Reading Formats

An effective way to keep your students motivated during in-class reading is to vary the format you use. Here are some variations.

  • Read aloud. Read to the class followed by class discussion and dialog.
  • Independent reading. Have students read on their own to practice strategies they’ve learned and to improve fluency. You select what they read.
  • Partner reading. Pair up the students. The students in a pair take turns and help each other with the reading.
  • Choral reading. Have the class reads aloud as a whole. This works especially well for poetry.
  • Guided reading. Read along with one student. Ask the student questions about what is read to promote thinking.
  • Sustained Silent Reading (SSR). Designate a time when students do nothing but read silently on their own. Allow students to choose what they wish to read so that reading becomes an experience they may pursue outside of class.