Below are the study tips that were submitted by our visitors in the year you selected. We encourage you to submit your own study tip.

Study with a friend. But make sure you stay dedicated! It works because you’re with somebody you enjoy being around. It’s hard to study with a parent because they always want you to have it right, which isn’t bad, but friends don’t argue as much.

Hailey S, Student, 8th grade - Indiana 01/01/2010

Whenever you study stuff that is dificult to remember, imagine you are siting with a group of people and making them understand. This will relax you.

Dad Muhammad, - Pakistan 01/03/2010

I’m a visual learner who has trouble remembering information. What helps for me is to draw a picture of something I have to remember. I try to make it kind of silly since this makes it easier for me to remember. I write the information that needs to be remembered at the bottom of the drawing.

Adrian Torres, Student, First year high school - Texas 01/05/2010

I am more likely to remember things that have been written. So what I do is make index cards or get flash cards. This helps me study a lot. And you can take the cards with you anywhere on the bus,train,and even for any of those free periods you have. Give it a try!

Treasan M, Student, 10th grade - New York 01/05/2010

When I come back home from school, I take a nap, and then I open my books to study.

Ara Al Qattan, Student, 8 - Kuwait 01/06/2010

When I come home after school I take a nap and
then I try to forget whatever wrong happened with me in school. I think healthy thoughts in my mind. This helps my concentration in my studies. Without concentration, study done is not effective.

Priyanka Aggarwal, Student, 9th - India 01/08/2010

There is a tool called PerfectNotes. It’s software you use on a laptop. It makes a recording of your lecture. While you’re taking notes, you can create bookmarks for important points your teacher makes. After class, when you go back to flesh out your notes, you can easily find the recording for the part of your notes you are working on. Actually hearing the lecture again makes it easier to more accurately fill in your notes and make them more complete. Studying accurate information leads to much better results than trying to do it from memory.

Rachel R, Graduate - Utah 01/08/2010

Stay organized. Make a study guide.
Have a planner.

Samantha P, Student, 5 - Minnesota 01/09/2010

If you are going to highlight some information in a book, first read the information to understand it. Then go back and highlight what you think is most important. Don’t just go through and highlight as you read something the first time.

Amaya W, Student, Middle School - Florida 01/12/2010

Get started on a research paper assignment as soon as you get it. Don’t try to do it all near the due date in 1 or 2 days. You can break the paper into parts and schedule a certain amount of time to finish each part.

Ivannia Torres, Student, HS junior - Pennsylvania 01/14/2010

I’m taking Trigonometry now and it’s hard. I study it every day with a friend in the same class. We work out the homework problems together – two heads are better than one. Uusually if one of us is stuck, the other gets it. It also makes it almost fun since we laugh a lot as we work.

Julia P, Student, Grade 11 - New Jersey 01/18/2010

Open your mind, think freely, and read all your eyes fall upon. Try to learn something useful every time.

Ahmed Salman, Student, Masters - Bahrain 01/19/2010

When you study you need to do your best. When it comes to the Ohio Achievement Test, every time it comes up I study for about 25 to 30 mintues each day. So you can do it too.

Bobby Naphier- Wilson, Student, 8 - Ohio 01/19/2010

I make sure that I get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet. I can’t concentrate on my studying if I’m tired or hungry.

Josephine Antonelli, Student, 7th grade - New York 01/22/2010

We must pay much attention while we study anything. Only then will we be able to recall the same whenever necessary. In this way we also strengthen long-term memory.


Keep your mind free. Don’t think of other things. Just concentrate on your work.

Nizran Mohamed, Student, A/L - Sri Lanka 01/26/2010

Avoid foods that contain caffine. These can affect your remembering. But a little caffeine can increase your energy for studying.

Ammu Khan, Student, 7 - India 01/27/2010

I have a teacher that when she repeats something, it’s always on the test. So I make sure to write down anything she repeats and also make sure that I know it for the test.

Sandra W, Student, 9th - Kentucky 01/28/2010

When your math instructor writes sample problems on the board, be sure you copy them into your notes. Try to write down the steps in numerical order.

Anthony Arnone, Student, College soph - California 01/30/2010

Listen carefully to the teacher. If she repeats a sentence a lot write it down.

Raphia N, Student, 7th - New York 01/31/2010

When studying have an objective for each study session. You must resolve not to stop until your target for the day has been reached. Within each session introduce a variety of different kind of tasks – spend some time reading, some writing, some on revision. Let your mind respond to variety which prevents it from becoming stale and keeps it alert.

Kingsley Ogbonna, Student, 200 - Nigeria 01/31/2010

One of my biggest problems is that I have too much stuff on my desk. This takes away work space and makes it harder for me to find the things I need. Here’s a couple of simple ideas that work for me. Get rid of the pens and pencils you don’t need to work. One time I counted 14 sitting all over my desk. Don’t keep things like your keys and loose change on your desk. Stick them in a drawer.

Lydia H, Student, College Junior - Illinois 02/03/2010

I have a certain action that I do the moment I start studying. I place a sheet of paper and a pencil right in front of me. This signals my brain to increase concentration levels and pay attention. You can use your own action every time.

Nakul Pathak, Student, 8th grade - India 02/05/2010

In my opinion, just don’t give up. If you think that you are stressed you should take a break.

Znd Kin, Student, 6 - New Jersey 02/06/2010

By writing down what we have studied on a sheet of paper, we can remember what we have studied that day

Sruthi Regula, Student, 2nd year - India 02/07/2010

You yourself are a good teacher. So try to teach yourself and enjoy your studies by gaining new knowledge.

Prajakta Parab, Student, M.Com. - India 02/12/2010

I’m a big fan of sticky notes. I use them when I read my textbooks. When I read something that is especially important, I put a sticky alongside it with a *. If there’s something I need to ask my teacher about, I use a sticky with a ?.

Amanda Peterson, Student, HS senior - Montana 02/15/2010

I usually do the same routine. I pick a special time to study and also a quiet place where no one can interrupt me, no radio, no tv.

Wilfredo Torres, Student, pre-entry course - Florida 02/16/2010

Try to study in peace.

Kaitlyn Gilbert, Student, 4th grade - USA 02/16/2010

To study you need concentration. Be a smart reader and during study “play” with your books and assume that you are the best player.
Challenge yourself to be the best scorer in your studies. BEST OF LUCK!!!!

