Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension (understanding what is read) is a critical skill for all students. Here are some things you can do to help your students understand what they read in their textbooks and other sources of information:

  • Encourage students to activate their prior knowledge as they read. If necessary, teach students the necessary background knowledge about a topic prior to having them read about the topic.
  • Have students identify their purpose(s) for reading. For some students, their only purpose is to finish their reading assignment.
  • Have students form questions to be answered as they read. It is helpful for students to write questions and their answers in their notebooks.
  • Encourage students to reread information that they do not understand. Many students simply keep on reading whether or not they understand what they read.
  • Have students reflect about what they read to achieve deep and personal understanding.
  • Have students apply what they have learned through their reading. This will help students retain the information for use wherever needed.