Using the Chalkboard

The chalkboard is an important teaching tool. Here are some guidelines you should follow when using this tool.

  • When beginning a lesson, write the date and the lesson objectives at the top left corner of the chalkboard. This will help both you and the student to stay on track.
  • Divide your board into a large space and a smaller space. Use the larger space for the main content of the lesson and the smaller part for minor details. You can add a third space to include new vocabulary.
  • Don’t write too much. A cluttered chalkboard may confuse your students.
  • Write in a very organized manner so the students can see connections.
  • It’s better to write in manuscript than to write in cursive as it’s easier for students to read.
  • Allow students sufficient time to copy what you wrote before you erase it.
  • Provide your students with opportunities to write at the chalkboard. Many students enjoy the chance to display what they know and even to play the role of the teacher. This is especially effective for math problems.