Don’t Forget Your High Achievers

Teachers typically spend much of their time assisting low-achieving students. However, high-achieving students also need your assistance. Make sure that you are engaging both groups of students. Here are some ways you can help your high achievers.

  • Have high achievers help low achievers with class assignments. However, be certain that the high achievers have completed their own assignments accurately.
  • High achievers will often finish their assignments quickly. Don’t overload them with extra work just to keep them busy. This can be viewed as punitive and can create stress. It is better to provide high achievers with extra-credit assignments and group projects.
  • High achievers often get involved in a variety of school activities. Sometimes they get involved in too many. Help these students structure their school time through the use of student planners.
  • Because high achievers are doing well, their parents may not see the need to attend parent-teacher conferences. Reach out to these parents by sending occasional short notes home which cite some of their child’s accomplishments.