Helping Students Organize

As high school students work through their various classes, they will have many assignments and tests and will accumulate a lot of papers. Being organized becomes very important. Here is an organizational system that your students can easily use.
Students should color-code their classes. Math might be blue, science green, and so on. They should purchase a three-ring notebook along with notebook paper, dividers, and colored tabs to match the colors they selected for their classes.
Students should have a separate section in their notebook for each class, with the appropriate colored tab placed on the divider for that class. Within a class section, they should use dividers to create separate subsections for notes, classwork, and homework. If there is a syllabus for the class it should be hole-punched and placed at the front of the class section. All handouts along with returned assignments and test papers should be hole-punched and placed in the appropriate section of the notebook.
Just remind your students, “file don’t pile.”