Cheating on Tests

Cheating on tests is an increasing issue in schools at all levels. Here are some things you can do to minimize this problem.

  • Space desks as far apart as possible to make it difficult for a student to copy the answers of another student.
  • Limit what students can have on their desks to the test itself, the amount of paper needed to respond to the test (if any), and writing utensils.
  • Keep spare paper and writing utensils at your desk. Provide these to students upon request.
  • Require that students hand in any electronic devices for the duration of the test.
  • Do not allow students to make any changes once they hand in their test paper.
  • Impose a strict rule of no talking during the test.
  • Remove any information from the chalkboard that may relate to the test.

If you suspect one or more students of cheating, be sure to follow your school’s guidelines for handling cheating incidents.