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"Here are some ideas to do well on tests. 1. Prepare yourself at least one week before an exam. 2. Get enough sleep; do not push yourself to study until midnight. 3. Wake up in the early morning to review the exam materials. 4. Have a discussion group with your friends. 5. Understand your teacher's grading criteria. 6. If it's an essay test, include important points your teacher said during class."
  Muhammad Arsyad  
  Student, 3rd year college student  
  Padang, Indonesia  
"Here is a flashcard tip. Read your flashcards 7 times each day line by line. This might get annoying, but it's a great help for remembering information."
  McKenzie Lawson  
  Student, 10th grade  
  Dayton, Ohio  
"As a student I sometimes think I have to study more in future. No! Today is the future of tomorrow. Start studying right away. Don't think of studying as hard work. Just be interested in what you study and work to like it. Then learning is fun and becomes easy."
  Abid Hossain  
  Student, High school  
  Gazipur, Bangladesh  
"If you have your mind set on being the best learner, don't freak if you have a big test to study for. The best way to study peacefully would be to put away distractions such as cell phones and televisions and relax. If it helps, turn on some relaxing, quiet music to help you focus. "
  Kathryn Cram  
  Student, 6th Grade  
  Millington, Michigan  
"Concentration and time are the important things. First, concentrate your mind. Then divide your time across your subjects. Try to spend more time on the difficult subjects."
  Deepak Sahu  
  Student, BE (CSE)  
  Raipur (CG), India  
"When you are in class, jot down all the points that your teacher is explaining. Similarly, when you are at home, read the particular chapter or concepts your teacher has explained. If you are allowed to, underline in your textbook all the important points. Or otherwise, write them in your notebook. Study these important points for tests."
  Rishabh Singh  
  Student, 10  
  Mumbai, India  
"As a child I had severe ADD and had significant trouble remembering something as simple as a homework assignment. Frustrated with my memory troubles I began highlighting my study material with different color highlighters. I used different colors based on the subject and priority of the material. I then began to use my study methods while listening to classical music. I would play the tune I was listening to while studying in my mind and would recall the flashes of color and in turn I would remember the material."
  Amanda Warren  
  Student, College  
  Valrico, Florida  
"You don't have to study for a long time. But if you study for a short time, you have to study with complete concentration. "
  Priyanka Pareek  
  Student, 10 th grade  
  Faridabad, India  
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