Left-Handed Writers

Left-handed people face inherent inconveniences in what is mostly a right-handed world.  Left-handed students face a particular difficulty when writing.  A left-handed student must push a writing implement across a page.  This is more difficult than pulling the implement as for a right-handed student.  Further, as the student`s left hand moves across the page, it covers what has already been written as well as possibly smudging what has been written. 
Here are some guidelines that can help ease the writing difficulty for your left-handed students.

  • Rotate the paper about 45 degrees to the right, rather than to the left as do right-handed students.
  • Hold the writing implement about an inch and a half higher than do right-handers.   
  • Use a Number 3 pencil rather than a Number 2 pencil.

These simple adjustments can help a left-handed student to better see what they are writing as well as avoid smudging.