr - Ireland 10/16/2008

Creating a relaxing environment should help with a couple of healthy snacks by your side to keep yourself active in what you are doing. Don’t let laziness take you over because you are much stronger than that.

Amira Asad, Student, 8th Grade - New York 10/16/2008

Just relax and keep focused on your paper and on what you studied. Think back and try your best.

David Tomas, Student, 6th - Florida 10/16/2008

I prefer to study after midnight. I speak with loud voice teaching myself and walking. If I just sit, I won’t study, so I keep moving here and there and nobody disturbs me.

Najla Tho., Student, 2007 - Saudi Arabia 10/18/2008

Always try to study weeks before your exam,as it has been proven that…PERFECT PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE…studying the night before an exam is a no-no!

Sandisiwe Mbeje, Student, Law 1st Year - South Africa 10/19/2008

If you want to be successful in your studying, in essence, you have to concentrate and ignore the surrounding noisy distractions. Secondly, you have to make connections between what you study. Do not only study that page and then ignore the previous one and turn to the next page. Last but not least, imagine in your mind what you study. You know you can do these things and read and memorize more than 10 pages in half an hour.

Bakil Al-Salehi, Student, Sophomore, Electrical And Electronics - Yemen 10/20/2008

Read before class, take notes in class, and again read after class. This way you can have it in your mind fresh. Always rewrite the definitions of the words that are bold in the chapter so you can learn their meanings.

Flor Mtz., Student, Nursing Student - Texas 10/20/2008

I just sit in my room, on a comfortable chair and read away. For math, practice questions from a textbook or do past paper questions.

Kernan Smith, Student, 13 - Trinidad and Tobago 10/21/2008

To make sure my students understand the directions for an assignment, I give the directions in writing and also verbally. Then I call on some students to explain what they have to do.

Veronica Carrasco, Teacher, 4th Grade - Pennsylvania 10/24/2008

When I read I write down questions I think will be on the test. I make sure I know the answers before I take the test. This has helped me get good marks.

Mona Krantz, Student, 7th Grade - New Jersey 10/27/2008

When you feel tired or bored, take a rest and then continue your studying. Don’t forget to take some water and a sweet so that you can get enough energy for continued study.

Mohd Kamarul, Student, Price Unversity Of Malaysia - Malaysia 10/27/2008

Read the material over and over again.

Derrick Davis, Student, 9th - Virginia 10/31/2008

Studying is important. But school shouldn’t be all work and no play. Spend some time in extracurricular activities. I play in the school band and it is a welcome break. Then I feel better when I go back to studying.

Joshua Engelberg, Student, 10th - Wisconsin 11/03/2008

Stay positive when the teacher hands you back a test which isn’t at a high standard. Look at the things you got right and not the things you got wrong. You can do this also when you hand up a test that you feel didn’t go as good as it should. Here in Ireland, our head mistress makes sure we stay positive and of course focused on our work. Don’t forget to study though! Think of it this way – without learning, you have nothing to write down on the page!

Aoife Come, Student, 2nd Year - Age 15 - Ireland 11/03/2008

Managing your time is extremly important!

Jon R., Student, 10 - New York 11/05/2008

I study the diagrams in my science text. I learn best by seeing things and that helps me a lot.

Edward Williamson, Student, Secondary - United Kingdom 11/07/2008

I suggest you study in the early morning just after waking up. It’s scientifically proven that studying from four am to six am is really beneficial because you can concentrate and your mind will be fresh and your brain functions fast at that time. I hope you will follow my suggestion.

Chennamaneni Abhina Rao, Student, B.E. - United Arab Emirates 11/09/2008

You can put your study info on some index cards or on a foldable.

Cheyenne Perdue, Student, 8th, 2008 - Georgia 11/10/2008

When you have reading matrials read them over again and look up words you don’t know in the dictionary. If you don’t understand the definition than look in the thesaurus.

Esther Allain, Student, 8 - California 11/11/2008

You must have the motivation to study.

Hamza Ben Younes, Student, Multimedia - Oman 11/11/2008

I enjoy studying with my friends or a study group a few weeks before a test. It helps you to share and collect new information or any notes that you missed.We also discuss the topics that we feel are hard to master. A couple of days before the test, I review all the notes from my teachers or friends. It helps me a lot!

Sakinah Zulkifilie, Student, Form 3 - Malaysia 11/14/2008

1. Avoid interruptions 2. Have a schedule 3. Take notes in class (notes that are written on the blackboard are very important) 4. Take a break every 20-30 minutes 5. Read the topics before starting 6. Question yourself about what you read 7. Answer the questions in your textbook 8. Relax when you take a test (don’t put too much pressure on yourself).

Mina Shaha, Student, 9th - France 11/17/2008

When I write a list of things I have to do for the coming day I draw a circle around anything that I absolutely must do.

Amaya Warren, Student, 10th Grade - Texas 11/19/2008

When I study I wait after I eat at least one hour so I won’t get sleepy and I will have time to walk and sit and think about what I have read so that way I can fit it all together. As I start on a new day I look at things like “The Little Train that Could” and I am the little train. You have to have a postive outlook on what you do in life to be all you can be.

