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Teaching Tip: Bullying


Bullying appears to be an increasing problem in our schools. Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior that can be physical, emotional, and/or verbal. It can be done by individuals or groups. Whatever the form, bullying has many adverse effects on its victim. Here are some signs that a student in your class may be experiencing bullying:
  • Books and other school materials appear damaged
  • Has few or no friends in class
  • Has lost interest in school
  • Quality of schoolwork work is deteriorating
  • Appears to be depressed or moody
  • Complains of headaches or stomach aches
An effective way to prevent bullying is to have a clear anti-bullying policy that contains these features:
  • A statement of your school's policy regarding bullying
  • A definition of bullying with examples
  • A statement of the rights of all students in your class
  • A statement of the responsibilities of students who see another student being bullied
  • A statement of the consequences of bullying another student
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