Internet Safety in the Classroom

The Internet is a powerful tool for students. However, it can be misused by your students. It is important therefore to maintain safety policies regarding your students’ classroom use of the Internet.

  • Check with your school principal about your school’s Internet policies. Ask if your school has a filtering system for all web searches. Make sure to check whether there are specific sites that are always blocked.
  • Post a list of rules for your students’ use of the Internet in class. First and foremost, allow students to access only sites that you approve in advance. Ask them to check with you first if they are unsure about a website.
  • Discuss sensitive issues about Internet use such as chatting with unknown persons, sharing personal information, and cyberbullying.
  • Do not allow your students to access sites such as Facebook and Twitter even if they meet the minimum age requirement of 13 for these sites. Use of these should be not allowed as they provide opportunities for online bullying.
  • Plagiarism is a major problem with Internet use. Have your students cite any information they use from the Internet including crediting photo sources and referencing quotes and facts. Show students examples of well-cited projects and essays that have used information from the Internet.