Light Exercise

Incorporate movement into your students’ day. This is especially important if physical education is no longer a part of your school’s curriculum. Teacher of core subjects can help teach students about fitness as part of their curriculum; even if it is just stretching. Getting in some movement before a long lecture or lesson helps students focus on the task to come. Explain that physical activity helps circulate blood through the body and to the brain, thereby improving learning and retention of information.

Here are some simple physical activities you can do with your students.


Have students raise their arms up and over their heads while standing on their toes, and then have them bend down and touch their toes.

The students should then put their arms out to their sides and do star stretches. First have them push their right arm as far to the right as possible, feeling the stretch in their side. Then repeat for the left arm.

Have students finish up with putting the right hand behind their head with their arm bent at ninety degrees. With their left hand, gently pull their elbow toward the left. This stretch should be felt in the shoulder area. Repeat starting with the left hand.

Light movement

Have students run in place, do high knee marches, or do jumping jacks to get rid of pent-up energy.

Take your students outside for a quick walk around the school grounds. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, have them walk the inside perimeter of the school.