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Transition Words and Phrases

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Transition words and Phrases, Plant

Transition words and phrases help the reader understand the relationship between your ideas and the movement of your ideas from one to another. They provide coherence and smoothness to your writing.

Transition words and phrases serve a number of specific functions. For each function below you will find a number of words and phrases that represent the function, and an example of their use.

Add information to an idea: furthermore, besides, not only, moreover, in addition to, also, as well as, along with, equally important, in the same way.

As well as improving air quality by removing pollutants, plants also beautify the environment.

Compare two things: in the same way, similarly, likewise, by the same token, just as, in like manner, in similar fashion, like, also, not only.

Vegetables can likewise add fiber to your diet.

Contrast two things: yet, on the other hand, whereas, instead, alternatively, nevertheless, on the contrary, but, however, though.

Whereas urban areas can be overcrowded, rural areas have a low population density.

Indicate a cause or reason: because, due to, since, accordingly, consequently, therefore, thus, as a result, on account of, for this reason.

The game was cancelled due to the forecast of heavy rain.

Emphasize a point: indeed, certainly, in fact, undoubtedly, of course, especially, to repeat, surely, obviously, truly.

Studying is surely a way to improve your grades.

Indicate uncertainty: although, on the other hand, be that as it may, subsequently, yet, nevertheless, then again, conversely, albeit, while.

There is no evidence for the existence of UFOs. Then again, there have been numerous reported sightings of UFOs.

Indicate time, chronology, or sequence: at first, in the meantime, after, next, up to the present time, at the same time, since, recently, simultaneously, during.

At the same time that Beethoven was composing brilliant musical compositions, Hayden was also writing brilliant pieces.

Conclude or summarize: in conclusion, to sum up, finally, on the whole, as can be seen, in the final analysis, all in all, therefore, in brief, thus.

As can be seen, in the final analysis, the invention of electricity brought profound changes in our lives.

Using transition words and phrases can help you to express your ideas in ways that will promote greater understanding by your readers.

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