Yasir Ali, Student, BS TEXTILE - Pakistan 02/16/2010

I have a study time table which holds materials for 1 or 2 subjects. I study each for an hour or an hour and a half. This helps me because I don’t have to strain myself reading a subject for long hours and ending up losing concerntration. Rather, I pick up small amounts of information per day, which will stick in my mind.

Ruthie Morake, Student, high school - Botswana 02/18/2010

Make sure you take down good points while studying and do away with unnecessary stuff.

Ernest Asante, Student, 2nd year University of Ghana. - Ghana 02/19/2010

I read 3 chapters a day and I give myself a test at the end of each chapter to improve my level of understanding. One hour and 30 minutes is the maximum time of my study sessions. I underline or mark whatever is important in my textbooks.

Karupu A. N., Student, 3rd year (Polytechnic of Namibia) - Namibia 02/21/2010

Writing comes from imagination. To be creative you need to go up and beyond all possible things. Make things that are impossible, possible. It’s your story.

Jessica B, Student, 11th Grade - Nebraska 02/21/2010

If you do not remember what you study, study it again to remember.

Essam Alattar, Student, 4 - Syria 02/23/2010

Always take a long breath when you feel tensed.

Aparna Rayashankar, Student, 9 - India 02/24/2010

Do not study if you are tired, angry, distracted, or in a hurry. When the brain is relaxed, it is like a sponge and it naturally absorbs data without effort. If you are emotionally stressed, your brain literally repels data. Forcing yourself to sit and study when your mind is on other things is a complete waste of time!

Keorapetse Segokgo, Student, IDCS 1 - Botswana 02/26/2010

When a test comes around, don’t get all worried about if you’re going to fail it. Just keep your mind on when it’s over.

Willie Palmer, Student, 10 - Texas 02/26/2010

I study the same time everyday. Don’t cram everything in the last minute. I know carrying heavy books home every night gets to be a pain. So instead, keep a notebook for every class. Write down information given in class. If you miss anything raise your hand and ask, or catch up with you teacher after class. Compare notes with friends. They might have gotten some information you didn’t. Highlight things you are having trouble with and make flashcards. Good luck!!!

Bentley T, Student, 7 - Wisconsin 02/26/2010

As we are much familiar with the quote “practice makes the man perfect,” likewise its good to practice the things which you have read.

Karthik Guptha, Student, 3rd Btech - India 02/27/2010

When I start studying I read whatever comes. If I don’t understand it I continue studying.
Later on when I read it more times I come to understand it.

Jeevan Adhikari, Student, Bachelors - Nepal 02/27/2010

I listen to the teacher attentively and scan my notes at home.

Victoria R, Student, High School - New York 02/28/2010

After the lecture is over, I go through what the lecturer thought and said. Then I come back to my room, take a nap, and then go over again. This way it sticks better in my mind.

Wilfred Ansah, Student, 100 - Ghana 03/01/2010

In class, always pay attention to what the teacher is saying. When I was younger the teacher always told us to listen very well because in what she said were the answers. It would be hard to understand the lesson otherwise. Pay attention and listen well and everything will get really easy, and don’t be shy to ask the teacher questions.

Dalia Essence, Student, middle school - Bahrain 03/02/2010

After I read a chapter in a text, I write out an outline. This helps me organize the information in a way that I find makes it easier for me to remember. I try not to write too much.

Laura Penny, Student, 10th grader - Massachusetts 03/05/2010

Always study before the lecture to be ready, and then again after the lecture.

Felix Mpaso, Student, Freshman - Malawi 03/08/2010

Try making flashcards and carrying them around with you. That way, if you have a spare minute you can just pull them out and study!

Katie G., Student, 6 - United Kingdom 03/08/2010

Go through your syllabus before the lecture. In fact, consider the lecture as a revision class session. If there’s something that you don’t know, then first try your own available resources, and , of course, the Internet, to get a genuine solution. This makes you self reliant and improves your creativity at the same time.

B. K. Krishna Magar, Student, A- Level - Nepal 03/10/2010

Write a question on a sheet of paper, then fold it in half (hot dog style), flip it, and write the answer to the question. Then study it and try to answer it yourself without reading the answers.

Michael Garner, Student, 9th grade - North Carolina 03/11/2010

I’ve set up a homework corner for my fifth grader. Everything that Elizabeth needs to do her homework is there, ready for use. I’ve found that this way she gets started right away instead of wasting a lot of time scrambling around and looking for things. This has really cut down on her procrastinating.

Shelly G, Parent, Elementary School - Texas 03/13/2010

After the lesson, when you go home, go over everything you learned. Then the next day you should go over the same thing. Then keep doing that every week. Once a week you should do a few problems with the same topic you learned. This is very helpful with math, social studies, and also vocabulary.

Svyatoslav S, Student, 6th grade - New York 03/16/2010

Never let anyone distract you from your schoolwork – boyfriend, best friend, siblings, even parents, etc. If you do, then you will never get anything accomplished. Always put your schoolwork first, no matter what. Your friends won’t get you into a good college so you can make good money, but your education will. I’m not saying don’t have friends. It’s good to have them. Just make sure your schoolwork and education is at the top of your list.

LaTroya Landon, Student, 10th Grade - Arkansas 03/16/2010

Usually, when I do my homework, I put on a jazz song on my laptop. Not too loud though, because then I will be concentrating on the song rather than my homework. I also turn off my television, and make sure there are no distractions around. Sometimes I even have a small snack by my side like yogurt or a granola bar. It’s never good to do anything on an emty stomach you know! I hope this helps. It definitely has helped me get awesome grades and smiles on my parents’ faces!

Cindy R, Student, 6 - California 03/17/2010

I suggest that if you have sloppy handwriting, then after you write notes, type them up at home. It can make it easier for you to study. To save time, for abbreviations write down a key. EX: EQ= Earthquake

Rebecca A, Student, 6th grade - Delaware 03/18/2010

Studying is essential, but sometimes we get very bored. To study easily and properly, you must do a “random study”- that is study different subjects in a day. Don’t study one only because you will find it very boring.

Sanju Bhaskar, Student, 10 - India 03/20/2010

Do not study if you are tired, angry, distracted, or in a hurry. When the brain is relaxed, it is like a sponge and it naturally absorbs data without effort. If you are emotionally stressed, your brain literally repels data. Forcing yourself to sit and study when your mind is on other things is a complete waste of time!

