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If you don't get something the teacher said then try using other sources, like friends, textbooks or the internet. And always ask questions.

      Mona, Student,   -  Florida

Find a quiet spot to study with no distractions(no phones, ipads or music) and read over the things you need to study. You can choose a color to color the things you don't know, and the things you do know. You can make notecards or rewrite your notes in colorful colors. I also do NOT recommend studying with a friend because you don't get much done. I hope my tip helped!

      Laura, Student, 6th grade  -  Florida

Make sure you have a quiet place to study in with no distractions.

      Meriam, Student, 7th Grade  -  Michigan

When you study make sure you get comfortable so you can focus more.

      Ahmed, Student, grade 7   -  Michigan

when you are reading a book or an article while studying make sure to skim and scan so you dont need to read the whole thing you are just getting the important bits and sentences and find what your looking for.

      Hala, Student, Grade 5  -  Saudi Arabia

Study for the most important test, if you have a non important test and know the material spend less time than a more important test where you don't

      lionel, Other, 11  -  US Armed Forces

Before you Study Something, Pick a place and time, Plan your time of study, Discover your learning style, Stay motivated,

      Lala irfan Khan, Student, 12th  -  Pakistan

I study better when I re-write my notes.

      Lily , Student, 6th  -  Tennessee

Creating acronyms can help study for an upcoming test, and it really helps you remember information.

      Malaak, Student, 7th grade  -  Michigan

Don't rush through things take your time.

      Shantel, Student, 9th grade  -  Idaho

Don't procrastinate.

      ameear, Student, 7th  -  Michigan

Using flash cards or finding videos online is very helpful !!!

      sammy, Student, 7th grade  -  Montana

Study somewhere that is not filled with distractions.

      Mohamad, Student, 7th grade  -  Michigan

Try to stay in a position you wont get too comfortable in. Also stay hydrated, ask questions if you can and always take notes, when your finnished then read over the notes aloud so its easier to remember

      Haruka, Student, 8th grade  -  Maryland

take short breaks during studying

      Michaela, Student, 8th  -  Virginia

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