Teaching Tip: Tardiness

Here are some things you can do about the problem of students arriving late to class.
  • Model punctual behavior. Set a standard for your students by beginning class promptly.
  • Be clear from the very beginning that you expect your students to be seated at the time the class begins.
  • Have clear consequences for lateness.
  • Be fair and consistent in their use.
  • Begin your class with something interesting. Students will be encouraged to be on time so as not to miss out.
  • Recognize that chronic lateness on the part of a particular student may likely be symptomatic of a bigger problem. If it is, enlist the help of specialists at your school.
Regardless of why students are late, do not allow late arriving students to disrupt your class. Require students who arrive late to simply take their seats. If you want to talk with them about their lateness, do so after class.
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