Swathy Nair, Student, 7 Grade - United Arab Emirates 03/20/2010

Studying is not only a process. It is also a arrangement for a better education. Studying is not a thing that is only applicable for exams; studying is for our future life and the planning of what we want to be. During study time we need full concentration. So during study time we must be serious about what we have to study. Don’t daydream while studying. Make sure that you are in a good mood to study well. Study in a perfect place that is away from TV, the computer, and other entertaining things. Keep away from sounds that intrude into your study. Don’t have fear about exams; an exam is a good opportunity to overcome fear. So study in an enjoyable way that very is interesting to you. Take studying as a challenge and make the exam a way to present your ideas. Always think positive.

Sanju Bhaskar, Student, 10 - India 03/21/2010

I’ve found that many small ideas can be very easy to remember if we use mind maps. Our minds remember pictures more than words. Practice to build mind map notes and you will save time when you are reviewing them. Use colors, unusual images,and funny characters to make them interesting.

Eide K, Parent, Masters - Saudi Arabia 03/22/2010

While doing homework, be sure to concentrate. This will help you to submit error-free homework, especially in mathematics. Don’t take tea or coffee during study time.

Nadia Mohammed, Student, 8th - United Arab Emirates 03/23/2010

Recognize syllables in words. Syllables make it easy to understand a word.

Devonique Taylor, Student, 3rd grade - California 03/23/2010

The main idea is to stay away from distractions by keeping yourself confined and forced to study. This may seem strange, but I recommend studying in a bathroom with no windows (mirror not in sight… otherwise it will get your attention). Other similar places are a closet, an empty hallway, or even under your desk.

Justin Schneidt, Student, College - Michigan 03/23/2010

For me, I do not do any exciting things before studying. Things like watching TV or playing sports just before studying keeps your mind off your work and can be really distracting.

Prathik Shah, Student, 10th grade - Malaysia 03/26/2010

I don’t worry about spelling or punctuation when I take notes in class. This way I can get more information down. But I go back to my notes later to make corrections so they’ll be easier to study from for tests.

Rory L, Student, 11th grade - Texas 03/30/2010

I study the information I think will be on a test over and over until I remember it automatically. Then when I take the test, I can use the information right from the top of my mind.

Jeffery Allen, Student, 10 - Texas 03/31/2010

“I study only at night because there is no noise anywhere and I can concentrate on my studies. Before studying I drink a cup of coffee to help me stay focused.

Shahzaib Sajjad, Student, 9 - Pakistan 04/01/2010

Before studying, tell your mind
that your father/mother will buy
you a chocolate-creamed ice cream
with cherries and whipped cream after you study. This will motivate you and your studies will
be easier.

Candice S, Student, 5th grade - India 04/02/2010

“Whenever I get tired when I am reading my math textbook, I get some refreshment. While reading I think that it is a game to keep my interest.

Piyush Agarwal, Student - India 04/05/2010

Visit news portals regularly to practice your everyday language – you can read articles and listen to podcasts etc. To do this regularly, change your browser’s landing page to your favorite site for this purpose.

Saskia U, - Estonia 04/06/2010

When the teacher lectures, you should sit in the class with full concentration. Focus your thoughts on the topic the teacher is presenting. Maintain your interest in the topic with with full zeal and zest

Muhammad Farooq Arain, Student, BS (Textile Engineering) - Pakistan 04/07/2010

My study tip is to focus on what you are doing, and don’t be distracted by someone else when studying. I have my own time schedule. I know what I have to do at different times, so that way, I don’t get confused with what I am doing. I study in a quiet room. There is no noise to distract me. Focus is the main thing. If you are not focused, stuff you are studying will not be absorbed by your brain.

Jialu H, Student - New York 04/08/2010

Here are some SAT prep tips:
1. Allocate your time wisely.
2. Don’t be afraid to skip questions.
3. Mark which questions were omitted.
4. Always save at least 90 seconds for review.
1. Know the material.
2. Familiarize yourself with the situation.
3. Be confident.
1. Know exactly when to use your calculator.
2. Learn all the shortcuts.
1. Think context.
2. Think roots.
3. Think tricks.
4. Think statistics.

David Greenberg, Teacher, Test Preparation - New York 04/10/2010

Whenever you want to study, don’t get too comfortable like reading on the bed. Free your mind from worries so you can concentrate on your studying – be in that free world. Avoid disruptions such as texting while studying or watching tv. Most important, know what you’re aiming at.

Christabel Phiri, Student, Diploma - Zambia 04/13/2010

I am an overall A student who rarely gets C’s. I do receive at least 2 B’s in a report card, but the majority of my grades are A’s. My study method involves a consistent rate of note taking in class, weekend study, adjusting my social time, lots of reading for literacy (30-45 mins per night), and the use of a variety of research resources and methods.

Cody Hotham, Student, A - Australia 04/13/2010

Don’t let your attention lag when a student asks a question in class. The student’s question could be your question too. Also pay attention when a student makes a comment. This might be some good information to know.

Kathy Healy, Student, HS Junior - Illinois 04/16/2010

Always make sure you have all of your questions answered. If you don’t know an answer, pick the answer that seems right.

Zaire Garner, Student, 9 - South Carolina 04/16/2010

Study regularly!

Dima Hamdan, Student, college - Jordan 04/18/2010

We must study hard but also study smart if we wish for success in our future!

Nurdina Rin, Student, high school - Malaysia 04/19/2010

When you’re studying always do it in a fun way such as with flash cards or little games because if you’re studying in a boring way, you will most likely get off task.

Carlos Johnxs, Student, 9 - South Carolina 04/20/2010

When in college or any level of school ,always maintain a schedule of upcomming assignments and tests for at least a week. Hang that schedule in the place where you study, for example, your study room. Draw little boxes beside each task. As you finish each task, mark those boxes with a tick or a cross indicating that you have successfully completed that job. For quizes and assignments, when you make a good grade on them, write your grade next to them with a happy face. This practice helps you stay organized and gives you enthusiasm and encouragement and motivates you to complete your work on time.

Zunaira Khalid, Student, sophomore - Texas 04/20/2010

I like to study my math vocabulary by writing the word on a flash card. Then on the back I write the definiton. The way that I study them is by reading the definition and see if I can figure out the word or vice versa.

Deshara Smart, Student, 6 grade - California 04/20/2010

I get a lot of assignments every school night. All together it seems like too much for me to do. So what I do is to be sure to look at each assignment as a doable task. Then I don’t get overwhelmed and I get started right away.

