Other Teaching Tips

Today’s teenagers are all about technology. However, there are some things students should know how to do that don’t involve technology. Provide instruction to your students for the following.

How to write a check.
It may seem obsolete with online bill pay and debit cards, but there will come a time when a check is the best or only way to pay for something. Teach your students how to complete a check. Point out that the amount of the check must be written in words as well as numerals, and that the two must match.

How to balance a checkbook.
Even if students don’t write many checks, they probably use the ATM or their debit cards. Help them learn to accurately maintain their balances. Be certain your students know the consequences of overdrawing an account.

How to address an envelope.
This is something that today’s students often do not know how to do. In a digital world, most students have no reason to address an envelope and often have not been taught how to do so. However, your students may encounter situations when they need to send something by postal mail, especially when they are applying for college entrance and scholarships.

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