Student Noise Levels

Classroom activities vary with regard to level of class noise that is acceptable. Here is a system you can use to control the amount of student noise in the classroom.

  • Level ‘0’ means absolutely no communication with one another. This level should be used during independent work, reading time, and tests.
  • Level ‘1’ allows students to whisper. This level is appropriate when students are working pairs and when they are working in the library.
  • Level ‘2’ allows students to speak at a normal volume. This level is appropriate when students are working or larger groups, and during class discussions.
  • Level ‘3’ is the highest level and includes cheering, shouting, or laughing loudly. This level is appropriate when it is time to have some fun, and of course during outdoor activities and games.
  • When giving instructions for an activity, remind students as to which level is appropriate.

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