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For visual learners take notes! Before I didn’t and my grades were bad now I do and they are much better.

      Lydia, Student, 7th  -  Indiana

always always study ahead of time ! A week before is always a good time to start, plan your study schedule, drink lots of water, take periodic breaks, and do not study for something for an hour straight! Try to find somewhere peaceful and clear all electronics and distractions!

      ashley, Student, 10th grade  -  California

If you ever get back your homework,projects,and assignments from your teacher,always look at them. This will help if you made a mistake on something and will help you study for what you need to improve on. It will also give you an idea of what might be on a test.

      Tali, Student, 8th Grade  -  California

I prefer making my on notes as am study, this makes me to remember and encourages me more to study

      Edward Jaulani Nyirenda, Student, First year student  -  Zambia

Finding out your learning style is very helpful when studying. There are three types of learning styles and you can take the quiz on this website to find out your style. If you're better at learning by looking, you can draw graphs and diagrams to help. If you're better at listening then maybe read your notes out loud and record them. If you learn stuff more by doing things, you can try building things.

      Jodie, Student, 6th grade  -  California

Explain the topic to yourself as if you were explaining it to another person. You will remember the points.

      MOOKEN Jerusha , Teacher, MBA   -  Madagascar

I think you should try and find articles on your subject (mostly science) because it really makes me curious and more inclined to study the subject.

      Emily, Student, 8th grade  -  Australia - Western Australia

Always pay attention in class and make yourself a study guide so you know what you are doing.

      Joake, Student, 11th grade  -  California

Study for the most important test, if you have a non important test and know the material spend less time than a more important test where you don't

      lionel, Other, 11  -  US Armed Forces

Don't rush through things take your time.

      Shantel, Student, 9th grade  -  Idaho

Get as much sleep as you can, the more sleep you get the better you can remember things better from the day before

      Kohl, Student, 9th  -  Mississippi

visual learning style. Firstly, I watch an English movie with bilingual subtitles to get its main idea. Secondly, I watch the movie again with English subtitles and take notes of what am interested in. Thirdly, I review my notes.

      huang, Student, 13th degree  -  China

Make flash cards

      Amelia , Student,   -  Arkansas

make sure you turn in your missing work

      jesus, Student, 9th  -  California

Don't wait till the last minute. try to finish it in class.

      Arik, Student, 9th grade  -  Missouri

Make sure to understand the main concept/main theme of a given particular answer while studying

      Aby, Student,   -  India

Try to find a balance between studying and having fun. Too much studying could lead to headaches due to being overwhelmed. With a balance you can get better grades and have fun.

      Joake, Student, 11th grade  -  California

After covering a topic, discuss it with a friend. I find it helps to really cement it in my mind to say it out loud in my own words and have someone talk about it with me (and if you realize you don't know enough to discuss it, then it's easy to tell that you need to look it over again).

      Joe, Student, Graduate School  -  Alabama

Reading and watching all of documentaries about your concerning subject. Listening ted talk education in your free to expand your thinking.

      Tran, Student, university  -  Vietnam

Studying while listening to music Some people think studying with music is hard or easy. I think it’s hard to study in a certain subject while listening to music. If you’re like me than it’s OK. Just pick breaks to stop the song and then start it again. There are also many more ways to study listening to music. You can always have a glass or a refreshing drink of water and listen to the music at a soft volume and drink the water every once in a while. There are many ways but those are ethos different ways. Thank you for reading. Try these at home sometime! Thanks!

      Ian, Student, 5  -  California

Retyping or rewriting my notes helps me remember them because I have to first read the notes, then right them down, then read over them to make sure I wrote it correctly. Because I am a visual learning this helps a lot.

      Ella, Student, 9th grade  -  Ohio

When taking notes, associate each note with a color and shape. Then, when you need to remember the notes, remember the shape and color.

      Ruby , Student, 6th   -  New Jersey

Study hard during night time because at this time nothing can disturb you.

      Danyal, Student, 9th grade  -  Pakistan

I like watching plays. This way can not only improve my spoken English, but also cultivate my sense of language. The key is that it is very relaxed.

      Jennifer, Student, sophomore  -  China

listening to music helps me as a kinesthetic learner

      jackie, Student, 7  -  Utah

when you are reading a book or an article while studying make sure to skim and scan so you dont need to read the whole thing you are just getting the important bits and sentences and find what your looking for.

      Hala, Student, Grade 5  -  Saudi Arabia

Be organized! That's the key. Define your priorities from the most urgent assignment to those who can wait a little. Know how much time you have to do your assignments. And keep away from those things that may be a distraction.

      Jose, Teacher, Orientation  -  Honduras

Put time aside to study a little every night. Set a timer to takes “brain breaks” so you’re not overwhelming yourself with information and able to retain more. If you have a partner helping you, make sure you’re having them mix up the questions so you aren’t just answering based on what you know is coming next- it won’t help you when you get to your test.

      Abbigail, Student, College 2nd year  -  Wyoming

I love working out things and learning new things it helps alot. I love making things difficult for myself when I know I can try harder when I do it. I love drawing too.

      Savannah, Student, 8th grade  -  Alabama

Find somewhere quiet to study. Put on some background noise to drown out a loud environment. You can also take short breaks in between longer study sessions.

      Sophie, Student, 10th grade  -  Ohio

Find a quiet spot to study with no distractions(no phones, ipads or music) and read over the things you need to study. You can choose a color to color the things you don't know, and the things you do know. You can make notecards or rewrite your notes in colorful colors. I also do NOT recommend studying with a friend because you don't get much done. I hope my tip helped!

      Laura, Student, 6th grade  -  Florida

make sure you ask the teachers questions to make sure if you understand

      logan, Student, 6  -  

Stop using the word "study". Change it to "learn". "Studying" often means just staring at a book and just daydreaming. "Learning" means moving from not knowing something to actually knowing it.

      Anna, Teacher,   -  Ireland

I like to use and the Read and Write Program that read the scanned text out loud to me. Also sometimes I look up educational Youtube videos and when I watch them I also read the captions. Flash cards are also helpful.

      Ashley, Student, Junior in college   -  Massachusetts

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