Motivating Students

It is easy to recognize an unmotivated student. This is the student who seems to put more effort into avoiding work than doing work. Most students will be motivated if they find school to be interesting and relevant, and are given assignments at which they can succeed with reasonable effort. Here are some things you can do to motivate an unmotivated student.

  • Provide tasks that present a challenge but are within the capabilities of the student.
  • Where possible, provide the student with a choice of assignments.
  • Where possible, provide assignments that build on the student’s interests.
  • Focus on the student’s progress rather than comparing the student to his or her peers. Construct charts and graphs to show the student’s progress.
  • Demonstrate to the student that you are very concerned with his or her success. It may help to have the student sit in close proximity to you.
  • Provide recognition and praise for the student’s accomplishments.