Liz Pennington, Student, Grade 10 - Kentucky 04/23/2010

Understand what are you reading. Read carefully and think before you answer or write. Don’t read just to read. You have to understand what you are reading. If you don’t read the questions carefully, you are going to get them wrong. If you don’t know a word, look at the sentence before the word to help you know the definition of the word.

Brenda Caceres, Student - New York 04/26/2010

I ususally go over my notes and pull the ones that are really important. I rewrite them (I use abbreviations in class) and then pretend I am teaching someone else that same subject. If you like, you can ask people to listen to you. This way you get a revision, and then sometimes you can even expand on the idea, if you are really getting into it. Also, you can act as if you are reporting it to the country on your news channel or just use little pretend careers to memorize your notes.

Hunza S, Student, 9 - Canada 04/27/2010

Taking notes is a art that should be mastered, as this has a lot to do with where the information is placed in your brain, either in your long-term memory or your short-term memory. When writing notes, make sure you write the notes in your own words. Writing notes (information) in your own format, rather than in the textbook format, will trigger your accessible long-term memory. This is because when your brain creates or recreates information, the information automatically enters your accessible long-term memory.

Owen Rose, Author - New York 04/27/2010

First of all, you have to read your lesson before your class. That will help you to know what you should listen for in class. Then, after the class, you have to underline the important things in your notes and textbook.

Hessah Ally, Student, 1 - Saudi Arabia 04/30/2010

I used to try to remember math formulas by writing them over and over. There got to be to many to remember that way. What I do now is to understand how a formula is derived. Then I don’t have to rely only on my memory.

Roger Covington, Student, Grade 10 - Illinois 05/03/2010

“I think that by studying to know the importance of a subject and how to apply it, you can become a technocrat in in that field”

Venki K, Student - India 05/06/2010

I start off every writing assignment by brainstorming ideas. I write them down so I can see how they go together. This helps me write an organized paper.

Helene S, Student, HS senior - New York 05/06/2010

I use my alarm clock to keep me on my studies on a regular basis. Once completed, I relax my mind by going outside or simply looking over my work.

Richard Wheeler, Student, undergrad - Ohio 05/06/2010

It is difficult for me to remember the lessons from teachers. So I need to note down the lessons. Then I study at home after I come back from school, and I read my notes twice. After that I write down what I remember. Try it everyday so your brain can become accustomed.

Wingu Ambarrukmi, Student, 6 - Indonesia 05/07/2010

Try taking just a plain sheet of paper and dividing it into six sections. Then write down six basic facts that you need to know. Then throuought that day go over them. You can also use this as a to do list or you can write down study tips or goals and even motivating sentences about what you can accomplish by studying.

Shanae M, Student, 9 - Antarctica 05/07/2010

Students should recognize their learning styles: visual, auditory or kinesthetic. From here, they could easily know their strengths, weaknesses and find their learning strategies.

Khairil Daud, Student, 11th Grade - Singapore 05/09/2010

I study by finding a peaceful place first. Then I get a book I would like to read because reading is the key. When you read you can solve any problem and you will understand anything you are doing.

Shenelle Melony, Student, Form 4 - Trinidad and Tobago 05/11/2010

Reading is the main key to success in any examination. Always read the whole content first at least 3-5 times. Then move on with every detail of that content.

AJ C, Student, HSSC - India 05/12/2010

Don’t get too tense to read. All subjects are invented by us, so why should we fear to read? We can read our subjects easily by making our subjects our friends. Everything is made easy by use of our mind. Let us make our mind easy to learn our subjects.

Shanmuga Priya, Student, diploma final year - India 05/12/2010

If you are distracted by the person you are next to, ask the teacher if you can move.

Matthew D, Student, 6 - Michigan 05/13/2010

Studying is a psychological thing in that you have to be decided before you commence. Remember that whenever you start to study, your mind should be relaxed.

Brian Musonda, Student, Secondary - Zambia 05/14/2010

I’ve been using a laptop computer to take notes in class. This helps me organize my notes as I type them. My handwriting is terrible, so this way my notes are legible. Later is it easy to add more information to the notes.

Shelly K, Student, College Junior - Illinois 05/17/2010

I learned the hard way to always check the credentials of the people who put information at a website. I want to see something about them that shows they are qualified to do so. There’s great information all over the net, but there’s some stuff that is flat-out wrong. If I can’t tell who they are, I don’t use their information.

Jacob Collins, Student, high school - Louisiana 05/19/2010

When I study for a test I try to mimic the test conditions. I keep everything quiet and don’t take a break. I also study for the same amount of time I’ll have for the test. This kind of conditions me for the test.

Ian L, Student, Entering College - Texas 05/23/2010

I love to listen to music. But music with a lot of meaning (my favorite kind) is distracting when I am trying to study, since I really want to pay attention to the music if it’s meaningful. However, I can’t concentrate without music, so I put on Top 40 radio to play in the background of my studying since it’s not very distracting.

Anna D., Student, High School Freshman - Alabama 05/23/2010

I get bored if I study in the same place every time. I have a few places to study where I feel comfortable so I can change to whatever place fits my mood best. But – I always have what I need in my bookbag, including my laptop.

Juanita Torres, Student, college sophomore - Minnesota 05/27/2010

I had great difficulty in managing my time. I wasted my time unneccessarily. I had to find a solution. So I prepared a study timetable with the help of my parents. The first few days I couldn’t keep up with my timetable. But I kept on trying and succeeded.

Sharanya Ajith, Student, 7th grade - India 05/31/2010

When you take a math test be sure to show all your work. Do this very clearly. That way you can get some partial credit even if your solution is wrong.

Elizabeth A, Student, Entering 11th - Wyoming 06/03/2010

Keep your book bag neat. Don’t just dump in all your papers and stuff. I have a folder for the papers for each subject. It may be a pain when you’re in a rush, but it’s worth it.

Sandra Hill, Student, 6th grader - California 06/05/2010

If you are studying late, I would either go to bed so you dont forget anything, or drink something to stay awake. Also, keep active if you are getting tired. Make sure you know your studying material forwards and backwards.

Travis S., Student, 7th grade - Minnesota 06/06/2010

This is something that helped me do well in college. Whenever I had to read a chapter in a textbook, I first thought about what I knew about the topic. Then I could connect the new information in the chapter to what I already knew.

