Hyperactive Students

Students who are hyperactive can be a disruptive factor in your classroom. Here are some ideas that can help you manage a student who is hyperactive.

  • Assign the student a classroom responsibility that he or she enjoys doing (e.g., collecting students’ completed work).
  • Positively reinforce the student for on-task behavior. Have a private signal you can use to cue the student to get on task.
  • Ask the student a question when you notice that he or she is fidgeting or inattentive.
  • Where appropriate, reduce the student’s work load to reduce stress.
  • Teach the student to self-monitor his or her behavior.
  • If feasible, provide a quiet area for the student to use when he or she feels overwhelmed by classroom activity.
  • If not disruptive to the other class members, allow the student to stand up or move about when doing class work.