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Teaching Tip: Grading


One thing that has not changed through the years is students` concern about grades. If anything, it seems that students are more concerned about grades than ever.  Teachers report that students` complaints about grades is one of the negatives about teaching. Here are some ideas for minimizing students` complaints about their grades.
  • Clearly state the basis for how you assign grades. 
  • Provide sufficient opportunities for students to demonstrate what they have learned.
  • Be consistent in your grading policy.  Do not change your policy once a class begins unless absolutely necessary.  If you do make a change, clearly state your rationale for doing so.
  • Provide reasonable opportunities for students to improve their grades.
  • Consider revising your grading standards if the overall grades in your class are too low.
  • Be certain that students understand that their grades are an evaluation of their learning, and not a judgment about them as individuals.
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