Reluctant Students

Some students are reluctant to participate in class. It is important to encourage these students to participate. By participating, such students enhance their communication skills while you learn about their understanding and instructional needs. Here are some things you can do to encourage a reluctant student to participate in class.

  • Establish a supportive class environment. Make it clear that you value the student’s questions and comments.
  • Respond positively whenever the student asks a question or makes a comment.
  • Ask the student questions that you are confident he or she can answer correctly.
  • Provide more time than you normally do for the student to answer a question.
  • Include the student as part of a group oral presentation. Gradually help the student move to the point where he or she can present an oral report on their own.
  • When you judge the student to be ready, assign tasks that require the student to communicate with class members in various ways.