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Teaching Tip: Students with Limited English Mastery


Some students in your class may have limited mastery of English. Here are some things you can do to help these students understand the information you present.
  • Preteach the important vocabulary you will use in your lesson. Teach the meanings of these words in the context in which you will be using them.
  • Simplify the sentence structures you use. Where possible, use a verb-subject-object structure.
  • Provide concrete examples for abstract concepts.
  • Repeat important information
  • Write important information on the chalkboard.
  • Use graphic organizers to show students how the information you present is connected and related.
  • Be careful not to speak too quickly
You will find that doing these things will not only help your students who have limited English mastery, but will help all your students attain mastery of the information you present.
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