Overcoming Reluctance to Write

Students are often reluctant to write. Guiding them through the steps that follow can help overcome their reluctance.

  1. Have students think about and discuss topics about which they have an interest.
  2. Next, have each student write a draft about their topic of interest. Tell students to do this without worrying about correct spelling and punctuation. You want them to feel free to get their thoughts down on paper.
  3. Then, have students revise their drafts. In this step, students can decide what information to keep as well as what information they may want to add. Students should also consider how to improve the organization of what they wrote.
  4. At this point, have students edit what they wrote by checking for correct spelling and punctuation.
  5. Now, students become actual writers by publishing what they wrote. Their writings can be displayed around the classroom, included in a class book of writings, and shared with their parents.