Katie French, Student, College grad - New Jersey 06/09/2010

Don’t just read your notes; make sure you are understanding them as well. Try saying them out loud or rewriting them until you understand the subject.

Emily L, Student, 9 - NewBrunswick, Canada 06/14/2010

I use the outline method of taking notes during my seminars. In doing so, I don’t miss any pertinent information and this form of notetaking goes very smoothly. Also, this form of notetaking reiterates the chapter material, therefore, making it more likely to go into my long-term memory.

Laura Baker, Student, sophmore - Missouri 06/15/2010

Leave yourself a lot of time to write your papers and essays. You have to have enough time to sort through all the information you gather and then orgainize it. Remember that it takes time to get it into a written form.

Candace (Candy) T, Student, high school - Canada 06/18/2010

First choose the subject that you’re going to study thoroughly. Then work hard to reach that goal. It is the key of success.

Ravi Kavitha, Student, o level - Sri Lanka 06/18/2010

College science is not easy to master. The concepts can be very difficult and abstact. What I do is look for examples of the concepts in everyday life. Once I understand a concept on a practical level, I have a better chance of understanding it on an abstract level.

William Braddock, Student, College junior - Michigan 06/22/2010

Some of my teachers give open-book exams. Here’s how I do well on these. I super organize my materials that I can use during the test. I write summaries for my notes and use lots of sticky sheets in my text with comments on them. You want to be able to find the information you need to answer the questions fast.

Kendra Williams, Student, 10th grader - Pennsylvania 06/26/2010

When I learn something new, I go over the points on the same day. I especially focus on one subject each day. This helps me to remember my lessons and has helped me to get good marks in 10th.

Reenu Thomas, Student, college - India 07/01/2010

Study is meant to be done with great care and concentration. If at any point you feel yourself dropping or losing concentration, just quit for a while. You know, that might be better than reading the text again and again without getting any meaning. But don’t do it frequently; it might cause you time loss and waste.

Rosheen Aftab, Student, 9th grader - Pakistan 07/01/2010

Whenever you want to quit studying and you have a test or something, just say to yourself that you have to do it, no other way. Or sing a motivating song or something. It helps to boost energy. If it doesn’t work, go straight to the kitchen, eat some energy food, and come right back to your study table to start refreshed once again.

Rosheen Aftab
9th grader

Rosheen Aftab, Student, 9th grader - Pakistan 07/03/2010

Whenever I have many things to do, I classify them under the headings Important and Urgent, Not Important or Urgent, Important but Not Urgent, and Not Important and Not Urgent.

Tanya S, Student, 6th grade - Singapore 07/05/2010

“Whenever I have to study for a math test, I always review problems that the teacher did in class. I do this because it makes me feel more prepared for the type of questions that are going to be on the test.”

Maggie Emler, Student, 10 - Florida 07/07/2010

When I study I keep a glass of water on my study table. When I am tired of studying
I take a sip of water. This makes me energetic

Ketki Shukla, Student, 1 - India 07/10/2010

When I start answering a question on a math test I first come up with an estimate of the answer. Then when I do the problem, I redo it if my answer is way off my estimate.

Hannah L, Student, HS 9th - Kentucky 07/13/2010

When I get tired of studying, I take a nice, relaxing nap. Try it. When you wake up you’ll be ready to take on those notes!

Donald G, Student, 9th Grade - Michigan 07/14/2010

Whatever you study in the whole day, if you try to remember it at night just before you sleep, it will help you to remember it for long time.

Bhanu P Ramisetti, Student, IIIT - India 07/18/2010

While you are sitting to study, you may become sleepy. Just eat something that has sugar to give a glucose supply to your brain.
This will also work in the classroom when a lecture is boring.

Yogesh Lolge, Student, Beginner - India 07/21/2010

Always wear a watch while studying. This will help you to utilize your time properly to maintain a study schedule. You should not study more than an hour at a stretch in a particular subject. If you feel bored, indulge yourself in your hobby. Reward yourself after completing the study schedule.

Srijit Chatterjee, Student, MBA - India 07/22/2010

When you come home from school, relax and then read or try to recollect what you learned that day. This will help your understanding and remembering.

Timps Patel, Student - India 07/24/2010

Focus on something. Set a goal and achieve it. Set a goal that is higher than where you are now.
The goal should be clear and flexible.
As always, “There’s no royal way to success.”

Sharanya Ajith, Student, VII - India 07/25/2010

In a textbook, if something is in italics or bold, then I know it’s important information. I make sure to include this information in my notes.

Andrew Havrilla, Student, College soph - Oklahoma 07/28/2010

First choose the subject that you’re going to study thoroughly. Then work hard to reach that goal. It is the key of success

Janardhan P, Student, IIIT - India 07/29/2010

Flash cards will be your best friend in college. Buy the white ones and only use a black marker. One of my professors said that black on white imprints the information in your mind so you’ll be able to remember it better. She was right. Also, I like to repeat lines out loud several times until I can say them without looking, but even then I keep repeating them because it pushes my thinking to the limits. This helps with remembering definitions.

Rose F, Student, College Sophomore - Alabama 07/30/2010

1-Be aware of what you are going to do prepare your mind. What do you already know about your study material? What new ideas do you expect to learn? Ask, ask, ask, and ask to help you to concentrate only on your studying.
2-Before you try to read your textbook, first scan and skim it. Then change the headings and subheadings into questions and then try to answer them before you read the material. Then start reading, seeking answers to the questions you came up with.
3-When you finish reading, close your textbook and then try to remember what you have read, or better, try to answer the questions you prepared before reading. By now you will be able to answer most of the questions. Go back and look only for the information you have forgotten.
4- Now that you have finished your reading, you have to use other approaches in order to remember the information easily. Discuss it, read it again, tape and listen to the information, listen to the information while someone reads it to you, ask questions you might have about the information, write and rewrite the information,
form images of the information in your mind, and think about the information in order to make it easy to remember.
5- Try to have fun with the information. Make rhymes and even jokes about the information, the sillier the better. Think of ways to make it colorful and interesting.

Jack Semere, Student, Undergraguate - Eritrea 07/31/2010

Whatever topics you read about in the textbook, you should write down what you remember without looking back. This will help you remember the information for a long time.

