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Teaching Tip: Praising Students


Like all of us, students respond well to praise. Consider these guidelines when using praise.
  • Praise effort and appropriate behavior as well as achievement.
  • Don't overdo your use of praise. If you praise just about everything, students will simply tune it out.
  • Vary the words and terms you use. Just as for anything else, students will become bored hearing the same old thing.
  • Here are some words and terms you can use to praise your students.
  • That's perfect
  • Good try
  • Way to go
  • Thanks for helping
  • Brilliant
  • How original
  • First rate work
  • Superb
  • Keep it up
  • Outstanding
  • You're getting better
  • Right on
  • Good going
  • I'm proud of you
  • Awesome
  • Great idea
  • Keep on trying
  • Beautiful
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