Using Teacher Aides

A competent teacher’s aide can be of great benefit to you and your students. However, even the most qualified teacher’s aide is of minimal value if not utilized effectively. Here are some important ways in which a teacher’s aide can be of full value in the classroom.

  • An aide can help you keep up with assessments.  The aide can actually give the assessment or just score it and record the scores.
  • Have your aide work with very low achieving students.  An aide can provide the one-to-one review these students need.
  • Have your aide sit close to disruptive students when you teach a lesson. The proximity of the aide will inhibit students from exhibiting disruptive behavior.
  • The sheer amount of paperwork involved in teaching can sometimes be overwhelming.  An aide can lessen this burden, thereby providing you with more teaching time.
  • In some cases, you can even have an aide teach a lesson that you have prepared.  This can give you opportunities for one-to-one work with students.