Amith Mendon, Student, College - India 08/04/2010

When I take notes from a textbook chapter, I do it a section at a time. First I read a section to see what is important, and then I read it again and take my notes. This way I don’t do a lot of writing about stuff that is not important. Also, it makes it easier when I study my notes for a test.

Roberto Herrera, Student, College - 3rd year - Pennsylvania 08/07/2010

For me it’s better to study early in the morning, after after a good night’s sleep, than to study before going to sleep. I’m refreshed and ready to go.

Analiza B, Student, 1st year - Philippines 08/09/2010

If you have a test within a month, start taking notes now. You can outline, summarize, or go over the material with a classmate who really understands it. This all helps to reinforce your learning.

Jackilyn Pyzocha, Student, Associate Degree - Massachusetts 08/10/2010

In college you have lots of time between classes. Use that time to go to the library to study. Don’t just go back to your room and sleep.

Robert Hawkins, Student, College junior - Colorado 08/13/2010

Start your assignment or revision today and don’t wait till tommorow. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Learn from your mistakes and commit to not making them again. Try and try again until you get there.

Dhanushree Patel, Student, 8 - Australia 08/14/2010

I used to just sit and make goals but then didn’t do anything, so I am going to follow the advice of my parents. A good study tip is: When you play value play, and when you work value work. Do the thing that you are doing with interest.

Purvi Patel, Student, 8th Grade - Illinois 08/15/2010

When I study, I write to help me remember information. This also helps me to increase my writing skills and is useful because I can easily look for my mistakes and can improve them.

Bikash Subedi, Student, 10th grade - Nepal 08/16/2010

Get a few close friends together (no more than 3) and get a small snack and study with each other! This will work great if you do not like to concentrate or study by yourself.

Christina A., Student, 8 - New York 08/16/2010

When your write a persuasive essay, don’t just show why your position is right. You have to also show why other positions are wrong.

Randall Robinson, Student, High school junior - Illinois 08/21/2010

To study effetively one has to “breathe” the subject. That is to say, for the time when you have your subject at hand, you must totally be engrossed in it. You must involve all your senses into the subject:
-Listening (what has been read and spoken)
-Sharing (with your study partners)

If you follow this you can be a master of the subject at hand and will never forget the concepts.

Jayant Singh, Student, PG - India 08/23/2010

While studying one should try to stay positive by thinking “I can do this – it’s easy.” Try to make your study environment an enjoyable place. Remember that everyone learns in their own way.

Priyanka Sakore, Student, engineering - India 08/24/2010

Before I start studying I make sure that the table is clear of everything that can distract me. I also take 10 to 15 minutes browsing through the book to bring back my interest in studying.

Eric Makondo, high school teacher - South Africa 08/24/2010

I’ve found that most of my college teachers don’t review material that’s going to be on a test. It’s up to me to do that.

Martin Espinoza, Student, College third year - Texas 08/28/2010

Study with your full concentration and with enthusiasm. Doing this will help you to do well.

Roshan Kumar, Teacher, Graduate - India 08/29/2010

Keep a special binder for each subject. Once every month go through all of the papers. Put away any you have been tested on. Also, start to study a week before the test.

Zoe P, Student, Grade 7 - Massachusetts 08/29/2010

At a designated time each day, set up a “tune out” time so there will be no interruptions. Turn off your land phone, cell phone, TV, computer, and CD/DVD player. A designated location with desk and proper lighting, plus a bottle of water, seems to work best. The study strategy is to read and take notes for 15-30 minutes, then take a break. Put in no more than 2 hours (less if possible) each night to avoid a buildup of stress.

Philip Jones, Retired - Texas 08/30/2010

Study with your friends and work on harder homework and/or studying right when you get home, and work on easier things closer to sleep. Study before any test. Keep a running bring-home list so that you won’t forget any binders or books; put them in your backpack if you know that you are going to need them for homework or studying. Make sure that you get help on any studying problems from friends or parents. Work hard.

Ashley V., Student, 7th - Massachusetts 08/30/2010

Before studying, close your eyes and take a deep breath. It will help you to increase your concentration. While you study, don’t think about anthing except studying.

Karthiik Kumar, Student, Intermediate - India 08/30/2010

If you want to remember information, you have to use it every way you can. Read it, say it, write it, and think about it.

Rosa Rosales, Student, 10th grade - Michigan 09/04/2010

Studying is the best way to get good results and then a good job or career. Tell yourself that you want to do well and look at all the advantages a good eduction can bring. Don’t give into any pressure from your friends not to study.
Look at how much work you have to get through and decide that you’ll arrange plenty of time to complete it. Get yourself a good place to study in and try not to be distracted by other things.

Riyaz Mohd, Student, inter first year - India 09/05/2010

My dorm is noisy so I do a lot of my work at the library. When I start to get nervous or bored, I move to another spot in the library. During a long study session I might move several times. It’s like starting over each time.

Roger Albert, Student, College junior - New Jersey 09/08/2010

Form what you are trying to learn into a song and sing it atleast 5 times.

Matthew Wermuth, Student, 1st year - Michigan 09/08/2010

Isolate yourself from distraction in order to concentrate and allot time and privacy for study periods.

Rudolph Selby, Student, GED - New York 09/09/2010

When I study for an exam I read my written notes rather than read the whole pages in the textbook. It is kind of wasting time reading a long text when your exam is around the corner. To study hard but not smart enough to manage your time is useless. So, my point is to write and read notes, study smart, and manage your study time properly.

Julie Julius Majeng , Student, Pre-University - Malaysia 09/12/2010

Repetition is the key to learning.

Sandeep Munot, Student, 13 - India 09/12/2010

When I study I set a time which I think is adequate for me to study. I isolate myself from things that can easily distract me. Don’t overdo studying.

Alfred A.K., Student, 01 - South Africa 09/16/2010

I know how long I can study before I get bored. I keep this in mind when I set up my study schedule. Once you’re bored, you can keep studying, but it won’t help.

Mark Tessler, Student, 10 - California 09/16/2010

You can study anywhere. Obviously, some places are better than others. Libraries, study lounges or private rooms are best. Above all, the place you choose to study should not be distracting. Distractions can build up, and the first thing you know, you’re out of time and out of luck. Make choosing a good physical environment a part of your study habits.

Patrick Terence, Student, 9th Grade - Malaysia 09/17/2010

The best way of studying is to make good utilization of time. Don’t think that you just studied an hour, but think instead of how many minutes were utilized.

