Writing Topics

When teachers ask students to write a report, a complaint they frequently hear from students is, “I don’t know what to write about.” Here are some ideas you can share with students to stimulate their writing.

  • Write about things such as computers or cars. Students can write about how things came about such as sneakers or recycled paper. They can also write about unusual things such as UFOs or ghosts.
  • Write about people. There is an almost selection of famous people about whom students can write. Students can write about people in their lives, or even themselves.
  • Write about events. Students can write about historical events, current events, or events in their own lives.
  • Write about places. Students can write about places they’ve been to, places they would like to go to, places in their own immediate environment, or even imaginary places.
  • Write about cultures. Students can write about the culture in which they live, or what it would be like to live in another culture.

What students write about is not as important as the act of writing itself. Writing stimulates thought and creativity, and is an essential part of learning.