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Below are the most recent study tips that have been submitted by our visitors. To see more study tips, the archives are available to the left. If you would like to submit your own Study Tip to be included below, please fill out our submission form.
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"The best study tip is, if you can, to have room to yourself to study where it is quiet."
  Belinda Blocker  
  Student, 12th  
  Aiken, South Carolina  
  4/26/2016 9:50:00 AM  
"Practicing is the best way of studying. After a class, make sure you review what you did in class. Don't study to finish a book, but study to understand. Reading a lot contributes to your knowledge. "
  Mulike Sesilia  
  Student, 1st year  
  Windhoek, Namibia  
  4/22/2016 3:48:00 AM  
"When studying, stay in a quiet location away from peers so you have all the focus you need to be successful. Also, don't cram in to much information at once beause you'll forget half of it by the time you have to take the test. Stay relaxed and take short breaks when you study."
  Dakota Whitesell  
  Student, 11  
  Lansing, Kansas  
  4/20/2016 12:03:00 PM  
"Get to a quiet area and study as hard as you can until you think you're ready for the test. Go over the information until you can answer questions about it off the top of your head. "
  Casey Stjohn  
  Student, 11th  
  Lansing , Kansas  
  4/20/2016 12:02:00 PM  
"Always try your best. Be quiet in class when you are supposed to and just do your work."
  Dylan Huynh  
  Student, 6th grade  
"Declutter your room. It will hep you find things easily and you won't be wasting time looking for stuff. This does not only help for studying, but also helps you to manage your time. "
  Tasmia  Puspita  
  Student, 7th grade  
  Tustin, California  
"Listening to classical music by people like Beethoven and Mozart can help you focus better. Do not listen to music with words as it will tempt you to sing along which will cause you to lose focus."
  Mukudzeiishe Madzivire  
  Student, 7th grade  
  Bulawayo, Zimbabwe  
"Sit down comfortably, but don't lean back or you will feel sleepy. Do not use your cellphone. It will disturb you. "
  Silas Haimbodi  
  Student, 1st year  
  Windhoek, Namibia  
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