Expressions from Work

Professions have their own unique vocabularies. Introducing students to expressions used in various professions is a neat way to interest students in the world of work.
Here are some work expressions you can explore with your students.

  • Working with riddles. An expression used by pharmacists to refer to their attempts to work with insurance companies.
  • Burn rate. An expression used by venture capitalists to refer to the amount of money a business spends each month.
  • Trading up. An expression used by retailers to refer to offering customers more expensive items than the ones they were originally looking for.
  • Dummy juice. An expression used by perfume makers to refer to the liquid that is placed inside the huge display bottles often found in upscale stores.
  • Four over one. An expression used by printers to refer to four colors on one side of the paper and one color on the other.

You can have your students find expressions used in other professions.