Beginning a Class Session

Every class session has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It is important to get the session off to a good start. Here are some ways you can begin a session effectively.

  • Get ready before class. Write important information on the board including your goals for the session. Set up any equipment you might need.
  • Handle logistical and administrative details. These can include taking attendance, making announcements, and collecting or distributing paperwork such as permission slips.
  • Provide a brief “warm-up” activity to get the students mentally ready to work. You can have students write down information from the chalkboard, call on students to briefly review what was covered in the previous class session, or introduce a new vocabulary word.
  • Transition to the actual instruction for the session. Explain to the students what they will be doing during the session, how they will be doing it, and why what they will be learning is important.