Nazish Shafi, Student, 11th - India 09/21/2010

Be careful not to mix up words. Here are three you should be careful with. A site is a location like the site of a civil war battle or a web site. Sight means to see something. Cite is something you use when you write a paper and cite some reference. It’s easy to mix these up, so be careful.

Amaya Warren, Student, 6th Grade - Florida 09/27/2010

I have an incredibly short attention span, but only when it comes to studying. Also,I am a severe procrastinator. When I study, I only do it in 5 or 10 minutes bursts. I just draw a really stupid picture that I can associate with whatever I’m trying to remember and that’s it. I’m a nursing student and say I’m trying to remember where the occipital lobe is in the brain and what its function is. It is located at the back of the head and is responsible for areas of vision such as judging distances and seeing in 3 dimensions. Occipital sounds kinda like ‘ocular’ in the word ‘binocular’ which you use to SEE through with your eyes. So I’ll draw a head with eyes in the BACK of it (kinda like what my mum has).

Morgan M, Student, University - New Zealand 10/01/2010

When you start to study you should keep in mind that studying is your purpose of life which leads to success. When you want to study keep away those things which produce distrbances like cell phones Don’t watch the clock to see how much time you spend. Instead, check how much you learned in that time.

Sabeh Ahmad, Student, BS.C - Pakistan 10/03/2010

Never waste any free time. While waiting for your turn in the canteen, when withdrawing your allowance, or while walking toward your home, you can scan your notes and try to refresh your lessons.

Kayzelle Y, Student, level four - Philippines 10/07/2010

You should not undertake serious study when you are tired, cold, hungry, agitated, upset or unwell. Use a study area away from household activities; a quiet enviroment; have soft music in the background – sometimes absolute silence can be a distraction; have adequate lighting; use a desk or table; don’t have food or drinks on your work area; avoid ‘cramming’ just before an exam – keep up with homework – make revisions part of your study plan.

Errol Hedges, Teacher, Undergaduate - Australia 10/07/2010

“The first thing when you get home from school each day, you should just study what you will be learning the next day. You should study for your Chapter Test

Cheyenne T, Student, 5th grade - Illinois 10/08/2010

One of the first things to learn is your math vocabulary. If you don’t know what a math word means, how can you comprehend its use? I make sure to look up every math word I don’t know.

Dave Muir, - Ontario, Canada 10/09/2010

“I try to have as much determination in my work as I can so I won’t goof up. Having fun is a commitment as well. You can’t just keep working through the day and night without taking time for chilling out. It will reduce stress and will keep you on track!”

Clarice Hollenquest, Student, 5th Grade - North Carolina 10/11/2010

Be sure to plan your academic schedule with your advisor. I didn’t and was two required courses short when I expected to graduate. Held me up a semester.

William Richardson II, Student, College - Florida 10/16/2010

I’ve found that when a teacher gives several reasons for something, it’s almost always going to be on the test. So I write that information in my notes.

Larry Robinson, Student, High school soph - Virginia 10/20/2010

Don’t study too much in one time because you will not be able remember anything.

Amisha Priya, Carmel School - India 10/23/2010

Make a short time table before you start studying. It keeps you on track.

Lee Ye Rim, Student, 5th grade - Singapore 10/24/2010

Here is some advice about test taking. When you get the test, before you begin, turn it over and do a “mind dump” by writing all you know on the back of the test. This will free your mind up since you will not have to remember all the information you know. Before you begin responding to the test items, put your pencil down and look over the whole test. How is it broken down (Essays, multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc.) Develop your plan of attack. Pick up your pencil and put your name on the test- then note #1 for the first part you will work on, #2 and so on. Make it YOUR test as much as possible.

Peter Witkowski, Teacher, 9-12 - North Carolina 10/27/2010

Studying is just a philosophy where one has to make up their mind and go for the best. When studying you should try to focus on what you are doing now and not what is there for you in the future.

Asraph Razack, 10 - Guyana 10/28/2010

When you read text, read it out loud, write it down, and make up little songs about the information. This will help you get the information into your brain.

Aalia M, Student, 7 - South Africa 10/29/2010

I use earplugs when trying to study. This helps me to concentrate on my studying.

Angelica S, Student, 5 - Arizona 11/01/2010

When you have prepared your notes, discuss them with other students. When you do this you will gain more understanding of your notes as you recall your previous lessons where you learned the information. You will feel good when you discuss the topic with others, and may gain some more information as you think it through.

Khalid Mohammad, Student, B. A. Final year - India 11/03/2010

I set a realistic time frame for any reading task. This helps me to avoid reading any longer than I can concentrate.

Nnadozie Adindu, Student, 100 level - Nigeria 11/05/2010

While studying take a break after every two hours for a maximum of 7 minutes. Try to enjoy what you study no matter which subject. Just keep a positive attitude toward it. I always keep in mind that I can do it and will do it.

Nihal Akbar, Student, 12th std - Bahrain 11/06/2010

Try to study through thinking. You must not simply try to learn things by heart.

Hana Mohammed, Student, 13th Grade - Sri Lanka 11/07/2010

Before studying, set a time frame and schedule for the subject you study. Study with a positive frame of mind. Then concentrate, keep your cool, and keep a positive attitude. Take a short break after 1 hour of study, and then start again. At the end review what you studied, and try to remember the important information. Don’t panic! Just relax and you will remember. Study where there are no distractions, possibly early in the morning.

Rakesh Prasad, Student, B.E. - India 11/10/2010

Before starting to study for a test, think about what you want to know from your notes. Think of questions that might be on the exam, and what you will have to write about. Try to be interested in what you are studying and bring some thinking of your own to it.

Kanakaraj A, Student, M.Sc physics - India 11/12/2010

When you have to write a research paper don’t forget about government documents. They are very detailed and free.

Hector Gallardo, Student, 11th grade HS - Kentucky 11/15/2010

“When I study I set a relistic time frame. For every hour of study I take a 5 minute break. I look over my notes and then I test myself on them. I write down everything that I can remember. Stay calm and relax. There is no point in panicking because you’ll just freak out and forget everything.”

Katie O'Neill, Student, 1st Year - Ireland 11/17/2010

You can exercise while studying. For example, you can ride a staitonary bike and study flashcards at the same time.

