Eliminate Hallway Disruptions

Students in elementary school sometimes have a difficult time going from one place in school to another without disruption. Here are some tips to reduce disruptions.

  • When you have the students leave the classroom as a group, stand at the back of the line. This will allow you see all of the students.
  • Bring math or vocabulary flashcards with you. If your class has to wait in the hall for some reason, have the students respond to the flashcards. Doing this will keep your students focused and has the additional benefit of providing skills review.
  • Teach the students this mantra: “A line is behind, not beside – Keep your hands to yourself.”

Have a task ready for students whenever your students return to your classroom.

  • If the class is coming back from lunch, have each student read their special “after lunch” book for about ten minutes.
  • If the class is coming back from a special (art, music, library, gym, etc.), have your students sit at their desks with their heads down for a few minutes.

Be consistent in the use of any transition routines you establish with your class. After a while, students will follow these routines automatically.