Many students find science to be a difficult and dull subject. You can use a “Jeopardy” format to bring some fun into your science instruction. In a Jeopardy format, you provide answers and the students respond with questions.
As an example, here are some answers and questions you can use when teaching students about climate and weather.

  1. Regions on Earth that receive very little rainfall. (What are deserts?)
  2. The average weather patterns over a number of years in an area. (What is climate?)
  3. The boundaries where different masses of air collide. (What are fronts?)
  4. A cloud at ground, or very close to ground level. (What is fog?)
  5. The effect caused by the trapping of heat coming off a planet’s surface. (What is the greenhouse effect?)
  6. A type of storm that is created when warm, moist air is thrust upwards, cools, and then condenses. (What is a thunderstorm?)

You can use this Jeopardy format when teaching any subject.