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Teaching Tip: Animal Differences


Many life forms seem similar, but differ in some way. Have your students use reference sources to identify a difference between each of the following pairs of animals.
  1. Alligator - Crocodile. (The head of an alligator is shorter and flatter than the head of a crocodile.)
  2. Turtle - Tortoise. (A turtle can live in the water while a tortoise can only live on land.)
  3. Rabbit - Hare. (A hare is larger than a rabbit.)
  4. Bactrian Camel - Dromedary. (The Bactrian camel has two humps while the dromedary has one hump.)
  5. Walrus - Seal. (A walrus has tusks while a seal does not.)
As your students do their research, they may identify other differences.
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