Jerry Dickerson, Student, Freshman GCU 2008 - Arizona 11/19/2008

1. Just have confidence in yourself and keep on saying ‘I will do it.’ 2. When studying just concentrate on the material and not on anything else. 3. Study in a comparatively peaceful surrounding. 4. Whenever you have free time review your math formulas, theorems etc. 5. After you have finished studying ask yourself what have you learned. 6. Keep on reviewing the material. 7. Keep on giving tests to yourself. 8. Don’t leave anything to study at the last moment. 9. Just be cool and ca lm before taking an exam.

Varun Bhat, Student, 9th - India 11/20/2008

I always set priorities. For now schoolwork comes first. I think of it as my job and work real hard at doing it well. But I leave some time for fun too.

Paul Lombardi, Student, 10 - Georgia 11/24/2008

Don’t cram the night before. Study in little increments through the week. Then, fully review 2 days before the test. The day before the test just chill. Remember to take breaks when you study.

Matthew M., Student, 6th Grade - California 11/24/2008

Here are some tips to study well for exams. 1- Study when you wish. 2- Refresh yourself for study. 3- Don’t take study as burden but relax and enjoy the time when you are studying. 4- Identify the concept for each topic. 5- Look for hints in the topics which you are studying. 6- Practice mathematics. 7- If you did not understand any topics ask your teacher for help until the topic becomes clear to you. 8- Before going to school read the topics which you are going to study that day.

Saaduddin Saad, Student, Pakturk International School, Pakistan - Pakistan 11/25/2008

It is important to have enough sleep. You should have at least 10 hours of sleep. This refreshes your mind for the next day. Therefore, you will do well in school.

Albert M., Student, Grade 5 - USA 11/25/2008

We should always start our work (studying) with some positive self talk. By doing this our mind will set itself to accomplish the given task. When we start with a negative set our mind makes itself weaken and tries not to complete the given task.

RAKSHITH R., Student, I Puc - India 11/27/2008

Study what you have in hand and concentrate on what you are reading. Most students roam in the mind while keeping books in their hands. Prepare and plan for your studying.

Abdul Aziz Rahimoon Ali Akbar Rahimoon, Student, 12 - Pakistan 11/30/2008

I study for exams to be prepared. Skimming and scanning my reading notes makes it easier to remember. I make sure I keep a dictionary handy when I read. Then I can look up the meaning of any word I don’t know.

Lela Joseph, Student, Bachelor of Management (BIM) - Malaysia 11/30/2008

When I read my texts, I look for things that might be questions on a test. I write a question and make sure I know the answer to it. I’ve become real good at this, and my test scores show it.

Elizabeth Vasquez, Student, 9th - California 12/03/2008

After I take my notes in a class, I use a red highlighter to mark what I think is the most important information to remember. I read all of my notes very carefully before tests. I use the red-marked information for a last minute review.

Ricardo Hermia, Student, 10th Grade - Pennsylvania 12/05/2008

Don’t let preparing for the SAT get in the way of doing your schoolwork. Keep working hard on getting good grades. They count even more than SAT scores when you apply to colleges.

Roger Cohen, Student, High School Junior - Florida 12/10/2008

Write neatly on an essay test. Teachers are human and they can get annoyed when they have to work too hard to read what you write. This can cost you points.

Rosa Garcia, Student, 7th Grade - Texas 12/12/2008

Don’t take all hard courses the same semester. Try to balance. Take some hard courses and some that are easier. Also, try not to take all classes that have a lot of reading.

Oscar Dellios, Student, University - Massachusetts 12/14/2008

Before you are studying, get rid of all distractions, and get together all the things that you’ll need to study (notes, textbook, flashcards, etc.). Be sure to concentrate on what you’re studying, and to use things such as acronyms or rhymes to memorize things. You may want to study with a buddy, but make sure that you actually study. Don’t cram, and be sure to get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy, protein-filled breakfast the day of the test.

Elaine T., Student, 6th - Texas 12/14/2008

Even though my oldest daughter is now in high school I take time every day to talk with her about what she is doing in school. I don’t pressure her, but I make it clear that doing well in school is her major responsibility at this time. I also let her know that I support her and am there to help when needed. So far so good.

Elizabeth Atkins, Parent - Texas 12/17/2008

Keep an assignment book to keep track of your assignments, homework, and any notes that you need to study. If you keep these things together, you will be very organized.

Rebekah S., Student, 6th Grade - Connecticut 12/17/2008

I use a four color pen, the kind that has blue, green, red and black. When taking notes, each color represents something. Formulas are in green, vocabulary is blue, things to look up online in red and regular notes in black. It helps me figure out what I need to do at-a-glance!

Ronda E., Student, College - Alaska 12/20/2008

I use part of my winter break to get ready for the next semester. I organize all my papers and notes from the last semester. I make sure I have whatever supplies I need for the next semester. Once that’s done, the rest of my break is fun, fun, fun.

Kelly O'Brien, Student, 11th Grade - Arizona 12/23/2008

Keep your study place pleasing. When your mind is not mentally prepared to study, leave your study for a better time. If you parents don’t have the ability to help you in your studies, you might have to use a tutor.

Preeya Bansal, Student, Plus One Grade - India 12/23/2008

It’s so so easy to forget all about school during a long break. Try to do a little review when you have a few minutes. You don’t want to forget everything and have to start all over.

Shana B., Student, 7th - Minnesota 12/25/2008

I use yellow sticky notes when I read my books. Whenever I have a question I write it on a note and stick it on the page. Sometimes I have 2 or 3 notes on a page. I ask my teacher to help me with my questions.

Lauren Riccardi, Student, 5th - Missouri 12/29/2008