Kelly L, Student, 8th grade - New York 11/17/2010

I think we should study thinking as if we are playing. We should be cool and calm minded. Set a goal on each and every day. For example:
Sunday-2 chapters of social science and then 1 or 2 hours of math or grammar practice.
Include reasonable breaks. We should be happy with the way in which we study and how much we have studied. If you feel guilty at the end of the day thinking you have studied less than you should have (it can happen many a time), then try and get more work done the next day and you’ll be happy.

Ddhruv Parikh, Student, 8 - India 11/21/2010

Never try to study on an empty stomach.
Food gives you energy, and I concentrate much better if I eat first.

Tempesst P, Student, College - Michigan 11/21/2010

Never read aloud when studying, read silently. Never study in a very comfortable place such as a bed or on a lounge.

Unathi nomvula Cembi, Teacher, HOD - South Africa 11/21/2010

It helps if you study with friends.

Judiclaire K, Student, 5th grade - Virginia 11/22/2010

If you do not know what a word is you can go back and read the sentence and say the word that you think makes sense.

Klaire Tappel, Student, 3 rd - Missouri 11/22/2010

Take care to make time to study. Read those materials which are the most important.
Study with both your heart and brain.

Mohsin Shaikh, Student, B.Sc - India 11/23/2010

“In my opinion we should have a time-table for doing anything. It will help us to handle things properly. At the end we will have no shortge of time to study if we have any test.”

Mahmood Ul Hassan, Student, engineering - Pakistan 11/23/2010

Study as hard as you can. Study everything you have(books,journal,etc.),everywhere you are, and every time you can.

Mohsen Sadeghi, Student, Senior...Engineering - Iran 11/26/2010

Study with a classmate or a friend or even a relative, so you can share opinions. Never study with loud noise such as music or television. Make sure that when you are studying you have all the materials and equipment needed so you will not be distracted by having to find things. Tell your parents that you’re going to study from what time until what time so they don’t disturb you. That’s how I passed my Grade Six Achievement Test (G.S.A.T.).

Destini Whyte, Student, 4-6 - USA 11/26/2010

Read before you go to sleep. Its value has been proven by scientists. Read each paragraph at least five times.

Stephanraj R, Student, college - India 11/28/2010

Control your mind by meditation and drink a glass of water before studying to increase your concentration. Take a five minute break after each hour of studying, and don’t drink coffee or tea or watch TV during that break.

Abhijit Rathod, Student - India 11/29/2010

To have success in studying, you should have a time management plan. That means that every thing must have its particular time. Then it becomes a habit.

el mustapha el mahboub, Student, 1 year university - Morocco 11/30/2010

You should have a meticulous plan of study. Plan according to months, weeks, days and hours. Always keep your strengths, weak points, and time in mind. Attack your weak points.

Abhijit Rathod, Student, 12th std - India 11/30/2010

It’s a good decision to emphasize studying your main major. But I think we should add history and literature to our study schedule. This could help us to find our way. After that we’ll know what to do with our life.

Mohsen Sadeghi, Student, - Iran 11/30/2010

It is important to have a clean, organized, quiet area in which to study.

Eli Bigner, Student, Freshman - Wisconsin 12/01/2010

I like to listen to music when I study. I read some research that showed that modern pop music has a fast tempo that makes it harder to retain the information you are studying. The article said that classical Baroque music is perfect as a background to relax you and help you remember better. It’s worked for me.

Mark Richardson, Student, College - Texas 12/04/2010

While reading from a textbook, try to highlight points that seem hard or important first. Then while reading a second time, emphasize them and try writing them in a notebook or notepad. Keep doing this until you can write the points perfectly in the words of the textbook.

Salh Ahmed, Student, 9 - Pakistan 12/04/2010

Keep a list of what you need to accomplish and check it off as you go. Before you know it you will be done!

Judiclaire Kinerney, Student, 5th grade - Virginia 12/06/2010

In my math classes I always write down the problems my teachers do on the board. This way I have a complete record of the steps needed to solve the problem. This helps me a lot because most of these problems will be on tests.

William Lee, Student, High School soph - California 12/10/2010

Study in a place that is away from the world! I actually study in the bathroom. Study each subject 30 minutes each.

Lindsey B, Student, 6th - Georgia 12/11/2010

Study 1-2 chapters of a subject daily.

Sonal Baberwal, Student, 10th - India 12/12/2010

I always prefer to study alone in room with full concentration without having any distraction. Thinking about the task I have to accomplish makes me feel great and this also makes me finish that task, even the toughest one.

Muskanpreet Sidhu, Student, Undergraduate - India 12/13/2010

I always try to study regularly, i.e., I study when I schedule my study time. This helps me to make studying a habit. It really feels bad if I fail to accomplish something at the time I have scheduled to do it.

Desalew LA, Student, COLLEGE - Ethiopia 12/14/2010

Here’s a simple fact. Students who sit at the front of the class do better than students who sit at the back. I always try to sit up front. I can focus on the teacher and see the writing on the chalkboard clearly. Plus I’m not distracted by a lot of students in front of me.

Edward Torgeson, Student, Private HS junior - Indiana 12/17/2010

A study timetable should be made to plan your studying. This will help to manage time. At least two hours each day should be put to studying with full soul and mind.

Shagufta Pathan, Student, FY ENGINEERING - India 12/20/2010

You don’t have to stick with your first college major. If you find the required courses very difficult for that major, then it’s not the right major for you. I changed my major 3 times and am now very happy as an anthropology major. Hope you “dig’ what I’m saying here (I guess you can see that I love to pun.)

Paula W, Student, College - 3rd year - California 12/22/2010

Always sit at the same place and at the same time to study. It may be the kitchen table, your bed, or even on the floor. Don’t study for more then 40 minutes at a time; take 10-20 minute breaks after each 40 minute time lap. Try not to eat during those 40 minutes. Munching and eating do nothing other than to distract you. Avoid drinking soda since it only makes your brain dull and sleepy. And one last thing – always review whatever you have learned during the day before going to bed. Doing this lets the information sweep down into your long-term memory.

Sarah Ali, Student, medical student - Pakistan 12/25/2010

Well I’m starting to think about school again. About now I review my notes for a different subject each night. Gets my brain going. I also make sure I didn’t forget about anything that is due when classes begin.

Robert Antonelli, Student, HS soph - Colorado 12/29/2010

After the end of school days, I always carry my books with me to study. This gets the teachings into my long-term memory. Otherwise, it seems that after 5 hours I tend to forget.

Nathaniel Sam, Student, 100 - Nigeria 12/30/2010