Science Analogies

Having your students complete analogies can help them master difficult science concepts. Here are some science-related analogies you can have your students complete.

  • 1. Warm-blooded is to dog as _______________ is to snake.
  • 2. Microscope is to amoeba as _______________ is to planet.
  • 3. Botany is to plants as zoology is to _______________.
  • 4. Oxygen is to inhale as ____________ is to exhale.
  • 5. Thermometer is to temperature as barometer is to ___________.
  • 6. Ear is to eardrum as ___________ is to cornea.

Answers: 1. cold-blooded 2. telescope 3. animals 4. carbon dioxide 5. air pressure 6. eye

Not only can completing science-related analogies help your students master science concepts, it can also stimulate your students’ thinking processes.