Visual Learner

Learning Style, EyeVisual learners learn best when information is presented in a written language format or in another visual format such as pictures or diagrams. If you are a visual learner, the suggestions that follow can help you to succeed in school to the best of your ability.

  • Create graphic organizers such as diagrams and concept maps that use visual symbols to represent ideas and information.
  • When trying to remember information, close your eyes and visualize the information.
  • Include illustrations as you take notes in class.
  • Use highlighter pens of contrasting colors to color code different aspects of the information in your textbooks.
  • Sit in the front of the class so that you can clearly see the teacher. This will allow you to pick up facial expressions and body language that provide cues that what your teacher is saying is important to write in your notes.
  • Study in a place that is free from visual distractions.
  • When using flashcards, limit the amount of information on a card so that you can form a mental picture of the information.
  • Watch videos about topics you are studying in class.
  • When hearing a new word you want to remember, visualize its spelling.
  • When reviewing information, rewrite or draw the information from memory.
  • When taking notes, replace words with symbols wherever possible.
  • Type your written notes from class using different fonts, bold print, and underlining to make the most important concepts and facts visually apparent.
  • When solving math problems that involve a sequence of steps, draw a series of boxes, each containing the appropriate piece of information in sequence.

Try these suggestions and learn which ones work best for you.