Latin Names for Collectors

Lead your students in a discussion of the various things they like to collect.  Then present the Latin names for people who collect certain types of objects.  See if your students can identify the object that each person collects.

  • Philatelist (stamps)
  • Receptarist (recipes)
  • Conchologist (shells)
  • Numismatist (coins)
  • Bibliophilist (books)
  • Philographist (autographs)
  • Deltiologist (postcards)
  • Archtophilist (teddy bears)
  • Lepidopterist (butterflies)
  • Plangonologist (dolls)

When you have completed the list, ask your students to identify the suffix that is common to the Latin name each collector (ist).  Point out that this suffix indicates a person involved in the activity or field.