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"When you have a test or quiz coming use flash cards and have them in different colors for different topics. I realized that when I was struggling with studying for a test. I used flashcards to remember information and I passed a huge test!"
  Jayleen Arce  
  Student, 8th Grade  
  Teaneck, New Jersey  
"Don't stress out about a test. Make sure to always study your notes from class and your textbook. Eat a good dinner the night before the test and a good breakfast before the test. Oh, and another thing would be to chew some gum while you take the test. This relaxes you and helps you think. That is if your teacher allows it."
  Caroline Graham  
  Student, 9th  
  Conway, South Carolina  
"You should study even if you don't have a scheduled test because your teacher may give a pop quiz . Or, your teacher might even just ask you a couple of questions that you won't know because you didn't study. Also, it is good to study early because research shows that if you study at the last minute you won't remember much because you cannot remember very much with so little time."
  Steffany  Brewer  
  Student, 12  
  Hamilton, Ohio  
"Always study even if you are not having a test or quiz. What you study you will need to know at a future time, maybe this year or even later on in life."
  Sierra Michelle  
  Student, 7th  
  Midlothian, Virginia  
"Even if your teacher gives out a study guide, you should always take notes in class, Then you'll have something to study in your own words to use with the study guide."
  Anneliese H.  
  Student, 6th grade  
  Kansas City, Missouri  
"Do the hard work first. if you do you will go from hard work to easy work. You will lose the stress of your work getting harder as you go further and you will get done quicker."
  Connor Junkins  
  Student, 7th Grade  
  St.Charles , Iowa  
"Try to create an outline to help you organize your thoughts and help get everything in order. To make the outline, just refer to your notes. This ensures better memory of the topic taught and you might even learn new details. Also,write it in your own words or you can also make a graphic organizer or chart if you are more of a visual learner."
  Cindy  Mutuku  
  Student, 9th grade  
  Jamaica , New York  
"Try to prepare the lesson ahead of time if you are experiencing difficulty with the class. That way when your teacher teaches the lesson, it will be somewhat of a review for you and the information will stick longer. "
  Lujain Al-Khawi  
  Student, 12th Grade  
  Blaine, Minnesota  
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