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Study Tips From Our Visitors
Below are the most recent study tips that have been submitted by our visitors. To see more study tips, the archives are available to the left. If you would like to submit your own Study Tip to be included below, please fill out our submission form.
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"I used to get to class early when we had an exam. Talking with the other students there got me nervous. What I do now is take a short walk to relax and then get to the class just as it starts."
  Felipe Rivera  
  Student, College 2nd year  
  Aurora, Colorado  
  9/26/2017 9:32:00 AM  
"Talk to to your teacher after school if you didn't understand the lesson."
  Rasheeda Cruickshank  
  Student, 7th grade  
  Kingston, Jamaica  
  9/18/2017 7:31:00 PM  
"I did my prerequisites at a community college. This saved me tons of money."
  Carlos Moncada  
  Student, College Junior  
  Racine, Wisconsin  
  9/13/2017 9:33:00 AM  
"Flash cards can help you remember important facts. But they are boring to use. So I draw illustrations on flashcards I create. This makes them more fun and gets them me to look at them more often."
  Alyssa Camacho  
  Student, 8th grade  
  Laramie, Wyoming  
"I found that I spent too much internet time at sites that were just for fun. This took away from the time I needed to study. So I did a simple thing - I blocked these sites."
  Alyssa Rodriguez  
  Student, College junior  
  San Francisco, California  
"Here's what I do if I start to nod off while studying. I chew gum. You can't sleep while chewing gum."
  Patton Carpenter  
  Student, college junior  
  Weehawken, New Jersey  
"If I just try to memorize things, I forget quickly. But if I make sure to understand them, I remember them for a long time."
  Ricardo Avila  
  Student, college junior  
  Frankfort, Kentucky  
"I like to type my reading notes on my computer. I use the Times New Roman font because I read that it's the easiest and fasted font to read."
  Lauren Bertolini  
  Student, Entering 11th grade  
  Lafayette, Louisiana  
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