State Flags

Flags are one of the oldest forms of communication and have become universal symbols. Every color and emblem on a flag has meaning, and reveals the history and culture of the people represented by it.

Your students can learn interesting information about states by studying their flags. Here are some examples.

  • Arizona. Red and yellow represent its Spanish past and the setting sun over the desert. The blue half represents the Union. The copper colored star symbolizes its mineral wealth.
  • Ohio. The swallowtail shape of the flag represents hills and valleys. The red and white stripes represent roads and waterways. The seventeen stars signify that Ohio was the 17th state to join the Union. A white circle with a red center represents “O” for Ohio.
  • Louisiana. The pelican is the state bird. “Union, Justice, & Confidence” is the state motto.

Studying state flags is fun as well as educational. An excellent reference is Illustrated Guide to Flags by Jos Poels (ISBN: 0 7858 1563 5).