Recognize Gifted Students

Sometimes you get a feeling about one or more of your students that they are wise beyond their years. Pay attention to this feeling. Gifted students should be identified as soon as possible so that they are provided with educational services that will help them realize their great potential. Learn to recognize students in your classroom who may meet the criteria for gifted. If you have a student in your classroom who meets many of the descriptions below, contact your school psychologist and principal. They can start the process of testing to see if the student needs more of a challenge in school.

The student

  • is curious, persistent, and independent.
  • sets and meets self-established goals.
  • has a very large working vocabulary.
  • is highly analytical and is often critical of others and self.
  • gets bored with the standard class work.
  • tends to prefer his or her own company rather than participate with other students.